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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 98 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“The ode says: There is a soldier carrying a bow on his body, saying that he is the one with a white head…Golden swords are deployed at the eastern door. The warrior sneaks into the palace from the back door.

Let’s now continue our exploration about the World Savior as described in the illustrated prophecy book “Tui Bei Tu,” by Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang of 7th century China. In our previous episode, we began to study hexagram #46, which says that although the Savior will save tens of thousands – meaning countless – people, She Herself will barely escape. “…Tens of thousands of people will be saved, but the One Person (Savior) will barely escape.”Any real Master has a hell of a life. Even not die, but die and live again, die and live again. Sometimes sick or something, like 90 percent almost dead already and then come back again.

Since the beginning of Her mission, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been on the edge of death many times. In addition to facing dangerous situations or people during Her travels or even in Her own ashram, Master has had to endure life-threatening medical conditions and risky operations. Master said that these kinds of (terrible, utterly unjust) ordeals were the price She had to pay for rescuing souls, for changing their destiny for the better. “Every part of a Master, a True Master has an invaluable price for special things to uplift the planet, to uplift the people’s consciousness. So, if She’s hurt on the eyes, or He is operated on the stomach, there are special purposes. Every part of a True Master has a valuable power to help people, the souls of people, to be uplifted and enlightened, to help the planet to be more kind. If people’s consciousness goes up, then the world would be more kind, more peaceful. Every part of the Master’s body is for sacrifice.”

It was 2009, around the time of a critical United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our planet was facing imminent obliteration due to the extremely heavy accumulated bad karma of the world. To save the planet, Master willingly paid the price of humans’ bad karma through Her self-sacrifice and unreserved donation of Her spiritual merit. “I had two dreams. (Yes.) And one is that You asked me to give You a massage, and then I saw black and blue all over Your body. And then You had all wounds on the flesh, it’s as big as this, like Qing money. It’s big, like this. (Okay. On the flesh, on the body.) The next time, You asked me to press the Ren Zhong, that is here. That is only when your life is in danger in the Chinese, you press here. ( Press here.) Yes, it’s like that. So I know how much You suffered. That was also during Your… You were in hospital or… (Oh that time, okay.) Yes, Copenhagen (Dec. 2009 UN Climate Change Conference), (Yeah.)” “You see, because before I was just so intense in helping mankind and saving the world and the planet that I did not even think of myself. But even then, at that time I thought, ‘That’s it, I give (my spiritual merit points) even if I die. If I go to hell, I would give anyway.’ At that time, I thought I would go to hell. I was very sick, as the Copenhagen is going on there; I was very ill in the hospital, serious illness, very serious, could not even move for many months, and terrible pain. Couldn’t even get up from bed. It was terrible, and I thought I would die anyway. But then Heaven took pity on me and let me live and continue to work. But they have warned me to keep some minimum for myself and they have helped to find a way to multiply my spiritual points since then. So, it’s very good, very good. I’m very lucky to stay alive and going strong, spiritually.”

In 2012, Master revealed that the deadline of our planet had been extended for more years. This was a result of Her intensive meditation and advocacy before Heaven on our world’s behalf. Thus, not just “tens of thousands,” but millions and billions of lives, including the next generations, have been saved. Actually, “ten thousand” is an expression to indicate a great number in Chinese way of speaking. But again, the cost was excruciatingly high for our Beloved Master. “(Master, could we know what happened to You when You negotiated to save the planet, and what price You had to pay for that?) Physical price. (What kind of physical price, Master?) Cut up the whole body, almost. (Master...)” “Truly, I’m very tough. I don’t know if any woman is tougher than I am. Working so much and… And I’m still OK. So, don’t worry about it. Getting better all the time; stronger, more powerful. That’s why I can avoid so many attempts on my life. I go when I want to go. I leave when I want to leave. So, don’t worry about me. Whatever I don’t allow, it won’t happen. And if I do allow, then it’s for your good. I’m here just for the good of others.”

As if illustrating Master’s words, the drawing of prophetic hexagram #46 depicts the Savior as a tough warrior. With arms and fists of a ready martial artist, he appears full of courage and determination. We also notice the bamboo plants in the background. The Chinese character for “bamboo” (竹) is pronounced exactly like the character for “expel” (逐). This could then imply that the Savior is determined and ready to drive out all negative forces and beings from our world – which is exactly what Supreme Master Ching Hai has been doing!

