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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 101 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“The prophecy says: The Son of Heaven in the palace courteously treats the wise and humbly respects scholars. He is very filial, follows the Will of Heaven, and practices spiritually.

Last time, we examined verses from the prophecy book “Tui Bei Tu” that clearly pointed to the current, turbulent cleansing period on our planet, a consequence of humans’ killing karma. But the authors, Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang, gave us certain hope that the World Savior would calm the flames and bring the shores of Heaven in view!

Hexagram #53 tells us more about this incredible Savior. The illustration on this page is particularly intriguing: The Savior, depicted as the “Son of Heaven” Emperor, is talking to two others: a wise man and a scholar. It appears that the central issue being discussed is symbolized by a ripe rice stalk – an indication of food. Food production is indeed the human activity that has among the greatest impacts on our daily lives, economy, our health, the environment, etc. As Supreme Master Ching Hai has been emphasizing for decades, the matter of food, how we produce and consume it, holds the key to saving our world from potential destruction. “Because we waste a lot of vegetarian food, energy, electricity, medicine, to raise animals. Whereby, it could feed other people directly.“With the world food shortage continuing to worsen, more people are going hungry every day, so if we just stop the animal raising practices and turn instead to growing organic vegan food for humans, everyone in the world will benefit, and we can save our planet.“I HOPE EVERYBODY WAKES UP QUICK, QUICK, QUICK. BE VEGAN TO USE THIS COMPASSIONATE, BENEVOLENT, SUSTAINING ENERGY IN ORDER TO SAVE OUR PEOPLE, OUR WORLD.

“The prophecy says: The Son of Heaven in the palace courteously treats the wise and humbly respects scholars. He is very filial, follows the Will of Heaven, and practices spiritually.” Fulfilling this prediction, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been very filial to Her parents since childhood. She is also filial to Heaven, practicing spiritually, of course, and following the Will of Heaven in all She does. The verse also describes the illustration, saying that the Son of Heaven (Savior) in the palace courteously treats the wise and humbly respects scholars. Supreme Master Ching Hai has graciously spoken in conferences with wise experts, government and other leaders, and expressed Her respect and appreciation for scientists over the years. “I love scientists, they came from higher worlds, especially those who help the world. They are Bodhisattvas incarnate.” “Dear Brian, It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we present to you the ‘Shining World Award for Invention.’” “For your ingenuity and outstanding eco-friendly creative talent, and your stellar contribution and advancement to construction, we hereby applaud and celebrate the inventive brilliance of Saif Eddine Laalej. With Great Honor, Love and Blessings, Supreme Master Ching Hai.” “…This is with great honor and many blessings, love and blessings of Supreme Master Ching Hai. (Thanks, thank You very much.)”

“We are very honored to have such a virtuous leader to visit our very humble place. I want to take this opportunity to send our deep gratitude to you for travelling around to ask people to protect the environment and save the Earth.” “I am very grateful to courageous leaders in the world for stepping out of their boundary and to speak out for the sake of everyone. Even if the public does not appreciate their goodwill, Heaven will take note. And they will have a great reward hereafter. To such wise and courageous ones, we offer full support and respect. We pray that Heaven give them more strength, more wisdom to carry out their noble duty.” “Respected leaders and government officials, I am really grateful to you for all you have done up to date, to help our world the best you can…” “Your Reverend Holinesses, Highly Reverend Priests, Priestesses, Monks, Nuns of different faiths, my best wishes and humble prayers for Your wellness in God’s mercy.” “Please sit down, Buddhist Masters.” “To the monk as an offering. In case you need. If you don’t need, you give it to other monks who need, OK? I don’t mean to offend you. (No, no.) No. Please. With all my love. With all my love and care. I really care for you.”

“I’d really like to convey my appreciation and respect, first of all, for your courageous efforts and commitment to report all the truth and all the important news to provide accurate information to the public. My God, I have so much respect for journalists! I want them to feel that they are very much respected and welcomed. You never know how many people they’d help by their article.” “I am very grateful to the Supreme Master TV team. No matter how much work they do, they are of great help. Yes. If Supreme Master TV team members come here, please tell them to sit in the front, so they can see me more when I come down.”

