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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 95 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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The ode says: There is a Saint in China today. Though without power or status, She achieves success in everything She does.


Today, let’s continue studying hexagram #44 from the prophecy book “Tui Bei Tu,” accredited to two renowned astronomer - historians from China, Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang.

“The ode says: There is a Saint in China today. If we were to continue interpreting the prophecies as pointing to our times, who could the Saint “in China today” be? Although She has lived on several different continents during different periods, Supreme Master Ching Hai has established Her place the longest among the Chinese people. She has been living for many years in Taiwan, which is also called the Republic of CHINA. Going further, the characters for the word “China” literally mean “middle kingdom” or “the center of all nations.” So the ode could also mean that there is a Saint in the midst of the global community of nations. “I am a citizen of the world.” Supreme Master Ching Hai has traveled throughout the continents, elevating nations’ consciousness wherever She goes. At our gatherings, Master is the center of a joyful community of our multiracial Association members. Her channel, Supreme Master Television, is also at the heart of Her efforts to foster among humans a sense of global friendship and brotherhood that transcends boundaries.

“Though without power or status, She achieves success in everything She does.” Although She is not an ordinary member of society holding political power or a formal worldly position, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been greatly accomplished and successful in everything She endeavors, in both mundane and spiritual fields.

Even since childhood, Master could achieve anything She set Her mind on. Following is just one example as once shared by Master’s younger sister. “My father was in jail. My mother just gave birth to me and had a very difficult time. She got a disorder that no one could treat. My Sister (Master) knew my father could treat my mother’s condition. You know, nine years old is very young. It was a long distance, and the war was going on. I don’t know how Master did it but She finally got to where my father was imprisoned. She went to the prison and asked to see the warden. Master cried a lot to the warden and waited all afternoon until he felt pity for such a small girl, so lovable and so affectionate. So after much consideration, he agreed to let Master’s father go home to treat Her mother. Before he left, the warden told Master’s father: ‘Do you know why I let you go home? It’s because I am moved by your daughter.‘I am moved by your daughter’s soft-spoken and loving words. That’s why I let you go home to treat your wife.” Within days after this incident, Master’s father’s case was cleared and was permanently freed to return home!

At age 14, when Master’s father was hospitalized due to a grave illness and had to be kept in the intensive care unit, Master pleaded with the nurses to make an exception to the rules and let her stay with Her father to care for Him. In exchange, She offered to assist the nurses. Master thus not only helped save Her father’s life, but She also took care of the other patients so professionally, to the nurses’ amazed delight! It was also around this still-tender age that Master won a major poetry competition, receiving personal recognition from the then prime minister of Âu Lạc (Vietnam). Throughout Her school years, Master was always at the top of Her class, though She hardly needed to spend time to study.

As a young adult, Master embarked on a risky journey in India and the Himalayan wilderness, alone and virtually unequipped. But with each peril She encountered – from life-threatening heat and cold, to steep mountain cliffs, to a fast-rising river – Master was miraculously protected and finally reached Her goal of attaining complete enlightenment. “I wasn't equipped. I went all over places, together with the bears, and snakes, and rattlesnakes, and scorpions and all these. And I had only two pairs of clothes, thinner than this. I ran in the Himalayas, I didn’t catch cold ever. And the clothes were so wet. They didn’t dry, but I didn't have money to buy even wood.” “Many people died on the road, because of the landslide, snowstorm, and road damage. I went one time with the bus and the mountain was collapsing in front of us and then covered our bus. And everybody was panicking and tried to open the bus and run out. I said, ‘If you run out, you’ll die. Sit down and repeat the mantra, pray to your master, whoever it is.’ So everybody did that, then suddenly the mountain landslide stopped. It was supposed to rush down and it just stopped. So everybody came and thanked me.”

Later, not long after becoming a spiritual Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai worked day and night to protect the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees who were facing extreme distress and danger due to forced repatriation. Tirelessly writing letters to governments and speaking to the media, Master was also able to meet with various presidents and other high-ranking officials, and raised international awareness of the refugees’ plight. Eventually through Her dedicated efforts, at least 5,000 refugees were granted the safety of permanent residence in the Philippines.

During the early 1990's, many Philippine government officials, including former presidents Fidel Ramos and Corazon Aquino and Madam Marcos and the media were by Supreme Master Ching Hai's side to assist Her in this humanitarian cause. “And then comes Master Ching Hai. She arrives as She was introduced to me. She was so effective. I want to see the president, which means President Ramos. And I told him the work of the Master and how She has worked for these refugees, and the President had to do something.” “Well, the Philippines was seen as the first as well as the last sanctuary of the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. And so those that could not find a new home outside, were allowed to stay in the Philippines and this was one of the, I'd say, most gratifying policies that we promulgated during my time as president.” “When (Supreme) Master Ching Hai was moving around in the society of Manila guided by Don Manuel Morato, there were caring hearts, there were compassionate human beings who wanted to give and provided shelter, political shelter to our brother Vietnamese (Aulacese) refugees. The law was passed and President Ramos assisted it all the way. For that, we were able to provide the haven of freedom that many of our brothers wanted to have in Manila.” “We thank you, these gentlemen here, for their unconditional kindness in helping the fellow human beings in time of need.”

In the realm of creativity, Master had never trained formally yet She is a multi-talented artist who is able to produce many masterpieces with little time, tools, and effort. Her creations – including paintings, jewelry, clothes, interior and landscape designs, lamps, poetry, songs, etc. – mesmerize both the general public and art experts alike. “This is incredible! Wow! Amazing! It looks good! Oh, it’s beautiful!” “I like every piece of Her work. Even though She doesn’t have a degree in art, She uses Her feelings and gift from Heaven, to give back to the world and awaken our minds and spirits.” “I’m very touched by Her pure and innocent expressions and strokes. Like real celestial art.” “Supreme Master’s poems just sing. It's much deeper than a lot of lyrics go.” “Bless You, Lady, for writing a property like this and sharing it with the world, and allowing us to compose music to Your poems.” Etc…

One of Master’s particularly outstanding achievements is the Heavenly Hsihu Ashram, which Master and just a small group of residents had built in the early days, out of a barren land with no water or electricity, and without any prior construction experience. The miniature paradise She manifested still thrives today, complete with amenities, a flowing stream, pleasant gardens, cozy caves and larger structures, etc.

When our series continues, we’ll continue with more examples of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s myriad successful endeavors for Her mission to elevate our world.

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