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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 110 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“Peoples from eight directions come to offer tribute [to the Sage King]. Women in the palace diligently work with needles and look up at the night moon. Signs in Heaven and on Earth indicate the reappearance of Gold.


Let’s now look together at another excerpt from “The Baked Cake Ballad,” written by the illustrious Chinese prophet Liu Bowen that reveals truths about the Savior of the world who would appear centuries after his time.

“Destiny has it that a General will emerge in the south. And the Saint will resolve and end the source of chaos. This verse reveals that the Saint will appear in the south, relative to China. In this lifetime, Supreme Master Ching Hai appeared in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam. She also began Her Mission as a Master in Taiwan, also known as Formosa. Both Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and Taiwan (Formosa) are in the southern region. 

And the Saint, says the prophet, will resolve and end the source of chaos. Supreme Master Ching Hai has been dedicating Her efforts, time, finance, personal well-being, spiritual merit, and much more, to minimizing our world’s disasters, while repeatedly reminding humanity on how they can address the root source of the problem. “We all have one enemy, that is the evil, and that has driven us to eat meat and to sin. Therefore, we have this consequence. So, we have to unite together, recognize all that and stop that. Stop from the root, not watering water from the leaves, but water the tree from the root. The root cause is the wicked way, the devil’s way, evil way that we treat other beings, innocent, helpless, harmless and helpful beings! (Yes.) Intelligent beings, benevolent beings, wise beings, our helpers, our teachers, our friends, our benefactors, the animals. That’s the root of all these problems in the world, of all ills, war.” “Demand for vegan products in our supermarkets has soared.” “It is currently the fastest growing diet on the planet.” “We took a virtual look at the rise of veganism across the globe, and how concerns about the environment could be a factor.” “President Vladimir Putin offered Russian help in a phone call with President Trump on Monday.” “Morocco had begun shipment of 8 million masks and other medical supplies to help 15 African countries.” “American firefighters arriving to help in Australia, and the Australians are grateful.” Etc…

In addition, Master has also “resolved and ended the source of chaos” by getting rid of maya and his subordinates from our Earth – a huge and unprecedented act that is transforming our world and clearing the path to consolidate the higher rise of an established Golden Age. “By the way, you know what? Maya is gone! Forgot to tell you. I like that very much. Wow, a lot of work, but I really cannot bear that guy anymore. I know everything is illusion, for me; but for all the beings, they are not illusion. They are in true suffering, pain, sorrow, anguish, untold misery. And he always interfered with my job, also. He wanted to slow me down, he used the dogs, he used humans, he used all kinds of things just to stop me. And one time, the last one, I asked him, ‘What did you do that for? This time, why you did that?’ And he said, ‘To kill You.’ Kill me not like immediately but wear me out. By this and that problem. And another thing, the negative force is also gone. Bye-bye! Maybe the future generation will be better than our generation. Much lighter. Easy to understand the Truth, easy to believe the Truth, easy to practice the Truth. One more thing, not yet. And the force of karma is? (Gone.) Gone! Bye-bye! These three things I took care. But I forgot, there is another problem. From now on, whatever you do, whatever anybody does, whatever any being does on this planet, is their own responsibility. There is no excuse anymore. That is the problem. That’s one problem. Before, it’s the maya who’s driven and making trouble and tempting you and deluding you and all kinds of things, so if you make something wrong, there is some excuse to forgive. Now, no. So, there is good and bad, but I like it. I don’t like these guys. But still, not like completely clean. It’s the beginning of a Heavely kind of energy.” “The zealous demons, they’re gone. (Wow!) Because of them, humans became cruel. That’s why I am anguished with the humans, but I’m angry with the zealous demons. So, I ordered all the Godses to hunt down all of the zealous demons, or harmful. Here I only say, ‘Zealous demons; locked them in hell forever. (Wow.) (Thank You, Master.) I just hope that after the zealous ghosts and demons and spirits left, humans will wake up, but it’s not that easy. (Yes, Master.) Just like a drunken person, even though alcohol’s already taken away from him, but he was drinking a lot before already. (Yes, Master.) And he’s still drunk. (Yes, right.) Takes some time to recover, if he does recover.”

“Peoples from eight directions come to offer tribute [to the Sage King].” Liu Bowen predicted that after the Saint comes to the world to disseminate the true teachings, many people from the “eight directions,” meaning from all continents, come to offer respect to Her and/or follow Her spiritual teachings. Supreme Master Ching Hai’s disciples come from all corners of the globe to be in Her rare, precious presence during international meditation gatherings. Also, government leaders and officials, as well as celebrities from as far as the United States, have respectfully come to visit Her (or Her ashram in Her absence). Royal families and world leaders have invited Her to their official residences. And over the years, esteemed international artists have paid tribute to Her by composing and/or performing music inspired by Her poetry. Etc…

