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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 188 - The Roerichs (vegetarians) on the Epoch of Maitreya

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“The dying out of generations of human and animal life, as well as the depletion of nature’s generative forces, indicates the end of the Kali Yuga. … There are times when even you ascribe all this to chance, while in fact it is evidence of the stern law that humanity has called into action.”

Today, we will begin to explore a set of prophecies about our present and future eras that have been transmitted by the fascinating, renowned Russian couple, Helena and Nicholas Roerich.

Born in 1879 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Helena Ivanova Roerich was a gifted pianist with a keen interest in philosophies from India and foreign languages. She authored many spiritual books on subjects such as Buddhism, and a Russian translation of “The Secret Doctrine” written by Madame Helena Blavatsky. As a young woman, Helena Roerich met a kindred spirit and her future husband in the brilliant painter Nicholas Roerich, who was also born in Saint Petersburg, in 1874. Through his wife Helena, Nicholas Roerich became interested in Eastern religions and Theosophy. Together, they embarked on many journeys to Central Asia, exploring the less known parts of India, the Himalayas, Tibet, Mongolia, and other regions.

It was in Darjeeling, India, that the Roerichs, both vegetarians, met their spiritual Master, the venerated Master Morya, who had also guided Madame Blavatsky in founding the Theosophical Society. Master Morya is also known as a Master of the Great White Brotherhood, one of the Ascended Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. Through direct inner communication, the Roerichs recorded the Divine teachings of Master Morya, resulting in a rich trove of spiritual and prophetic books published between 1923 and 1941.

Based on these higher teachings, Nicholas and Helena Roerich founded the Agni Yoga Society in 1920 in New York, USA. Literally meaning “Mergence with Divine Fire,” Agni Yoga represented the synthesis of Eastern and Western doctrines of all ages. The purpose of Agni Yoga was to prepare humanity for the coming Epoch of Maitreya, that is, the Golden Age. As we know, Maitreya is the prophesied Messiah in Buddhism, as well as the predicted Savior of all nations who would come to Earth at the end of the Kali Yuga, or Dark Age, to usher in the Golden Age. According to the Agni Yoga teachings received by the Roerichs, we are already at the end of the Kali Yuga.

“While I have already spoken about the end of the Kali Yuga, some people are thinking about the centuries that appear to remain. They are not allowing for the possibility of acceleration, although simple chemical experiments demonstrate that reagents can speed processes up.”

“When slavery, the shame of the World, is manifested, then one must expect a change of epoch. Can one expect the advent of Maitreya to be possible only in four hundred thousand years? Many times has confusion been caused by mere words. It is impossible to imagine the Earth submerged in darkness for another thousand of years. Just picture the progression of evil!”

At the time of this writing, a global flu epidemic and world war had just occurred, with another on the horizon. Slavery of humans was still in existence, and animal-people were being subjected to torture and death, in increasing numbers. Many of these situations have remained, or worsened, since that time.

The Agni Yoga texts speak of turbulent events that signify the acceleration of the Kali Yuga. These include even climate change, which surprisingly was not identified by scientists until decades later.

“Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, fogs, shoaling, changes of climate, sicknesses, poverty, wars, revolts, heresy, treason—what other signs does humanity expect of the threatening time? Prophets are not needed, the most insignificant scribe may testify that never as yet have so many dreadful forerunners of Earth’s disintegration been gathered.”

“Media Report by Channel 4 News – Oct. 5, 2021: Oh, my God!”

“Media Report by Arirang News – Oct. 12, 2020, Anchor (f): Natural disasters surged dramatically over the past 20 years, mainly due to climate change.”

“Media Report DW News – Jun. 3, 2020, Reporter (f): Scientists say the number of new infectious diseases in humans like SARS, MERS and COVID-19 has risen dramatically over the last decades. The number of outbreaks of all diseases has roughly tripled since 1980.”

“Media Report by The Economist – Oct. 1, 2019, Narration (f): In America, almost 40 million people are living in poverty.”

“Media Report BBC News – Jan. 29, 2022, Anchor (m): The cost of living in UK is rising…

Woman (f): We either have to eat and be cold, or be warm and starve.”

“Taylor Marshall Show Podcast – Sept. 28, 2021, Dr. Taylor Marshall (m): It’s almost like Francis does exactly the opposite of what you would expect the Vicar of Christ to do.”

“New York City United States – Sept. 24, 2015, Speech by Pope Francis Voiceover (m): We are followers of Jesus Christ. And His life, humanly speaking, ended in failure.”

“Media Report by Fox Business – Feb. 1, 2022, Stuart Varney(m): Despite failed policies and incompetence, the original Biden team is still very much in place.”

“Fox Business interview – Aug. 28, 2021, Congressman, Retired Air Force Captain(m): Depending on the Taliban for our security… And then giving them a list of our people…

Virginia Foxx(f): The fall of Afghanistan, our open borders, skyrocketing inflation, reckless spending, record levels of unemployment, growing national security threats…”

“Media Report by hannel 4 News – Mar. 24, 2022, Reporter (m): Ukraine is under attack by land, sea, and air.”

“Media Report by Fox News – March 23, 2022, Anchor (f): Spokesperson for Vladimir Putin refusing to rule out the use of nuclear weapons...”


These end times are also identified by conditions that cause loss of both human and animal-people lives. The Agni Yoga highlights the role of humans in creating this very unfortunate plight.