The ode part of the hexagram actually describes the Savior as a soldier: “The ode says: There is a soldier carrying a bow on his body, saying that he is the one with a white head…” Supreme Master Ching Hai is truly like a soldier, defending and rescuing helpless souls, fighting ignorance and negativity with no weapons at all, but only Her Love and Her Light. Indeed, the ode also said that the soldier has a “white head,” meaning white hair which symbolizes the pinnacle of wisdom. The Savior has extraordinary wisdom, as She is an enlightened Master. “The disciples don’t know the danger of being a Master. They’re too safe, because Master protects them all the time - the Master power! So they feel nothing happens to them. The soldiers who have to protect the country, the country citizens are safe, but the soldier is not safe anytime. Everything can hurt the soldier, because he is a soldier. He’s in danger all the time, and that’s how you are safe. But nobody understands that, very rare, because he is safe with the soldier.”

After initiation, we the disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai, feel absolutely safe and secure in life. This is because of Master’s daily blessings and protection; She takes away our bad karma and feelings of fear. “You have suffered too much for us, Master. (It's okay. How do you know?) I had seen it in my meditation. There were two men with machetes, running after me. And You told me to leave. You stood in front, and I said: ‘No, Master, they're going to cut You, I want to stay with You.’ You told me: ‘No, leave, leave.’ And You gave Yourself. When the man threw his machete at You, You disappeared. And then I left, Master. Master, thank You infinitely.” “Master’s protection for disciples and great love is beyond words. There was one time when Master gave initiation in Qigu. If the pending initiate had karma and retribution from many lifetimes, in order to redeem that person’s spiritual and physical body, once Master touched that person’s wisdom eye, the spirits which occupied that person would come out. When they came out, they beat on Master’s head, face and back repeatedly. Master protects disciples with Her life. Though the spirits are invisible, they beat Master until the initiation was finished. And Master was exhausted as if paralyzed. I witnessed this with my own eyes, so my heart was extremely painful. Master has to sacrifice like this for disciples.” “I remembered in mid-July when Master was giving initiations to new disciples in the back mountain [in Hsihu] near the acacia trees. I saw in my meditation that invisible beings kept attacking Master. Poor Master was armed with a slender gold-and-silver cane as defense. At that time, I was so upset and wanted to run over to block those invisible beings. However, I only had the abilities of an ordinary person and couldn’t help Master…”Etc…

The ode of hexagram #46 concludes as follows: “…Golden swords are deployed at the eastern door. The warrior sneaks into the palace from the back door. “Golden swords” may refer to the spiritual “weapons” of Divine Light belonging to the Savior. They are “deployed at the eastern door,” perhaps a reference to the East where the sun rises, marking the dawning of a new day or era. The “palace” might mean the Three Worlds that were created to trap all souls life after life. In order to rescue the helpless souls from the lower realms, the Savior must hide Her power and glory in order to enter maya’s domain discreetly, “from the back door. “You have to learn all kinds of things. You learn how to survive – to teach people, but have to survive also. Otherwise, you’d die in no time. The moment you offer yourself to help other people elevate spiritually, that moment, maya is already on you. He never leaves you alone. So you have to learn even the art of a spy. 007, that’s nothing! You have to be 008... ah, 9! 009.” “Well, that’s the price to pay for doing what the Master is supposed to do. It’s like if you are an undercover spy or agent in an enemy country or area, you are not allowed to have too many things. You are not equipped with all the comfort, instruments, and privilege, or help that you would have in your own country. Even if you are a king there, you are mostly on your own, so to speak. The Chinese people know. Like for example, the king Qianlong. Or the king Kangxi. Many times, they disguised themselves as commoners to go around checking out local officials and citizens to try to understand their own people or to root out or to mitigate corruption in the lower level of officials, to try to find out injustice anywhere to help their subjects. And while traveling around their country, they had only a couple of assistants with them. They could not tell any local officials or reveal their identities. They got into troubles or dangers often because of that. But they couldn’t be as protected as if they were in their palace. Still, they did it because they loved their subjects and endured all hardships, all trials for them, for their sake because they wanted to try to make their lives better. That’s love.”

“I am a King without a throne. I am a fighter without enemy. I am a victim without justification. I am a soldier without weapons. I Am. I am without weapons. Friends and foes, they're all within me! I am a soldier without weapons. Friends and foes, they're all within me! Friends and foes, they're all within me! I Am.” Master’s moving poem that we just listened to encapsulates Her mission as a Most Compassionate Divine Being, who willingly relinquished so much of Her Powers in order to be in this world. Nevertheless, She courageously and relentlessly pursues peace on Earth and deliverance of stranded souls to Heaven.

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