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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 108 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“There will be stars of talented officials in all directions. Everything on earth will flourish and in the same form. All beings will live in harmony, and achieve the ancient Tao.

It is said that the famous prophetic poem titled “Shaobing Ge” (The Baked Cake Ballad) written by the emperor’s advisor Liu Ji (Liu Bowen), started with an interesting incident: One day, The Hongwu Emperor of the Ming Dynasty was in his palace enjoying some shaobing, a Chinese traditional clay-oven biscuit. He had just taken a bite of a cake, when the royal court assistant came to tell him that his advisor Liu Bowen requested an audience. Just before Liu Bowen entered, the emperor covered up his biscuits with a bowl. Liu Bowen greeted the emperor, who then said: “Sir, you are a master in calculations and deductive reasonings. Can you determine what is the object underneath this upside-down bowl?” Liu Bowen made some calculations with his fingers and answered: “Half like the shape of the Sun, and half like the shape of the Moon. The golden dragon has taken a bite out of it. So, this is food.” The covering bowl was removed, and of course, Liu Bowen was right. The “dragon,” a symbolic term for the emperor, had taken a bite from a biscuit that was round like the Sun. After the bite, it appeared like a crescent Moon.

The emperor then asked Liu Bowen: “What is the future of the world?” Liu Bowen replied: “Destiny takes a hand in that. My lord will have many sons and grandsons; why bother to ask.” But the emperor insisted on knowing. So, Liu Bowen asked the emperor to pardon him in advance for what he was about to reveal, including events unfavorable to the emperor, then began telling the emperor many prophecies…

In “The Baked Cake Ballad,” there are a number of predictions related to the Great Saint. One of these passages begins as follows: “There will be stars of talented officials in all directions. Everything on earth will flourish and in the same form. All beings will live in harmony, and achieve the ancient Tao.” According to this verse, at the time when the Great Saint spreads the dharma, a team of beneficial beings will come down in many places to help the world. Perhaps some of these people are also practitioners of the Saint’s spiritual teaching, who follow the ancient moral standards by keeping a vegan diet and five moral precepts. Supported by the Master power, they help to create a positive energy that helps to offset the negative vibrations in our world.

“Supreme Master TV is one of the best channels that delivers positive news globally and spreads the loving message. …I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hard work of the people/crew involved and contributing in making Supreme Master TV a success. Regards, Janice Sin Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia” “I have been watching Supreme Master Television for about six weeks now and wish to express my sincere gratitude for all your hard work and Master’s soothing, loving and wise words. …I have a new hope in my life. I have become a vegetarian as a direct result of Master’s words and the help of Supreme Master Television. … Steve” “Congratulations to all Supreme Master Television team for your great work, above all to the hosts who are more and more beautiful, elegant and smiling. They are true morning suns that brighten our day. Thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai for that precious work. Graciously, Kayi Lomé, Togo” “Thank You Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV team. You are the light in this world. … Wu Ping From China” “…Finally, I would like to thank You [Supreme Master Ching Hai] again and thank Supreme Master TV team and all who contribute in spreading the truth, love, and blessings through Supreme Master TV. Adiba from Syria” Etc…

“Thank you, all of you, anyone who has to do with Supreme Master Television, even just to introduce, to print flyers to give to other people, to spread the good news. We are everywhere now, thanks to all of you, inside, outside and every side. God bless you. Buddha bless you. Allah bless you. All the Godses in, from, and beyond Ihôs Kư, They’re all blessing you. They’re also very impressed by your devotion and your support. Anything you do, however minimal, to help the world, I am very grateful. And all beings are grateful to you; they are blessing you also. They’re thanking you and blessing you. And if I have any blessing, I also bless you.

