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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 109 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“The rise and fall of a king is followed by the rise and fall of another. After five hundred years, a Holy Lord (Sage King) will appear. She will travel around the world and will be assisted by able and virtuous people everywhere.

Today, let’s continue exploring the prophetic poem titled “Shaobing Ge” (“The Baked Cake Ballad”) written in dialogue format by the famed philosopher and imperial advisor Liu Bowen of China’s 14th century.

“Everything on earth will flourish and in the same form. All beings will live in harmony, and achieve the ancient Tao. The prophecy reveals that all beings will flourish in harmony and achieve the ancient Tao, or Way of enlightenment. This is just as Supreme Master Ching Hai has been envisioning for our world. “Maybe we should think and dream a golden dream again. Maybe we should go back to the golden era of ancient time where God and human live together, where all the fairies can talk to us in our own language and can instruct us a better value of life, where every one looks upon enlightenment and wisdom as a very natural way of living, and no one would ever doubt in his heart about any Master who graces our Earth, because the Masters are ourselves. I would very much hope that this dream will come true, and that every one of us became goddess, god, fairy. Then our planet will shine with the halos of all of the Earthians who have been enlightened, wise, graceful, and beautiful.

“At the time of initiation, I felt a great power that I had never experienced before. What I felt is really like ‘The Light of the soul is shining, one is freed from the worldly attachments.’” “When I meditated, I saw Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha and a very bright (inner Heavenly) Light above my head.” “Whenever I have the desire to see some of the great Masters of the past or the mysteries of the world, Master’s miraculous blessing power will let me go inside to travel around and gain experiences.” “At the time of initiation, I found the Kingdom of God within me. And I knew that the beautiful land that I had dreamed of as a child and searched for as an adult, really did exist but it was not here on this earth. Since initiation, I’ve had both internal experiences of (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound and external experiences of the tremendous love and magnificence of God, the limitless compassion and the overwhelming wisdom of God.” “The experience that I had from the meditation convinced me so much that the Quan Yin Method can lead me to liberation. Master is always with me. Besides my inner experiences, I also feel that everything in my life becomes smoother and I can do things faster.” “The Quan Yin Method for me, gave a direct method, a direct way to see, and to feel, and to hear God. So to me, Master Ching Hai is the finger that points to the moon.” “And the great experience I have experienced is that I have achieved the peace of mind, since I became Her disciple.” Etc…

“The rise and fall of a king is followed by the rise and fall of another. After five hundred years, a Holy Lord (Sage King) will appear. She will travel around the world and will be assisted by able and virtuous people everywhere. Etc… The prophecy says that the Saint will come to the world after an absence of true teachings for 500 years, and that She will travel around the world and will be assisted by able and virtuous people everywhere.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has often told us stories about the kind and loving strangers She met, from plumbers and taxi drivers to store managers and policemen, during Her sojourns in different countries. “I met some Fourth-Level gods running around, taking care of my car. I met some Third-Level gods, the Third-Level devas, who go around fixing the bricks in my yard. Humbly, they don’t even know it. But if you met them, you’d know. They’re so saintly. They’re very friendly. They’re virtuous. They are not harming anybody ever. And they’re benevolent. They’re kind, they’re humble, they’re conscientious in their work and honest. All the qualities of the saint, in the bricklayer, or in the car dealer, or in the janitor who cleans my garden or cleans my yard. You meet saints everywhere.”

The people who assist the Saint could also be Her worldwide Association members who promote Her benevolent messages. Etc… Furthermore, the Saints’ assistants could be the many non-member people who share the same noble ideals as the Savior and are thus also working together with Her to revive the moral and compassionate way of living among humankind.