“I just found myself feeling privileged to be able to work with Her through these poems. I didn’t get to collaborate with Her, but I felt like it was a true collaboration. You know Supreme Master, was there. And that was, as I said, an honor. And I could see Her from where we were, and it seemed like She was enjoying it.” “And today, it is my honor to be invited into Supreme Master Ching Hai’s world of poetry. To me, Her poetry not only dispels preconceived ideas but it’s also in itself a spiritual journey, a journey of a human life on the river of inward contemplation. In fact, in a gathering like tonight, in this concert, without the need to lecture, She has already journeyed with us back to our childhood, to the mythical realm, just like the verses in Her poems. On behalf of all the artists here, thank You, Great Master, thank you, the organizers and everyone.” “We do have someone else to thank, and we'd like to do it like musicians do, through music. And it is actually for the person who has inspired the evening. The inspiration, someone had to think of it for us to do it. Someone had to have those thoughts. And we simply would like to say, ‘Thank You!’ A piece of music that You have written, words and music, that we would like to perform for You. ‘I will forever love you Through all the worlds, Through all the lovers, Through all the beauties, That you so adore. Through all the beauties, That you so adore. I will forever love you Through all the worlds, Through all the lovers, Through all the beauties, That you so adore. Through all the beauties, That you so adore. That you adore.” “The Supreme Master has written poetry that really touches my heart. I said, ‘She reaches people internationally, why don’t we do something that’s international?’ And so this musical is international. Myself and other writers composed music to Her poetry. All these composers who are the best in the world…” “You can move heaven and earth. You can change demons into Angels of Love.” “I’d be a real fool Wanting to be a Buddha, A perfect Master, A Guru! A Maharaj!” “People are at ease with lying and I might have liked to try But there is only one problem: Whenever my mouth opens, the TRUTH just keeps bubbling forth!” “Oh, Lord the veil seems forever hanging there, In front of my eyes.” “It really is a pleasure to welcome you here to this wonderful celebration, as we celebrate the grand poetry and the works of Supreme Master Ching Hai. And it’s an apt and a very important tribute to a woman who has demonstrated Her commitment to humanity, to the arts, and to our society. So I hope you will enjoy the show.” “What’s the use of this eternal game: The seek and hide, Since ancient time? Oh Beloved and Merciful One! Sprinkle some Life potion On my soul, please. But quickly! Or I’d never again wake up!” “Loving the silent tears for You more than the diamonds of the world. But, O King of all the wish-fulfilling-Jewels, Do I really have any choice?” “Let’s take each other’s hand, Soaring above the realm of chaos To gaze down on life, Our laughter resonating through Heaven and Earth. My very dear! Let’s take each other’s hand.” Etc…

“Women in the palace diligently work with needles and look up at the night moon. Signs in Heaven and on Earth indicate the reappearance of Gold.

On June 27, 2019, the media reported about a giant asteroid filled with gold – enough to make everyone on Earth a billionaire, and NASA’s plans to go there. Could this be the “sign in Heaven,” a symbol of the return of the Gold (symbol of the Golden Age)?

The next verse says that women in the palace diligently work with the needles and look up at the night moon. This could be a reference to the Saint’s disciples who diligently meditate, concentrating on their wisdom eye, which is a single point like a needle’s eye, to observe the inner Celestial Light, which indeed sometimes appears like the “night moon,” in our world, but it is seen not with the physical eyes, rather with the inner eye. It could be also that in his vision, there appeared the daily lifestyle of the nuns in Xihu Ashram, as they used to (still do) sew clothes, blankets and other items as per public’s demand to earn an independent living, as Master doesn’t allow Herself nor any residents in the Ashram to accept donations from the public or from Her own disciples. And nighttime is for meditation, to contact the Heavens inside, with inner Sun, Moon, Stars as company in the spiritual journey toward God’s Kingdom − our true Home. “(In a vision) I saw a moon but its color is that of the blue sky on a very fine day, very beautiful and serene.” “Then I saw a very bright moon [in a vision], glittering with golden (inner Heavenly) Light.” “(I could see the moon many times, that is very big.) Understand. (I do not know whether that state is within or outside the three worlds.) Third. Moon is the Third Level. (Yes.) That’s very good already. (Thank You, Master.)”

The last verse in this passage says that there are signs indicating that Gold will reappear in Heaven and on earth. Perhaps this means the beginnings of the Golden Age! “(Will we see the beginnings of a Golden Age during our lifetimes? We’re all waiting. Will we see this happening,) Yes. (or clues or the beginnings?) Yes, we see some. (The beginnings.) We see some, and we hope to see more, James. I mean, we see some in some corners, but the other corner is still boiling. It’s just like a house is burning and you have been able to douse it out in some corners, and in some other corner, is still burning or still smoldering. But we hope to have more, James, if we deserve it. But it all depends also on humanity's direction, now and in the future. As more and more people join the vegan trend, the more and more hope we will have. As we have discussed before. Right now, we hope that humans wake up fast, and fast, and realize the house is burning and know that organic vegan is the sure and quickest way to cool down the fire and save the world. If we look into all the religions of the world, all the old Prophets, Masters, they all say to us the same, ‘Like attracts like,’ ‘Sow the seed of love and compassion, and then you will have it yourself.’ So we hope our planet and people will survive, first of all, by turning back to their own compassionate nature: be vegan. That means love for all beings. Then Golden Age, not invited, still comes, if we continue with our benevolent, vegan, compassionate lifestyle. Even if we don’t invite the Golden Age, it will crawl into our house. 

We send our respectful gratitude to Liu Bowen for his many extraordinary and precise prophecies that strengthen our faith in the wondrous Savior who truly has appeared in our time. May the Most Splendid, Precious and Compassionate Supreme Master Ching Hai complete Her Great Mission with absolute success, in all Divine glory, support and protection.

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