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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 96 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“Though without power or status, She achieves success in everything She does.”We are doing something to change this world. And it is changing! There is no stop. There is no one who can stop the world and humanity to change for the better now. None. Nobody.

Previously, in Part 95 of our multi-part series, we began exploring the 44th hexagram of the Chinese prophecy book “Tui Bei Tu,” which foretold that the World Savior will be successful in everything She endeavors, even without holding a formal political or social position in society. “Though without power or status, She achieves success in everything She does.We started seeing in our last episode memorable examples of how Supreme Master Ching Hai, since a young age, has been greatly accomplished in different fields, all to help our world. Today, we will continue recalling even more ways that our Most Dedicated Master has succeeded in fulfilling Her unwavering noble ideals.

Influencing humans to change their way of life and thinking is a very difficult task. Yet countless people, having listened to Master’s lectures even just once, transformed their lives by practicing spiritually or at least becoming moral vegans.

Being a vegetarian (vegan) is just a way of life. Because we have to rediscover our own compassion for all beings, which is already there and we have forgotten.” (I used to be a meat and potatoes man. I felt terrible until I watched the tape from Master Ching Hai, and She was talking about the initiation and “don’t eat meat, it will be better for you.” After I was initiated, all my problems went away. All the (vegan) food tastes better than ever before and feels better too. Thank You, Master Ching Hai.) “Veganism is the best solution. And that is really ‘love in action.’ Not only love for the animals but truly love for our planet and our children, the future generation.” (The main thing that I leave with, and I liked, was about being a vegetarian. From now on I will be a vegetarian.) “All that disease that we don’t want to have, all the shortened lives that we don’t want to have, all the sufferings for our family’s members and children that we don’t want to have, we can avoid that. I guarantee if you switch to vegan diet, God is my witness. (I was in love with Master. She’s such a powerful lady, such a spiritual lady and I know She has the power to teach us. After this night, I think I will do a very serious try to change my diet.) (I wanted to be able to express to Supreme Master Ching Hai my gratitude, my deep warmth for Her devotion to what She does, with Her global reach and Her massive audience… I marvel at Her devotion and Her spirit.) Etc…

Furthermore, Master is the successful founder and guiding light of the global network Supreme Master Television, which still continues to expand its broadcast presence. And as a charismatic pioneer of the world vegan movement, She inspired the first worldwide vegan restaurant family, Loving Hut, which is also an international food producer/distributor, and the likewise prospering Loving Food company. Master’s enterprising, inventive spirit knows no bounds – as evidenced in Her fashion and jewelry lines, plus other, unique and practical designs of tents, meditation chairs, multi-functional dog houses, etc. Etc…

In Her own spiritual journey, Supreme Master Ching Hai has gone from strength to strength, ascending to higher Realms as no Master has ever done before.

“I’m One Thousandth-plus Level now.” “At the 18th of December (2012), my level above the Fifth Level is 8,131,134,133,233rd Level. (Wow!)” “Why do you want to know my level all the time? (Master, it’s because You are the first spiritual Master to reach such a high level.) Oh, you’ll be surprised where I am now.” “I’m now in the Original Universe. I left the journey in the Extreme Cosmic Sphere already behind.” “Dear Loved Ones, Since November 20th 2016 at around 8 AM South East Asia Time, SMCH has entered a new realm called DiZ (DEEZ) as IZy (aizee) the mightiest in this spiritual domain. (That means has the Right to take out DiZ-power for Distribution throughout the worthy universes.) DiZ is beyond Ihôs Kư and the glory which even Pusu cannot describe! DiZ power is ~1million.4X mightier than Ihôs Kư, but only 15.2% can be brought down daily for peace and upliftment for all beings thanks to DiZ-Divinenity-Godses’ help. More of this cannot be absorbed and tolerated by physical & other bodies within the shadow universe at present. …” “I’ve ascended to an extremely high level now, surpassing the Original Universe. The powers in the new realms are so encompassing that in a spell they can save lots of people, meaning the souls of people.” “You see, for example, how many new Realms I passed every day? (Wow!) And this was not when it was the max yet.” “I have not completed my retreat yet and I have succeeded in going to many different dimensions, I mean quicker than before. And you have no idea how quick it is. Because before, a few weeks ago, I told you I ascend everyday about 22 or something new Realms. So, you have no idea that after that, I ascended many hundreds of new Realms per day. And then many thousands! And now, whoa! More than many thousands. I’m very happy. Maybe my body doesn’t feel that strong, but spiritually, I feel very strong. I feel mighty.”