“Hi, this is Jayam Sadha or Anniyan Sadha, as many of you all know me. Be Vegan, Make Peace. Be Vegan, Make Peace.” “I am Chris Tucker and you are watching Supreme Master Television.” “I am Rossy de Palma. You are watching Supreme Master Television.” “Hi, I’m Theo Riddick and you’re watching Supreme Master Television.” “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!” “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet! Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!” “Be Vegan, Make Peace.” “Thank You to Supreme Master Ching Hai and all of Her followers who are just spectacular and supportive of the most important cause in the world, to go vegan.” “Master Ching Hai, I admire You, I respect You and it’s good to be Your friend as well, and all the goodness that You’re giving the world by preaching the word of love and peace.” “I like the way Her [Supreme Master Ching Hai’s] message plays out specifically in terms of the treating all beings with equanimity and with love.” “Supreme Master, thank You for everything that You have done and that You are continuing to do make planet Earth a better place to live. It’s very, very much appreciated. You’re wonderful.” “Food is very intimate, you put it in your body. So promoting an idea through food is very powerful. When we bring people here, they smell something, they eat something, they'll remember it forever. So what you're doing, helping companies developing food, promoting an important idea is wonderful. And I'm hoping to meet the Supreme Master at one point of time. I told you She's invited here, anytime that She wants.” “Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai for everything You have done for humanity. It is You that gave me the inspiration. I realized that all these years, I had been very indifferent to the animals. It is You who opened my eyes to see that all sentient beings are equal. I will try to convert my whole supermarket to a vegan center.” “I just applaud you all and thank you for the work you’re doing with the Supreme Master TV. It’s amazing work you’re doing.”

Mayor of Denver, Colorado, USA - Michael Hancock: “On behalf of the City and County of Denver thank you for setting an example for all television organizations.” US Senator Kelly Ayotte: “Your message of cultural harmony is a particularly important one at this time, and I am grateful for Your generosity in sharing this work with me.” 9th President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana – David Granger: “...I have noted the work in which Your organisation is engaged, that is, to promote peace and healthy green living worldwide. I commend You and the members of Your organisation on this work.” “I heard about Supreme Master Ching Hai and all that She has done around the world, and especially in areas like Darfur and other places with emergency funding and other things that She supplied. As a humble political servant who has children from Darfur, if it wasn’t for You and what You do, kids like mine would not be alive. So I just want to thank You for it. We’ve never met, but we have this same kind of heart and I just thank You so much and I want to specially recognize You for all that You have done.” “She goes throughout the whole world, and if there is someone, a country that is having problems in food shortage, water shortage, She goes and contributes 100% of the money that She has and She gives it 100% through love. And She also, besides giving money and help, She has a solution, and that’s the key. And Supreme Master Ching Hai’s solution is by going vegan. Vegan and love your fellow man will save our planet.” “I am Laurent Lamothe, I was Prime Minister of Haiti from 2012 to 2014. People don’t realize it, but with climate change, we see disasters multiplying every day. Personally, I AM A VEGAN. So I’ve already taken that step. But it’s making people aware, it starts with your work, with mine, with everyone watching TV today. Be Vegan, Make Peace.” “We have given the Mahaveer Award to so many individuals, so many politicians who are fighting for the cause of animals, and so many other celebrities, but obviously the greatest opportunity we had was to give that Award to Supreme Master. Because without the blessing of the Gurus, you can’t do anything. So that’s why Supreme Master and so many other Gurus are so, so important.” “Thank You to Supreme Master, I know You have done some fantastic work. You are global. We’ve had the presence of Supreme Master TV at VegFest for over a decade now and we are very grateful for that, so keep up the good work too!” “I think that Supreme Master Television has been incredible in conveying the message about veganism and the relationship to the protection of life on our planet, and doing a wonderful educational job. And every time I go to Loving Hut, I can see the shows and that and watch it. So, it’s had a profound impact I believe, and we’re very, very grateful for that.” “We can all use our own skills, whatever they may be, to make the world a better place. So, whether you’re interested in law, or policy, or art, if that’s your skill and if that’s what you love doing, employ that to help people, help animals, help the environment, because everything really is an emergency right now. Whatever we can do, we simply must do right now. Now is the time!” “Think of the animals that we can save, we’ve got a planet to save, and working together. I am sure we can achieve that. It’s a big thing we got to do here, and we got to do it fairly fast. So, you are doing a great job, so we appreciate your work.” “I’m Dr. Leila from Plant-based Health Professionals UK. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet.” Etc…

“And nowadays, we have more, and we have others, co-workers like other vegan groups. (Yes, Master.) Vegan/vegetarian groups, benevolent groups, they are working together. They came from Heaven for these purposes. (Wow.) In this time, they all have been sent down for this. So, we’re working together.

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