The following are some samples of Master’s private correspondence to Supreme Master TV team members on a daily basis. “Send to all: Tell them M always thanks all international Supreme Master TV team + love and well wishes. It’s just that now we + M have a different system, so M can’t always thank in writing. God love and blessing anyway.” “To All amazing, loved SMTV team, inhouse and around the world, Thank you all for the works that you did, are doing and will be doing with all your heart and talents. I am really impressed. Especially during M's retreat, almost all was well. So relieved. May we work together continuously for all beings’ spiritual upliftment and wellness! And Heavens love you, I love you forever CH, (heart) (heart) Thankx and (infinity) ……” “To all loving, talented SMTV team, inhouse and around the world. Thank you again for continuing your unconditional work to uplift the world. I’m always with you. Just that you’ve signed some rules before coming to this planet to work together and with M. and it’s not always negotiable! for our togetherness. But we can still dedicate our skill and love to SMTV for others’ benefit. Even if we can’t often see each other physically, we are still together in our heart. Love you always Yours, SMCH” “God bless all team effort. ok. ths” “sh b ok. Thank u. God Love prevails.” “again! thanks for all the good news-collections and animals clips. Wow!” “To all nwn+.. ths 4 all the animals special clips. so joyful/warmhearted/ fun/touching… God love.” “ths for useful info. Good host. ths all team work. Well done God bless.” “good host/touch up/ cameraman. all good overall. ths.” “God bless. GOOD JOB! Ths all for trying hard. God love.” “Editors + ... GOOD JOB ♥♥♥” “good make-over ♥”“Good host. ths all team diligence. God love!” “just a little title change, then perfect. Ths all of you for good job. God love.” “Wonder team= ths 4 fast track effort. God bless.” “thank u all 4 working with love. God protect.” “ok. ths guys for patient good work. working with u all the way even in retreat. God knows ur sincerity. Love” “Thanks all of you involved. It’s soo speedy and well, lovingly done details mostly. God loves you If any correction not in here, it has been orally forwarded. Thanks for being together with justice and benevolence.” “very good. well performed. M is proud of you all Thank you. God love It reminds M of youthful time, when there was no worry, when life was a beautiful dream when Life was artistic and simple but refined, elegance and poetic That life is gone!” “M ths all smtv team members for improving in many ways, that helps M a lot to lessen Her work and saves time. God reward.” “Thank you very much, all of you and others involved for your extra diligence and love for our poor, ignorant world. Like yourself, I’m angered, I’m pained daily, that it works tooo slow for the suffering ones!!! Love you and bless you. ♥♥” “To all cool Team, in/out house, Sometimes due to workload Sometimes due to workload in/outside / physical reason, M forget to say thank you. But you all should know that M always appreciates hugely your dedication and hard work. Especially in this time of difficulty 4 our world Surely God knows / Love you all Be well, knowing, that even in this transient realm You are always sooooo loved tearfully yours M”

“You know, I told you already but I want to tell it on record that I’m really so touched and grateful for your girls’, your presence, your dedication and your willing to work to help the world, and personally of course, helping me in my ideals. I’m very impressed with your idealistic standpoint and spirit and I’m very grateful. Just want to tell you, thank you all for being here, for being with me. I mean for being with us on this planet in this time of necessity and trouble. May God bless you forever. I’m sure God would bless you forever, but it’s my wish for all of you. And also, of course, I’m grateful for the boys, who are also working with us. Yes, it’s the same. It just happened that I talked to you guys today, so I just say about the girls, but the boys also, I’m very deeply grateful and may God bless all of you forever and bless also the workers for Supreme Master Television in any way at all, all over the world. My love is with you forever and God bless you eternally. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Etc…

“The ode says: A filial Son comes from the West. He holds the key from Heaven to pacify the world. The beauty of the flag will be seen twice within the territory. Here, the ode says that the Savior holds the key from Heaven to pacify the world. Ah! Master’s series of books, “The Key of Immediate Enlightenment.” And at the time of initiation Supreme Master Ching Hai opens the door of Heaven with an invisible key. So the truth seekers can enter instantly into the Kingdom of God, thus bring peace to the homeward longing souls the world over! It also states that the beauty of the “flag” will be seen twice in the land. What could this beautiful “flag” of the Savior represent? In one interpretation, Supreme Master Television, which is like a “flag” or banner broadcasting Master’s noble ideals and messages, launched two times, in 2006 and in 2017. Or perhaps the twice-seen flag refers to Master’s Divine appearance on Earth – first as an enlightened Spiritual Master, and second as World Savior, the Beloved Tim Qo Tu.

Which leads us to the next and final verse, which says that those preceding are not as capable as the succeeding One. “Predecessors are less capable than the succeeding One.(Are You the first to be able to achieve that level while in a physical body?) Yes, in the whole spiritual history. (Wow!) I’m just lucky, just so blessed, I guess. But the thing is, maybe we just need it now. We just need it now for the planet, for the world.” “It’s said that in this world, to meet a perfect and enlightened Master from the Fifth Realm is a chance in billions of kalpas. But to meet the highest God in the universe, it is billions times more difficult. Because even an Enlightened Master from the Fifth Realm is bound by the three “can’ts” and three “don’ts.” That is, the Buddha “doesn’t deliver those that have no affinity with him, have no faith in him, or have heavy karma.” But when we meet with the Almighty God, Hes delivers all. As you’ve seen, in the last few decades, every one of Master’s undertakings has been tremendous. They were monumental projects. For example, stopping the comet from hitting the earth, rescuing the world from doomsday in 2012, promoting the “Be Vegan, Save the World” movement, and blessing the whole universe. We have no idea how much work Master has done visibly and invisibly, and how many merits She has spent to reverse the crises and the courses of events. Let’s cite another example. Didn’t Maudgalyayana’s mother slander the Buddha, thus creating very heavy karma? She fell into the realm of hungry ghosts. For his mother alone, Maudgalyayana begged the Buddha for help, but the Buddha shook His head, saying that He couldn’t. So, what could they do? The Buddha’s entire sangha had to hold a retreat in summertime, for three months, and make many offerings. Only then could the mother be saved. But our Master, during just the three-day retreat last month, saved more than seven hundred millions of souls from the relentless hell. Just compare the power, then we can know how great and terrific Master is.