For the first time in our planet’s history, Master defeated the old controlling system which had imprisoned souls forever on Earth, and triumphed over maya while also banishing the negative force and the force of karma from our realm.

“The negative power put a lot of instruments all over the planet, and not even an ant can get out, not even a mosquito can escape, not even a speck of dust can fly out. So one day I was crying for all humans and animals. I was so frustrated, so sorrowful in my heart. I called all the Godses that I knew. I said, ‘Go, whoever can, destroy them all, and send the baddies back to their own country.’ And the next day They told me, ‘It’s done. So, of course it will be good for you. The ones that are already trapped on this planet or lower planets will continue to be reincarnated, but they can be free if they want to. You see, if they remember their power, then they can free themselves to go to a higher level. If they don’t, and they would like to, then they will meet the Master who will lead them up. But at least they have a choice now. That is the thing. They’re free to choose. Before, they could not. As long as you got out of this body, they took your soul and put in another body, and erased all your memories.” “Ah! By the way, you know what? Maya is gone! And another thing, the negative force is also gone. And the force of karma is? (Gone.) Gone! Bye-bye! These three things I took care. You will see the change, bigger changes, better changes, and you will feel more light in yourself, easier to meditate, calmer. And everything will be better.”

Also, the powers Master has assimilated through Her intensive meditation have been bringing unprecedented peace, protection, and upliftment to our world. Therefore, we have observed that many catastrophes have been minimized or averted, and what seemed impossible just yesterday – such as changing a meat-eating world into World Vegan – is now becoming a more possibility.

40% of North Americans forego animal protein daily and purchase vegan milk. The US has 9.7 million vegans, up from 290,000 15 years ago. Over 50% of UK citizens are reducing their animal consumption. Veg food sales increase by 24% in France in 2018. Products labeled plant-based increased 62% worldwide from 2013 to 2017. 8 of 10 of the largest US meat producers have launched or invest in vegan products. Asia, with 60% of the world’s people, is the fastest growing market for vegan meat. 2019 is the “YEAR OF THE VEGAN.” “[Being a vegan] is now regarded as mainstream.” By 2040, 60% of global meat will come from plant and cell-based sources. Etc… “Today, we celebrate the UN (United Nations) and world governments’ approval, signed, sealed for a plan to reduce meat consumption, and we pray that soon, soon, soon, soon, soon, no more meat altogether. Yay! Will be! Will be! It will be! Will be. Will be. Will be. Will be. VEGAN WORLD WILL BE! Vegan world will be.”

“We thank the Most High for enabling us or allowing us to do whatever we are doing on this planet, and help all other beings who may be not able to help themselves for some reason. We are very willing to do anything we can, and I know you are doing all that. We are doing something to change this world. And it is changing! There is no stop. There is no one who can stop the world and humanity to change for the better now. None. Nobody. 

These are just a few of the examples of how Master has succeeded in every of Her selfless endeavors, as the prophets foretold. But how is it that Master can be so successful? Perhaps it is Her incredibly vast store of spiritual merits. Perhaps added to this is Her unparalleled Love that had even moved the whole Cosmos to unite. Master also teaches us that when we are spiritually connected, noble and virtuous, all Heavens will help us fulfill our dreams.

“Today, I’m thanking all the protecting Godses and Heavens and whoever. I say, I don’t care about my life. I can lay it down anytime, honestly. Everyone, all Heavens and Earth know that. That’s why They’re helping me, (Thank God.) because They know my love for humans and other beings. Every time I ask, ‘Will we ever have peace?’ They say, ‘Your love will win.’ And sometimes They say, ‘Your love and Our love, You, I, Yours, Love.’ Means our group, our disciples (Oh! Wow!) who are like-minded, will win.

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