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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 112 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“The emperor said: Does Lao Shui bring in something? Wen (Liu Bowen) said: Yes, yes, yes. He will bring in spiritual practice with gatherings of people from various religions. The big will become small and the old will become young. Monks will marry beautiful women. Funny and funny. The time comes when women marry monks.

Today, we will continue to explore the Wanfa Guizong prophecy of “The Baked Cake Ballad” by Liu Bowen. As previously mentioned, this prophecy may have actually originated from a book titled “Long Hua Jing” (“Dragon Flower Scripture”), said to be written by the Venerated Patriarch Gong Chang (Zhang Hai Liang), the founder of the Yuan Dun Religion. So far, we learned from this prediction that the Lord Maitreya Buddha would return to uplift our world. He also refers to this Savior as “Lao Shui,” hinting that He/She is closely related to the Venerated Lao Tzu and “Shui” (“water” in Chinese). We found evidence in our previous episode that these two clues lead us to Supreme Master Ching Hai: Our Association members witnessed that Lao Tzu was one of Master’s great past incarnations, and Master’s Name, “Ching Hai,“Pure Ocean,” is in essence, “Shui” (Water)! Also, in Chinese we say “Lao” as an endearing term when referring to someone of cherished friendship and loving relation! For instance, like “Lao da” - dear elder brother/sister, “Lao ma” - loved mother, “Lao chen” - senior good and loyal official, “Lao gong” - dear husband, “Lao shi” - a respected teacher. When Lao is paired with a name, it means an esteemed and loved person, etc.

“The emperor said: Does Lao Shui bring in something? Wen (Liu Bowen) said: Yes, yes, yes. He will bring in spiritual practice with gatherings of people from various religions. The big will become small and the old will become young. Monks will marry beautiful women. Funny and funny. The time comes when women marry monks.

The prophecy says that Lao Shui, or Lord Maitreya Buddha, would bring in spiritual practice with gatherings of people from different faiths. Supreme Master Ching Hai’s teachings have brought together Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jains, Muslims, Sikhs, Taoists, and the non-religious, etc. Under Her guidance we gather to practice the Quan Yin Method of meditation together in centers all around the world. Etc…

The prophecy also says that the big will become small. Those who practice the Quan Yin Method have experienced their egos lessen from “big to small. The world also has witnessed many big names tarnished by their scandals. Etc… “After we have practiced the Quan Yin Method and we get in touch with the Tao, we begin to know how insignificant are ourselves, our part in this universe. But then again, at the same time, we should know that we are very great. We are part of the whole. Without us, the whole cannot exist. Therefore, if we do something, we feel that we don’t need to boast about it because the whole universe is doing things. The Tao is doing it through this physical being, through this individual ‘I’.” “The more we practice, the more we feel humble.”

