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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 93 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“The ode says: The Woman from the West is a Celestial Fairy of the Lute. She is adorned with clothes that are shiny and vibrant, as well as those with more brilliant and beautiful colors...”


Today, we’ll continue to study the famous illustrated prophecy text “Tui Bei Tu,” by respected 7th-century Chinese astronomer-historians Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang. We’ll discover more details about the noble Savior of humankind – details that show us that She is none other than the Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai!

In our previous episode, we read hexagram #42, which described the Savior as a “Beauty” who would bring peace to the East. Let’s now continue with the second part of this interesting hexagram, which is called the ode: “The ode says: The Woman from the West is a Celestial Fairy of the Lute. She is adorned with clothes that are shiny and vibrant, as well as those with more brilliant and beautiful colors. At this time, She will hide Her identity, as a civilian living in mundane society. She will still cause a stir among authorities and officials in various ways. 

The first line about a “Woman from the West” affirms that the Savior is female. As “a Celestial Fairy of the Lute,” She brings Heavenly music to the world. We mentioned in our last episode that the prophecy’s illustration depicts the Savior holding a pipa, and that Master has played similar lute instruments before, such as the mandolin and guitar. Actually, we now know that MASTER PLAYS THE PIPA TOO, the exact instrument spoken of in the prophecy! Remarkably, even the illustration from the prophets matched exactly the style of dress that She was wearing! What clairvoyance! Indeed…

Supreme Master Ching Hai is a True Master (as well as a talented musician) who brings the uplifting Celestial Music, also known as the inner Heavenly Sound, to Her disciples. Etc… “When I’m supposed to teach you the method, I’m just in silence and you will also be in silence. But then you will hear the Word of God, the music of Heaven, and this music will wake you up from the slumber of your sleep. The God power within us, the supreme wisdom, will begin to work again in a proper way.” 

The second line says that the Savior will wear shiny, bright, and also colorful clothes. Although Master prefers to wear plain and simple clothes in Her daily life, when working for the public, Master often wears more colorful garments. Master has mentioned that She dresses in certain ways for various spiritual purposes of saving souls, such as to help listeners focus better and thus benefit from Her teachings, or to increase disciples’ faith in Her as their Guide, according to their affinity or and inner guided vision.

“A year ago, in my dream, You took me to some places. Now this time, I see Master in the same blue dress as in my dream.” “I had this beautiful dream about You, Master. I saw You wearing exactly the way You are wearing now. Black, yes. (Oh!) Oh, and You had those shoes, black shoes. So, I am so excited to see when You come in, and I saw exactly the way You are…” “Ah! Fancy I have to (…looking beautiful.) wear black so that her dream comes true!” (Thank You, Master.) (You look very beautiful.) “It’s batik (fabric) from Indonesia.” (A few years ago, my mother had a dream. You were wearing a batik and then you’re wearing high-rise shoes.) “You saw me wearing batik? So I have to do it now just to prove that she’s right. You’re happy now, mother?” (Happy, happy, very happy.) “Before initiation, when I saw the sample book, I felt I saw Master before. But I was recollecting, ‘Where I saw Her, where I saw Her?’ But didn’t remember anything. But I saw Her (before) wearing this color dress. When the next day I initiated, I saw Her in this dress! Then I was sure the one I saw before was the same Master.” Etc…

“Everything, it has to go according to (Divine) Plan. That’s all. Because some people are familiar with that type of image; in the past life, or in this life or a long time ago, or in Heaven they see that, and they recognize it, and that empowers them to remember more, and then encourages them or reminds them to go to get the key for spiritual practice, from the Master. Actually only when I go out to see people, mostly. When I’m in my cave, I have only a few pairs of simple clothes, I like simple clothes. (Yes, Master.) It’s less complicated, easy to wear, easy to wash, (Yes, Master.) and they feel more relaxed than in the official clothes. (Understand, Master.) And the hair, I just put it on top, like a tuft on top of my head, simple, easy. No need to dress up, nothing. Different Masters, They do different things, accordingly. Like Quan Yin Bodhisattva sometimes, in some photos, you saw Him as a man, but in many of the photos She wears beautiful clothes. She wears normal, beautiful clothes. Anything the Master has to do, is for the humans or for the beings, not for Her or Himself.