Let’s now turn to hexagram #52 of “Tui Bei Tu.” “The prophecy says: A comet suddenly appears, an ominous sign for the northeast. Why walk alone? Look forward to the place of paradise. This hexagram tells us that a comet will suddenly appear, symbolizing an uncertain time for the “northeast” region. (Coincidentally, in recent years and even weeks, there have also been real comets and asteroids that came disturbingly near the Earth, reminding us how vulnerable we are to their destructive threat. we are to their destructive threat. Thus, both symbolically and physically, the comet is an ominous sign in our times.) We think that this particular prophecy could be referring to 2017 when the situation on the Korean peninsula, which is to the northeast of China, was suddenly flaring. Yet the prophecy lets us know in the very next line that the situation would be all right (and this was proven so with the 2018 peace declaration of the two Korean leaders). The prophecy even tells us to look forward to paradise! Thus, in the illustration, there is an official walking alone symbolically, leaving the unfavorable place where the comet appears and bad events would happen, and heading for the place of paradise.

Or could it means that the mission of the Savior is a lonely and difficult one, that He/ She might sometimes feel it’s futile thus contemplating the way to return to Paradise?! “Hallo, Buddha, why do you cry? In your stone heart, how much desire? Why do your tears stream down the sea? Why give your love to the pebble? Oh Buddha, oh Buddha, Why did you leave Nirvana? What is here to search for? Endless pain or sorrow? Oh Buddha, oh Buddha, Hurry now, leave Samsara! Back to where no sorrow Only joy eternal Only love, no border. Hallo Buddha, Why do you smile? And your stone heart is full of light! Why do your arms embrace the world? Why does your love shine forever? Oh Buddha, oh Buddha Okay? (Wow!)” Perhaps the official is the Savior, who essentially does “walk alone” as the prophecy said, in Her weighty mission of rescuing and lifting up our world.

As the hexagram concludes, we come across the most interesting part as follows: “Eventually, guests from foreign lands will not be able to stay for long. This verse states that time is up for those from foreign lands; ultimately they won’t be able to stay long. Could this possibly refer to the historic moment in the prophesied year of 2017, when Master ordered the Original Universe’s powerful Godses to remove a rigid system of planetary control imposed by foreign beings from other galaxy?

“At the moment, sometimes the other planets, they send bad vibes to our Earth or to other planets just to cause trouble for some reason. Or sometimes they want to take some human body to live inside there. And they control the minds of the people, sometimes they make them do some terrible things. They harassed our planet's people. That's what I don't like. That's why we have war and we have suffering and we have a lot of trouble. That's what I don't like.” “I was mad. I said, ‘Go, whoever can, destroy them all, and send the baddies back to their own country.’ And the next day They told me, ‘It’s done.’ (If the invisible control wall was with us since the beginning of time,) Yes! (that’s a long time.) Long time. Long time. (And now, You’ve just taken care of it, destroyed it?) The Godses smashed it. (OK.) They said, ‘Smashed all the machines.’ All the machines! ‘Sent all of the negative beings home.There are still some baddies lurking around in some human’s bodies. (That’s for sure.) And because we don’t want to destroy that person’s body, we try to be slower. But, for sure, they will be all dug out, sent home, the way they sent us here. In a capsule. And then, we will post guards all over the planet and don’t let any of these intruders come in making trouble anymore. (That’s good.)” “Beloved Master, the other day You said that You had destroyed those negative energies. (Not I, but the Godses up there.) That night in my meditation, I saw those negative forces, they sneaked into our group. (Trying to escape?) Yes, they were hiding. Then I saw You caught them. You caught a lump about this big, then You sent them to a different planet.”

“Heaven and Earth will be recreated at the time of jiao kang. The prophecy says that “qian kun,” meaning Heaven and Earth, or the universe, will be renewed at the time of “jiao kang,” a period when Jupiter travels a certain path. It is said that whenever that phenomenon happens, an old dynasty is replaced by a new dynasty. Indeed, one such period of “jiao kang” falls during the year of 2017 (between November 2016 and December 2017, to be exact). And this is the year when Master revealed that a total systemic renewal really did take place on Earth, with “World Freedom Day− the monumental day the “old dynasty” of the rigid planetary government was taken down by Her command! “It’s good for you, because you are not going to be dragged down so much by this energy, the negative, and heavy, and controlling, and dragging, and dark, and evil, and crippling, and disabling, and, whatever you say, all the negative things about that, that made it so difficult to meditate and to deal with your daily obligations in the world as a citizen. You will take care of your daily problems in a more enlightened manner, an easy manner. And for the whole world. There will be more peace, more understanding, more harmonizing, more cooperation, and more aiding, helping each other. That is for sure.” Etc…

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