In addition, Supreme Master Ching Hai also once revealed that there are virtuous gods and goddesses present everywhere today, who are not Her disciples. “Hi, my name is Greta Thunberg. I am 15 years old, and I come from Sweden. And I am ‘school striking for the climate’ every Friday.” “Thank you for watching Supreme Master Television!” “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet.” “Hi, I’m Dr. Neal Barnard from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Hallo to all my friends from Supreme Master.” “I’m Pamela Anderson, and you’re watching Supreme Master Television!” “Hallo everyone, I’m Brian Joo and you’re watching Supreme Master TV.” “I am Chris Tucker and you are watching Supreme Master Television.” “Supreme Master [TV], you guys are doing an amazing job. Let’s keep that energy up always. And Be Vegan, Make Peace.” “Do you love your family? Love animals. They’re our family. Thank you.” “Hi, I’m Maggie Q. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet.” “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet.” “Mabuhay! Long life, good health!” “This is Jim Cameron, and you are watching Supreme Master Television.” “Hallo, this is Jeff Goldblum and you’re watching Supreme Master Television.” “Supreme Master Television, you do an amazing job. You are changing hearts and minds around the world, you are saving animals, you’re educating people. Supreme Master Television rocks! Love you!” Etc…

“I want to thank you and I want to thank your entire organization. We cannot continue to take the lives of innocent animals. We cannot continue to destroy our planet and think we will be removed from that destruction. We’re all here together.” “She [Supreme Master Ching Hai] is serving all human beings; She is serving the planet to save it, to rescue it. She has a noble heart, but also great leadership. I know that the things that have to occur will happen.” “I admire Supreme Master Ching Hai very much. She is a very special and rare individual who deserves to be respected. She has abundant love, broad vision, good philosophy and teachings. She also has the daring spirit to run a television station and She knows the problems of the world. I hereby remind everyone to follow Her advice: World Vegan, World Peace.” “I would like to salute Supreme Master Ching Hai for the remarkable efforts that She has mobilized across the planet to create a sustainable future for the human race and all beings who live on this planet.” “I am also delighted that I am able to deliver a message of greeting from the European Parliament to Supreme Master Ching Hai, whose work is well understood around the world. And in particular at a time of concern about climate change, this message is being propagated and encouraged by Supreme Master TV which is an important mechanism of communication around the world.” “And so we just send our prayers and our love and pray so strongly that Your work to bring about and to support − as we all are working together – to the understanding that we’re one human family.” “Indeed, Supreme Master Ching Hai is an extraordinary lady who gives and gives with compassion and grace.” “Supreme Master Ching Hai, She is an amazing woman. I was able to watch some of Her speeches, and just Her essence, She brings such joy to the world.” “A saintly lady. Someone who has been gifted with things that we haven’t been gifted with.” “The number one thing that hit me more than anything is Her willingness to give. I look at the things that She has accomplished and the things that She’s willing to put Her time and money and efforts in…” “She’s like a heroine, a loving spirit that cares about humanity, the universe, nature, animals.” “God blessed Her deeply that She could reach so many people throughout the world.” “Anybody that makes this cause of humanity and unselfishness, has to be respected and cherished.” “She is now our fellow-female role-model and we are really touched deeply by Her generous heart giving everything.” “It’s a wonderful blessing to have Supreme Master’s benevolence for animals. Thank You so much on behalf of everybody at PETA who works hard with the same message: Compassion, compassion, compassion.” “We are going to respect them (animals) and recognize that they are other beings with whom we share this planet and other beings who have rights on this planet, a right to live a decent life.” “I’m very grateful for all that Supreme Master has done, because in so many ways, reaching people through education, and sometimes through what’s on their plate, directly giving them a taste of how this world really can be so much better than it is today, and giving people knowledge and hope, I think that’s a wonderful gift, and I’m very grateful for that.” “I believe that what Supreme Master Ching Hai is doing and the Association here is the most important and powerful work that I can imagine happening.” “…This movement will continue, and the work of Supreme Master will continue and grow and we’ll have a better world because of it.” “I am so happy to be on Supreme Master TV. It's such a good thing You're doing. I want to share this message, which reverberates throughout all your work: Be Vegan. Live this way. Save the world, and save yourself. Amen.” Etc…

“I have saints all over the planet. Now everybody who goes out is a saint, I assure you. Yes. There are quiet hu-fa (guards) everywhere and saint persons everywhere, it’s just they don’t know it, because their destiny is like that. Their destiny is not to find the Master, but to do something good outside somewhere and then the Master can use excuse to help them. Etc…

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