Gentle viewers, we’ll return after a brief message. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

Perceptive viewers, welcome back to our program. In hexagram #42 of the “Tui Bei Tu” prophecies, the third line of the ode says: “At this time, [the Savior] will hide Her identity, as a civilian living in mundane society.” In order for Her spiritual mission to go smoothly, Master usually goes about working quietly and anonymously. Blending in with the local community of whichever country She stays, She dresses and appears like an ordinary layperson, even as She does many extraordinary deeds to bless our world. This is not always easy for Her, however.

“I gave the Red Cross some money last time. I gave it from somewhere else, from Spain, not here even. But they found out my address, so today they sent me a letter, ‘Thank you,’ two months later. I didn’t know they could do that. Yesterday, I sent £5,000 for the animals. And they wanted an address and all that. I said, ‘No, I just want it anonymous and quick, OK? The main point is you help animals, not for me to get anything, no thank you letter, nothing.’ And one time in Canada... I heard that the fire department gives gifts to children, and so I brought a lot of toys and then gave it to them. A few days later, an article appeared in the newspaper: ‘We thank the mysterious lady with three truckloads of toys. We want to know where you live, but wherever you are, bless you and all that.’ I did it many times, only that time they told the newspaper. Many other things that people discover. People see the aura: Some see it one meter long, some see it four meters. Six meters, ten meters, depends on how big his (inner) eye is. So, it’s difficult, difficult. That, I cannot hide.

Supreme Master Ching Hai is “deeply grateful to the beloved GOD for all the financial help, comfort and support to the afflicted and needy and/or any good cause over the years, as a humble vessel for Hiers (neutral term for His/Hers) compassion and love toward Hiers precious children.”

Finally, what does the last line mean when it says that the Beauty “will cause a stir among authorities”? One interpretation is that She will spark an inner awakening among government leaders and officials, upending ingrained mindsets, and challenging and inspiring them to adopt comprehensive changes for a new era and a higher civilization. 

“Many people failed in peace-making or in political systems, because they do not start it from the basics. So therefore, the way of the ancient kings is: First, discipline ourselves, then take care of the household, and then rule the nation and pacify the whole world. Especially you, the people who work in the United Nations, the more enlightened you are, the better for the United Nations. And of course, the better for the United Nations, then the better for the world. I wrote a letter to the EU (European Union) Parliament president. I said, ‘In my humble opinion, it would have been much better if, at least, all the EU member nations learned one language, apart from their native language.’ There would be more peace, more harmony, and more love among mankind. Many immigrants, they’re motivated to come, whether legal or illegal. Who’s legal, who is not? Why don’t you just open borders, then everybody becomes legal. Don’t be a president. Be an extraordinary leader. Be a compassionate leader. Be a hero, be a life saver, be a historical vegan president of America and lead the world to salvation. The president has said that there is a need for a sustainable balance between man and nature, between development and the environment – I think the need will be satisfied with all the farmers changing to organic (vegan) farming method. I wish that all the governments in the world would encourage organic (vegan) farming to save our world. You see, we should subsidize life, benevolence, love and compassion, not death, not war. We have to stop the wars between human, and between humans and animals.

“We all know that meat eating is the No. 1 killer in our world. But it seems to me that mostly, some governments are trying so mightily to cover this by aiming at or diverting attention to any other subjects or activities that have very much less or zero effect. We should ask ourselves if we want to be on humane’s side, God’s side or the killer’s side??? Please answer yourselves and act on it now. Act on God’s benevolent side, or we will go down in history as murderers… Because the consequence is graver than any wars and killing up to date combined. So, for your own sake, common sense, morality, reputation and honor, please do the only right thing now to PASS THE VEGAN LAW. NO MORE KILLING OF THE INNOCENTS, ANIMALS OR MEN. DO THE VEGAN LAW, DO SIGN IT. Do practice it, do follow through. Do be vegan. THAT’S THE RIGHT THING and that’s all you have to do. Everything else will fall into place. It will be all benevolence, merciful, compassion, happiness all over our planet if you do that. With all my love, best wishes and God bless.

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