In addition, after initiation, many of our Association members have found themselves rejuvenated, feeling pure and happy like a child. Hence, it is like the prediction said: “the old will become young. Or perhaps as in our modern time, plastic surgery brings a youthful look back to those who undergo this type of procedure.“After I attended group meditation for the Convenient Method, my physical and mental changes were incredible. I have come to like my appearance more and more. My inner freedom and happiness have permeated my old face, which has become very bright and glossy and even has fewer wrinkles.” “Hi! It’s been 26 years since I practiced the Quan Yin Method.” “I was born in 1981. I’m 39 years old now. I was initiated in 2001. It’s been 19 years.” “I got initiated 15 years ago when I was 34 years old; now I'm 49.” “I was initiated 22 years ago.” “I got initiated in 1998. 49 years old at present. I can only tell you it’s been magical. Yeah, you’re kind of forever young.” “As for me, the aging process stopped or even reversed.” “I got initiated at the age of 58, now I am 86 years young.” “When I tell people that I am 49, they are usually surprised and ask what the secret is - this is the most common question.” “People say, ‘I can’t believe you are nearly 50! What is your secret?’ And I say, ‘Well, it’s easy!’” “My answer is always the same.” “I tell them that it’s because of the vegan diet and because of the meditation from Supreme Master Ching Hai.” “I do credit this gentle aging to the plant-based diet and the healing power of the meditation.” “You’re connected to universal power. That’s how you stay young.” “I’ve practiced the Quan-Yin method for almost 30 years with the Supreme Master Ching Hai. Some new patients, when they see me, tend to think I am a young physician. And I always tell them, I have never used any skin care products. But I eat the healthiest diet, the vegan diet. In my point of view, the Quan Yin method is the best way to help us stay healthy physically and mentally. It is also the fastest way to repair and regenerate our cells.” “I am a bit baby-faced.” “Once, a bus driver called me a student, and I looked at him in surprise.” “It’s not only the looks, but when I work with my peers, I really feel that I can work for much longer time without getting tired. I think all of this is because I am a vegan and meditate. For this blessing, I thank Master.” “About last week, I met an insurance salesperson. He thought I was only 27 or 28 years old. He could not believe that I'm 40 already.” “I told him that I was the mother of two sons and one of my sons was 20 already.” “I usually have to show my ID to prove that I am a senior.” “So I’m now in my 25th year of learning and benefiting from Master’s teachings. My cardiologist told me that I have the cardio-vascular system of a teenager.” “I’m 72 years old this year, but I don’t feel it. I have a lot of energy to exercise, to work on the yard…” “I can truly attest that following the teachings of a living Master, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, practicing daily meditation, not harming our animal friends, and not eating meat, fish, eggs and no milk products, no smoking, not using any mind-altering beverages and living a virtuous lifestyle, have produced wonderful constructive results that I could never imagine possible - visible and non-visible.” “Since practicing the Quan Yin Method, I feel better, my skin is smooth, my youthful soul is full of vitality.” “I tell them: ‘Because I am a vegan, I meditate, and lead a simple life.’” “I feel more contented and happy in life.” “So when we are connected [with] this Quan Yin, you never think of negativity anymore, because it's not in you anymore. It's been purified, it's gone, and you become healthy.” “Master always told us: Smile is the best makeup, we should think positively, be loving to everyone, respect all life. So that’s how I keep myself vibrant and full of vitality every day.” “I feel so happy and energetic because of the time I meditate and the pure joy of meditation. I cannot express enough my gratitude for Master.” “It’s amazing. And it’s a proof that, although this power is invisible, nobody can see it, but we can feel it, and the magic gets to be shown through us.”

“Hi, old man, young boy. (I’m ten years old today [since initiation].) Ten years old, congratulations, happy birthday. You look like ten years old to me.” “The Quan Yin Method changes everything - inside out, upside down. It changes the tissues, even, of the skin, renewing them all the time. That's why the more you practice, the younger you look, the more beautiful you become. That's why in the Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching - it says, ‘The Tao, when you practice, it changes you into a youth.’ Changes the old one into a youthful one. And in the Bible it also says, ‘You have to become a child again in order to be reborn into the Kingdom of God.‘To become a child,’ it means you grow more youthful, but also it means the purity in the heart. The more you practice, the purer you become until you see everyone is pure, and that's a very beautiful feeling; money cannot buy.” “Oh! You’re still around. You look exactly like before. (Thank You.) Why are you not getting old? (I am getting old.) Same with your husband. I saw him in the kitchen last time. (We are over 70 already.) Over 70! (Seventy-four.) Wow! My God! You look so young and beautiful. (Doesn’t look like over 70.) …You’re still there. Wow! You’ve practiced quite well. Some initiates have known me for more than 30 years. They knew me when they were in their 30s, and had children and wives or husbands. But now they look just like before. Some look a little different, and some look the same.” “If you see a seventy or eighty-year-old man With dancing eyes And bubbling youth Then you must know, Brothers: It’s due to the Master’s magic touch. The initiation. Initiation.

