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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 99 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“The ode says: The One to bring peace to the world is neither a king nor an emperor, but the First Person from the farmlands…”

Today, we turn to the 47th of the 60 total prophetic passages in the famous Chinese prophecy book “Tui Bei Tu,” to further confirm who the Savior of our time really is!

“The ode says: The One to bring peace to the world is neither a king nor an emperor, but the First Person from the farmlands…” The prophecy says that the great world-pacifying Savior is not a worldly ruler from palaces, but “the First Person from farmlands.” As seen in our previous episode, “First Person” or “One Person” is a code name for the Savior, possibly because when the characters for “One” (一) and “Person” (人) are combined, the character for “Great” (大) is formed. Fitting this prophecy, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Hsihu Ashram is a farmland of the idyllic Miaoli County of Taiwan (Formosa)! And of course, She is the leading figure (First Person) there.

Similarly, the next hexagram #48, which reiterates that there will be world peace, even says the following: “A General born in the 1950s (the Savior) will appear from the green grassy farmlands.” Supreme Master Ching Hai, who was born in the 1950s, is like a General in that She is a powerful leader (waging peace, not war!), and She always returns to Her ashram in the Miaoli farmlands. What’s fascinating is that the words in this prophecy for “grassy farmlands” (草田) can be combined to form the word Miao (苗), and Miaoli County is where Master’s Hsihu Ashram is located! And the ashram was truly a piece of green bushy and grassy land. It still is, only with more green trees and lush shades. Moreover, the Chinese character for “farmland” (田) could also refer to a place within one’s heart for spiritual cultivation. This character also contains a cross (十) in the middle. The cross is an ancient symbol of spiritual practice of the Truth, found across the world including in Buddhist and Christian symbology. Thus, the prophecy is saying that the Savior is a True spiritual practitioner.

“…The First Person will study and master all ancient literature. Once She starts to speak on righteousness, Her wisdom and brilliance will be known immediately.” Supreme Master Ching Hai has studied and mastered various religions and philosophies since precociously reading the books in Her father’s library at a very young age. “I was interested in ethics as a child, and I’ve read books by Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu, the Buddhist scriptures, and books on morality. Even books from China like Investiture of the Gods, Spring and Autumn Annals, Records of the Three Kingdoms, Chronicles of the Eastern Zhou Kingdoms, Chamber of Ten Thousand Flowers, and stories about the heroic Cheng Yaojin. These stories give us lessons in upholding the moral spirit.”  Once Supreme Master Ching Hai started to give lectures in public, people from various religious, social, and cultural backgrounds immediately recognized that She is an enlightened Master, and came to receive initiation from Her from all over the world. Etc…

In the prophetic hexagram #51 of the book “Tui Bei Tu,” we see a picture of a distinguished Lady and a man dressed as an emperor, standing together. Looking closely, we notice that the Lady is standing slightly behind the emperor. In Chinese tradition, this means that she is older than the emperor, preceding him in age. That again could mean that She advises and supports the leaders and governments of the world. Etc…

“I’m thanking especially the leaders and important ministers, and other high positions in the governments of this world, who try their best to govern the nations with all they have got. I’m helping, by this and invisible ways. I’m supporting you mentally and spiritually. You are put in these high positions to take care of everyone on this planet, to make it right, to be a good steward on Earth. So please don’t waste your time and God’s blessing anymore. Do it now, change it now, not thinking any longer before things get more out of control. Make THE VEGAN LAW to save our world.” “I trust that Your Holinesses and Your Reverends, all Your Reverends to lead this great change. To promote the vegan lifestyle, which encompasses love, compassion and respect for all beings and obeys God’s commandments. Please promote it to all Your clergy, monks, nuns and all the faithful. The power of Your entrusted position will lend a significant, effective encouragement for world citizens to follow Your lead.” Etc…

“The prophecy says: Yin and yang are united in harmony. The world is educated and elevated in the right way. People are moved and changed by the feminine virtue of gentleness, peace, and faith. Emperors like Yao and Shun will then appear. This wonderful prophecy begins by saying that yin and yang, or the world’s dual forces of the positive and the negative, will unite and be in harmonious balance with each other. The balance of yin and yang is achieved by following the right way of enlightenment. This is precisely what the second line of the hexagram says will happen in our world. But how will this spiritual elevation take place? As stated in the prophecy and depicted by the Lady in the illustration, it is the Savior’s feminine qualities of gentleness and peace, as well as Her pure faith in the Tao, that will move and change the multitude. “Only love can convert people, only love can touch people’s hearts, unconditional love.” “This is the law of yin and yang. The soft that wins always. You see the water, so soft and no form, nothing, but it even moves mountains and destroys rocks.”

We know that this hexagram refers to Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Saintly qualities, which have the power to change people from within. This is why with just a few words, a loving glance, or Her Divine energy that radiates through Supreme Master Television, etc., Master has melted and changed countless humans’ hearts – a feat more difficult than moving mountains!

