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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 94 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“The prophecy says: The Sun and the Moon brighten the sky. The wicked and demons are in fear and offer allegiance.


Today, we will continue our exploration of the famous Chinese book “Tui Bei Tu” and its prophecies about the Savior of humankind – information that reveals Her to be none other than Supreme Master Ching Hai!

Following is hexagram #44: “The prophecy says: The Sun and the Moon brighten the sky. The wicked and demons are in fear and offer allegiance.

The first line of the prophecy states that the Sun and the Moon will brighten the sky with their eternal and unchanging presence. When the Chinese characters for the Sun (日) and the Moon (月) are combined, it creates the character for “bright” or “enlightened” (明). Thus, the prophecy means that the enlightened Savior will shine Her eternal Light upon our “sky,” meaning our world.

Master, right now I saw Your whole body have more than ten thousand suns of Light. It’s very strong. All the suns, strong (inner Heavenly) Light, is Love. Thank You!” “Is Love! (Yes!) Is Love, OK. (Thank You!)” “When I walked out of the house, suddenly I noticed that it was very bright in the sky. Master was taking my grandma up. Master’s transcendental body was walking in the front. Because of the bright (inner Heavenly Light). I couldn’t see what Master was wearing.” “At 2 pm, I woke up and went to the front of the house. I looked up at the sky and I was astonished to see the image of a great Master (Supreme Master Ching Hai). Master’s Light was a brilliant gold color which covered the light of the early summer sun.” “That day during meditation I entered Master’s energy field. Your form was gigantic, but just Light. (Understand.) Your Light was so vast it encircled the whole Earth. Your entire head radiated Light, but each strand of Your hair emitted extremely brilliant rays.”

The second line says that the demons are fearful of the Savior and submit to Her. As our Association member from Taiwan (Formosa), who is also a Taoist and feng shui expert capable of communicating with spirits, shared: The big ghosts would probably just hide themselves. Brother Lin means that bigger and more powerful ghosts dare not to cause trouble. It’s the small ghosts that are causing trouble. (Did he see them? Or he’s just talking about it?) It is like this in general. But I cannot see them this time. (You cannot see them.) Because Master has handled them. Actually, when we first came to this place, brother Lin told me that the ghosts were all over the mountains. But later, Master took care of them and sen t them to several places.

Master also recently revealed that She has sent most of the demons on Earth back to hell, with some switching over to the positive side by Her benevolent grace. “They came and told me, ‘Don’t hurry to make peace in the world.’ I said, ‘Why?’ They told me, ‘Because then we have no work and nothing to eat.’ They can only eat the corpses of people in war or fighting with each other. (Yes, Master.) With violence. I said, ‘You got to change. You have to follow me. Change your way of life. I will take you up to Heavens. And then there you will live in peace and dignity. You don’t have to do these kinds of ugly and violent things just to survive and just to eat.’ Some of them followed. Some of them knelt in front of my door and repented. So they can go.”

“All beings, visible and invisible, come to worship, including those with two wings and four legs.

Here, hexagram #44 predicts that all kinds of beings, both visible and invisible, as well as the animals, would come to worship the Savior Saint. Over the years, we have heard many inner experiences of our Association members, who were able to see various Celestial beings, such as Saints, gods, angels, etc. in Master’s Holy presence. “When I came out from the meditation hall, I saw Master throwing (blessed) popcorn to initiates. Then I saw Manjushri Bodhisattva and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva riding on an elephant king and a lion, respectively.“I can see the aura. (You did?) Yes. It’s like You’re a painting. Like the angels (In the aura.) and the crown, yes, above.” “On that day, the whole sky was filled with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. They were admiring Master. All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the universe were praising the Power of Master. “I saw that the sky was full of UFOs of various sizes. Like stars dotting the entire sky, the number of UFOs was so many that I could not even see buildings outside. Next, four beings with bright light came down from a UFO. In a second, they transformed themselves into the appearance of Master in front of me. They told me that they would like to enter the meditation Center to attend the retreat (with Master) and asked me to lead the way.”

Master also sometimes told us fascinating stories about the gods who manifested briefly on Earth to pay respects to Her. “There were many gods of Third Level, they came and just wanted to look at me, and pretended to come and ask for a penny for the telephone. A penny, you cannot use it for telephone. And then when he left, he just turned around and looked at me and smiling so blissfully. For example like that.”