According to the last part of this prophecy, a funny phenomenon will occur in which monks will marry women. Etc… “We renounce the world in our hearts. Wearing monastic robes is fine, so is wearing layman’s clothes. Now you don’t shave your heads and you wear laymen’s clothes, but your heart is empty, your heart is free. This is true liberation, instead of being attached to outward appearances.” “If you have an enlightened way, a method, then you will also reach the high level. Depends on sincerity. Examples, you’ve seen many. A lay woman who had two children already in Hong Kong, and then she saw so many things (inner visions). She and Israeli and Spanish, all laypeople, etc., etc., Togo. He looks black, but he’s so bright. His Light is so bright. Yeah, multicolor, ‘technicolor.’”

“The emperor said: Why do you speak of the Tao? Wen (Liu Bowen) said: In the last stage of the Dharma-Ending Age, tens of thousands of Patriarchs will descend to the human world. Thousands of Buddhas will come to the mortal Earth. None of them and none of the stars in the entire sky, the Arhat groups, and Bodhisattvas in all the Heavens can liberate themselves from this kalpa (eon).

These verses say that the karma in the last stage of the Dharma-Ending Age is so heavy that even Patriarchs, Buddhas, Arhats and Bodhisattvas who came to this world to help others, but still being at risk of not being liberated from the Lower Realms. “The karma of the world is bigger than you can imagine. Bigger than the sky. And I’m very grateful that I’m still here, that it doesn’t drag me down yet. It doesn’t even bring me to hell yet, that I still can work in this world. Sometimes, even I myself feel scared; it’s scary to live in this world.” Etc… “That is why not many Masters come. Once you go out here, you are helpless, helpless, helpless! Everything (negative force) just pounds upon you! ‘Ha-ha-ha! See how strong you are! Let’s come here; we are waiting!’ ‘You are only one, we are plenty! We are not scared of karma or nothing! You are the one who wants to go back up! We don’t care! We stay around!’ That is the problem! It depends on the period of time on the planet that different Masters come down. If it is easy, then a little less high Master can come. But, if it is a heavy time, it has to be a stronger Guy or He drowns. He just comes down and drowns dead! No one will find Him again!

“Therefore, the Future Buddha descends to spread the Tao. If they don’t meet the path of the Golden Thread, none of the Buddhas and Patriarchs in Heavens above or on the Earth below can escape from this kalpa, their phala (fruit of their practice) will be reduced, and they will be locked for 81 small kalpas (eons) after the Dharma-Ending Age.

Therefore, the Most Powerful Future Buddha, the Savior, would come to teach the Tao and preach “the path of the Golden Thread” to liberate all beings. (The Golden Thread links the lineage of the Tao from ancient times to the present and future. It connects to Heaven, and the word “thread” implies that this path, like a thin thread, is very difficult to find.) Also, many practitioners would deliberately descend to the Earth to have the invaluable chance to be uplifted by the Grace of this Savior, the Maitreya Buddha. “Okay, at the 18th of December, my level above the Fifth Level is 8,131,134,133,233rd Level. (Wow!) Yes, that’s what it was. (Are You the first to be able to achieve that level while in a physical body?) Yes, in the whole spiritual history. (Wow!) I’m just lucky, just so blessed, I guess. But the thing is, maybe we just need it now. We just need it now for the planet, for the world.” “(Could You explain to us what it means to be on that level You are on? Our human brain just can’t even begin to understand it.) Yeah, I know. It’s just that when you are up there, you have more power. The soul is above everything else and the soul will never ever again be fettered of any kind, and the soul has all the power necessary to do things that ordinarily a soul cannot. Even the Master’s soul cannot. Just the matter of having more power to will things, to change things. To repair the universe, to uplift the consciousness of all beings.“All will be uplifted, except some exceptions. All beings on this planet, as long as I live, as long as your Master lives, She will uplift them all to the New (Spiritual) Land, but gradually; depends. But at least they’re liberated. They’ll be liberated in any case. Then they will go to the New Land, finally.

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