Supreme Master, You reach out so many people and You do such a wonderful job. If You could reach me, You could reach almost anybody, because I'm not that easy to reach. So, I appreciate it and thank You very much for all You do. You're wonderful.” “I really didn’t know much about Supreme Master Ching Hai, and it was unbelievable. When I was listening to Her, it brought tears to my eyes because She was so heartfelt and emotional. I think people around the world will listen to Her story and feel the love, because that’s what She’s all about.” “This is a person who has touched so many thousands of millions of people around the world. She gives the essence of what all great religions are about, which are really about love and peace and not war. When Supreme Master Ching Hai was on (the big screen), I have Parkinson’s disease, and I was so taken by Her beauty, and so taken by Her words, that my wife and our girlfriend Nellie said, ‘Al’s hand is not shaking.’ She touched my heart so deeply, and She got me so relaxed, and so in love with Her.” “I started watching Supreme Master TV together with my family. Having watched the shows, I realize that whatever I’ve done now, meaning, keeping the pig farm, will create some form of bad karma which will in turn become some form of invisible forces that will punish me in the future. So I’ve decided to do something good for my son, my wife and myself. I have already been a vegetarian for four months. Almost four months. Actually, a vegan! (Wow.) I’d like to thank Master Ching Hai for Your teaching.” “My son is 12 now and has autism. For 11 years, he had the most incredible meltdowns which could go on for hours. School was horrendous for both him and I. And then the magic that is Supreme Master TV came along!! At the beginning of the year, I started playing Supreme Master TV in his room 24/7 and gave him a double dose next to his head while he slept. Since then, he has been the angel I always knew he was. Not one meltdown and not even slightly angry!! He has gone from all 1’s for his behavior to all 5’s (top score) and from all 1’s for his schoolwork to 8, 9, and even 10’s (top score) in one year. We are so immensely grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai and all the Supreme Master TV team for creating this magic and the immense blessings that come from this station.

“That day, I took my family, my two children and mother to go roller skating at the health park. Then the kidnapper was waiting for me there. He held a gun and pointed it at my shoulder. I thought, ‘Oh my God, what is happening?’ I took a deep breath and called out to Master. Right away, I turned on Master’s Buddhist chanting. Then I asked the kidnapper, ‘Where do you want to go?’ He said, ‘Straight ahead.’ He seemed a bit dumbfounded. I kept going forward, then he told me to park after some 30 meters ahead. There was an accomplice there, a young man who got in the car. I said, ‘You need to put on your seatbelt.’ They were surprised. I drove on, then he asked me, ‘You are brave, who are your associates? It’d be quicker if we get this out in the open.’ I said, ‘I am a spiritual practitioner, not a gangster. You’ve got it wrong. I am a disciple of Supreme Master Ching Hai, I am a vegan, I practice meditation and keep the five precepts. Our Association visits prisons to give public lectures. Have you heard of us?’ Every time I talk about Master, my tone would change and I become happy. The vibrations of Master’s Buddhist chanting filled the entire car. Then I started to meditate. When I opened my eyes, I wasn’t sure where we’d been and how we came back. He stopped the car and said, ‘Give me your phone. You should thank your Master, and go home to practice more!’ Then I got out of the dangerous situation, and nervously went to collect my family, and then went home. But during that time, I wasn’t scared. The entire space was filled with Master’s loving blessing, enveloping me. When Master’s great vibrational energy was circulating in the car, it warmed their hearts. So they only took my cell phone and left, and also thanked Master.” Etc…

The prophecy says that as a result of the Savior’s graceful influence, virtuous leaders will then appear, reminiscent of Emperors Yao and Shun. According to Chinese mythology, Emperors Yao and Shun were two of the legendary ancient sage-kings under whose reigns golden ages of peace prevailed. Thus, the illustration shows that the venerated Beauty Savior with feminine qualities will pave the way for benevolent leaders and prosperous times to come. Once talking about the present European Union, Master mentioned that, “…Most of the leaders in European countries are good and genuine. I am happy to see a more united and gentle Europe…” For its noble deeds, Master has also honored the European Union multiple times, with the Shining World Leadership Award for Peace, Shining World Leadership for True Caring Award, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Unconditional World Care. Today, we see more and more leaders and governments taking actions to bring peace and prosperity to their own lands, fellow countries, and the world. Etc…

“I am very grateful to courageous leaders in the world for stepping out of their boundary and to speak out for the sake of everyone. Even if the public does not appreciate their goodwill, Heaven will take note. And they will have a great reward hereafter. Being a leader, we must know what is good for our subjects and what is not. And what is good, we have to encourage them to do, facilitate them to do. And what is bad, we have to stop, to protect them. That is the true meaning of a leader. To such wise and courageous ones, we offer full support and respect. We pray that Heaven give them more strength, more wisdom to carry out their noble duty.

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