According to this prophetic hexagram, the beings who come to venerate the Savior also include birds “with two wings” and animals with “four legs.” We learned that, in fact, ALL animals recognize who Master is.

“Recently the Fourth Level gods, they came just to congratulate me, to tell me, ‘Oh You will discover new things, new ways to help the world.’ They manifested themselves in a whole group of pigeons with this rainbow color. It is really amazing! So bright, so brilliant colors, red, like, scarlet red and shocking pink, but not hurting, not ugly. Shocking but so beautiful, glowing!  (Wow!) And blue and green. Oh! They made me happy for many days, I tell you the truth. But that was really an extraordinary vision. And they even cooed like pigeons! ‘Coo, coo, coo!’ I have two witnesses, it’s not just me who saw.”

“They were very energetic and beautiful birds. Just like shoals of fish swim in swirls, just like that, they flew like a whirlpool, and it looked like a whirlpool of a rainbow. Because their colors were so diverse: Indigo, azure, green, also purple. Red and yellow. Oh, but the colors were shining colors. So the shape of the birds were not fixed like those of this world, but brilliant and sparkling, glaring. They were vigorously flapping their wings and the sound was so overwhelming, it was as if they were pounding on the air like drums, like a melodious applause, it sounded like that. When Master came out, they flew to Master and circled around Her, as if they were performing for Master. Later Master explained to us that they were beings who came down from a high level, and She asked if we ever saw such pigeons before. So I answered, ‘No, I never saw such birds before.’ While we (attendants) were lost in awe of that scene, Master went to get some food for the birds. When I put the food under the tree, the birds came and ate. After I gave them the food, I was doing something for a moment, and then they were gone. Really, they appeared suddenly, and also disappeared without a trace.”

“All my dogs are good. They are helping me every day, protecting me, telling me things. (Could You please share more about Your new dog, Good Love?) He practically came down just for me. Because he feels I don’t have anyone around who really protects me. So he went through all the trouble, I mean, really a lot of trouble. He was rejected three times – by the first owner, by the two next adopters. Practically it’s like that. Because he loves me so much. He said he would die for me. If it has to be. He always addresses me as ‘Master.’ I said, ‘Why is that?’ He said, ‘It’s a proper way to address You.’ Because he knows I’m from Ihôs Kư (Original Universe), at that time. And now I don’t know if he knows I’m on the beyond or not. I’ve never told him. Whoever visits me, he keeps barking, whining, telling in his own language that ‘Master is great! Master is not an ordinary person. You’d better have respect,’ and all that, ‘and believe in Her.’ He preaches all the time!

“One time, when I was in America, I was testing to see if any of the (animal telepathic) communicators were really talented. And then one of the communicators… Laguna, the blue macaw told her that, ‘The black-haired Lady is very special. At that time, because I was talking to her but I was looking at my old picture and at that time I had my hair dark still. And then the psychic said, ‘She is very, very special to Heaven and Earth.’”

“Whenever I go back to that house, all the seagulls wake up from sleeping, no matter what time, one, two, three o’clock in the morning, midnight. They come out of nowhere from the mountains around, and then they circumambulate in the air around me, around me, around me. All, so many, long time. For hours! Until I tell them, ‘Please, go to sleep.’ That house. All the time.”

“I remember one time, there was a house on a mountainside in Spain Normally, the house was very quiet and birds were rarely seen. Since Master came there and went to sit in the garden, suddenly many, so many seagulls came flying there. They flew near the house and flew around in the sky above it, as if they were very happy, and they made very loud sounds as if welcoming Master there. Events like this lasted a long time until Master went inside the house, then they slowly flew back to the forest. This phenomenon only took place since Master came there. This is very special.”

And the squirrel came and said they wish me well. They wish me freedom, happiness, safety and peace. And the monkeys, also I asked them, ‘Why is it that you are so kind? Every time you see me, you just bow the head and say, “Wish You well. ” Why is that?’ And they told me, ‘Because You are the Worthy One.’ I said, ‘Who told you that?’ They said, ‘We know.’  (All the animals know. All the animals know, Master.) ” 