“The dying out of generations of human and animal life, as well as the depletion of nature’s generative forces, indicates the end of the Kali Yuga. … There are times when even you ascribe all this to chance, while in fact it is evidence of the stern law that humanity has called into action.”

Throughout Her lectures, Supreme Master Ching Hai has also cautioned us:

“If you kill lives, you cannot expect life in return. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ The law of karma is not to be messed up with. (Yes, Master.)

“Our Earth is in danger of destruction before completing its ordained evolution. The crimes of people and their numbness of spirit have created such emanations around our planet that the salutary rays are unable to reach it. Our planet may end its existence with a gigantic explosion.”

“(Master, in a previous conference, Master mentioned that She could cast a new protective ring around the world to help during this difficult time on Earth. How does this protective ring work?) It works like protecting the planet, so it doesn’t explode. (Wow. My god.) That’s the second time. The first time I cast, it’s for peace. This second time, it’s for physical protection of the planet, and that the people, whoever still can live here, are safe. (Thank You, Master.)”

The Agni Yoga texts reveal that Great Spirits, known as the Lords of Light, are working tirelessly to shield the planet. We believe that at this time, Supreme Master Ching Hai is leading the Lords of Light, and that Master with Her helpers have been averting many different kinds of imminent catastrophes – including an outright planetary explosion.

“(While meditating on May 26, 2021, Master’s transformation body took me to strengthen the glaciers around the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau, because the glaciers in this area have melted a lot and even caused disasters. I saw Master wave Her right hand and grab some extremely cold air from the sky, then pull the condensed cold energy from the sky with both Her hands to cover the high mountains on the roof of the world. I also followed Master and more or less helped to grab some cold air. In a moment, the mountains were covered with frozen ice and snow; there were more ice layers that became more solid, preventing the snow from melting severely. If it wasn’t for Master’s invisible, uninterrupted hard work, the warming and melting of snow would have been much more serious.

Then Master took me to the bottom of an active volcano which was about to erupt and cause a severe catastrophe. This well-known volcano is located at the capital of an East Asian country. If it erupts, the impact will be extremely serious! Master walked ahead through the rocks and entered into the magma reservoir; I followed. Both Master and I were then soaked in the hot magma liquid. Master sprinkled a blue ‘mystical ice’ coolant from Heaven to cool down the magma chamber that was about to explode. The temperature of this Heavenly ‘mystical ice’ was minus 1,000 degrees Celsius. As a result, the boiling magma instantly cooled down, became coagulated and no longer boiling hot. The flaming red lava column that was about to erupt immediately shrank into the volcanic channel and became safe and not erupting.)”

“(Master once said in a lecture that the Earth may disappear at any time. This is true! On July 24, 2021, just when the global prayer began, I immediately saw in an inner vision that the Earth was about to explode into pieces! The end of the world has come. I was very panicked, I didn’t know how the Earth was going to blow up or what I could do. Just at this most critical moment, I saw Master’s manifestation body hurriedly directing a very thick golden energy from the high Realm, and the Earth was thickly coated with this energy like syrup or maltose; the whole Earth was wrapped in this very soft golden-colored mellow energy and the explosion of the Earth was breathtakingly stopped. After this, Master was very tired, struggled with great pain, and fell to the ground! Master had to sacrifice Herself, bearing the immense karma of humans killing animal-people and eating meat, to protect the Earth from explosion.

At this time, in my inner realm, I saw Sister Xuechen rush over, weeping bitterly for Master’s sacrifice, trying to help Master up and voluntarily sharing some of the karma, but the sister also collapsed to the ground in pain. Both Master and the sister were nearly dying.

Later, I saw that on the surface of the Earth, many animal-people were jumping and rushing resentfully, trying to break through the protective film that Master had made by sacrificing Herself. From the shapes protruding and then being pressed back, I saw there were pig-, giraffe-, polar bear-, fox-, and chicken-people, etc. Humans have been so cruel to the animal-people that the animal-people wanted to revenge and make the Earth explode! But it didn’t work. I quickly tried hard to communicate with the animal-people, hoping to calm their anger. The animal-people were very sad, crying out about their desperate situation of being oppressed and killed by humans! They felt helpless; instead of being tortured and killed continuously by humans with no way out, they had no choice but to let the Earth explode so that they would no longer be abused by humans.

When animal-people face endless persecution, the desperate hearts are exactly the same as those of humans. It is very heartbreaking! I persuaded the animal-people one by one sadly and with compassion, and told them the great Grace that Master promised: If they give up revenge, Master would take them to Heaven. After being liberated, they would never again have to be killed by humans. After persuading them for a long time, the animal-people finally calmed down and the Earth crisis was temporarily passed.

Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai is the True Savior of the Earth. She has saved the Earth from danger and delayed the destruction of the Earth countless times, hoping to buy time for humankind to wake up.)”

“I’m just trying while I’m here, keeping the planet for everybody. If I can. (Thank You, Master.) But the karma is piled up so big, big, like all the mountains put together, cannot be as high. All the sky cannot even contain. Bad karma over centuries, over millions of years, hundreds of thousands of years. And every time it’s been cleansed, so we had war, we have big flu, big pandemic, big epidemic and all that, but now this is a big one. Big time.

IN FACT, OUR PLANET COULD BE GONE ANY MINUTE. ALWAYS, EVERY DAY, IF YOU HAVE TIME, YOU MEDITATE. (Yes, Master.) I’m trying my best. But I can’t promise anything. (Thank You, Master.)”

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