“When I got my first dog, she was a puppy, and I showed her Your photo. The photo that You are with Benny. With Benny. (Yes.) I introduced my dog to You. I said, ‘This is Supreme Master Ching Hai and this is Benny.’ And she straightaway prostrated, like, got in a down position. (Oh, lay down.) I wasn’t really sure at that time. And I showed her again, the photo.” “She does the same again? (Yes.) Dogs, they know. They know. (Yes.) Yes. Because they look so silly, so we think they don’t know. They know everything, believe me.” “Hasi and Häschen explained to me that Master Ching Hai is the Master in every world. As they said, Master Ching Hai is the Master in the rabbit world and in the human world, the highest Master.” “My dog told me, through an animal telepathic communicator, that the main reason he came to me in this life was because I’m Master’s disciple. Through this connection, Master automatically uplifted my dog, just as She promised She would for all initiates’ family members, including our beloved animals. My dog said he was forever grateful to Master because his spiritual level ‘went up like a rocket’ due to Her boundless grace.

“This is what one of my companion birds, Lucilaella, a green budgie, conveyed about Supreme Master Television hosting on March 31, 2018. ‘…Master is the Lord of the Universe. You (Supreme Master TV team) are working for the highest power in the universe. This is an immense honor. It is all about love. It is all about the energy being transmitted, not the words. It is all about all being one, all beings, all the universe. Master is the ONE LOVE.’”

And there is another place in France. All the birds were singing all night long. And as soon as I left them, they didn't sing anymore! (Amazing, Master.) So when I came back, your brother, Danny, said to me, said to me, “I told my dad the birds don’t sing anymore at night.” I said, “Yeah, but they do sing! They sing at my apartment. How come you say they don’t sing? They still sing.” He said, “No, but they don’t sing here!”

“I specifically remember how magical it was. It was like the feeling of pure bliss and joy in that house. I remember hearing the birds singing day and night, as if we were singing and dancing in a Disney movie. And I remember talking to Master and asking Her, ‘Is this normal? Is it because we’re in Europe that birds sing in the middle of the night?’ And She was so cute! She kept playing it off as if, ‘Perhaps it’s because you’re in Europe and you just maybe haven’t heard it before.’ I said, ‘Oh, OK.’ And so, after a while, Master had to go maybe for a retreat or for some work and She stayed somewhere else for a couple of weeks. She went that morning, and that night I was meditating in my room. And I specifically remember the silence, as if it was just pure silence in the air. And that’s when I realized to myself that the birds don’t sing like this in Europe. They’re obviously singing for Her! They’re singing for Master! And when I realized that, I rushed downstairs and I woke my dad up. I talked to my dad, I said, ‘Dad, do you hear that?’ And he’s like, ‘No, I don’t hear anything.’ I said, ‘Yeah! Exactly! The birds, they stopped singing because Master’s gone!’ We were both so happy. We both had this ultimate confirmation that She is so special; that all the animals recognize it. All the birds know this, and they greet Her wherever She goes. And it’s only us humans, even Her own practitioners, that don’t realize this. It’s incredible! I even wrote this in my diary at the time. I wrote: ‘The birds… They’ve stopped singing because Master left… They know She’s gone…She IS God.’ When She came back in a couple weeks, the birds started singing again. And it’s not as if we were living in the forest. We were in a small town, where there are cars and people. It’s not as if there are a lot of animals around. They just congregate, they come to Her. I remember a sister at the time, she was living with us as well. She said that, ‘When Master is happy, the universe is happy.’ The universe, the animals, the birds, all the beings – they show their jubilation. And that’s when I truly felt it – I truly felt this incredible love and warmth that all the animals must feel when they’re with Her. It’s something I’ll never forget and it’s something I’ll always cherish for the rest of my life.”

There have been many other instances besides those mentioned here, of various animal species that expressed their utmost love and veneration toward Supreme Master Ching Hai. For instance, several of our Association members in Spain and some native real estate agents once saw a large number of mountain goats line up like an army, all along the road, to pay homage to Master as She descended from Her cave. And at Lake Amoura in Europe, our Association members witnessed that the different wild animals, who normally did not show themselves, would come out just to see Master – and only when She was alone! and only when She was alone! We are truly amazed no end!

“The animals tell me they’re finished suffering. And they tell me that in the future humans won’t kill them, because other humans will form a revolution of kindness. And they’re very excited about that. And when I was writing these words, BLUEBIRDS AND HUMMINGBIRDS came into my field, and they wanted to THANK SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI for Her tireless work in creating change and awareness for animal kind. They say this is so important, and that truly, A NEW LIGHT IS SHINING ON EARTH NOW. And this unconditional love and peace will lead us all to a true Heaven on Earth.

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