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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 103 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“Chunfeng said: ‘…Unless the True Lord (Savior) comes, how can the world have civilization?’ Taizong said: ‘What is civilization?’ Chunfeng said: ‘This person has a pot on his head, two hands in the sky, two feet into the ground; ties a belt weighing nine jins around his waist and wears a cloth eight zhangs long…”

Related to the prediction we saw last week about global harmony created by the Great Savior, we would now like to introduce you to a similar prophecy which was also written by Tui Bei Tu’s co-author Li Chunfeng. As a high-ranking astronomer and historian, Li Chunfeng is best known for having designed the advanced Linde calendar for the new Tang dynasty. While also contributing significantly to mathematics and history, he was regarded as a great astrologer and prophet who used numerology. His thinking was greatly influenced by his Taoist father.

In his work titled “Acrostic Poems,” dated 633 CE, the brilliant Li Chunfeng recorded another prophecy about the World Savior, in the form of a dialogue between Emperor Taizong and himself: “Chunfeng said: ‘…Unless the True Lord (Savior) comes, how can the world have civilization?’ Taizong said: ‘What is civilization?’ Chunfeng said: ‘This person has a pot on his head, two hands in the sky, two feet into the ground; ties a belt weighing nine jins around his waist and wears a cloth eight zhangs long…” Here, Li Chunfeng basically reminds the emperor that only with the coming of the True Lord, the Great Savior, will the world become truly civilized. When Emperor Taizong asks the prophet, “What is civilization?” Li Chunfeng replies with a puzzle, whose answer is the character “dian” (奠). “Dian” (奠) means to determine and to establish, and indicates that the True Lord (Savior) will determine the future of all beings, and establish the civilization that will make the world peaceful and prosperous.

Since the early years of Her Mission as an enlightened Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai has resolutely held a vision of transforming our world into a more peaceful, loving, and civilized one for all. In a 1992 lecture, Master shared Her inspiring ideals with our Association members as follows: “We should keep this vision in mind, and make our world a paradise. As long as we live, we must dedicate our whole to the goodness, to the progress, of mankind, of the whole world, of the whole universe. Our vision must be so large, larger than life, must be so noble that we have nothing else to lose. We fear nothing in such greatness of a vision. Every obstacles becomes so small, every personal inconvenience becomes so meaningless in such a vision. I do not feel that we are talking like a dream or just making a vision, but I feel that it will come true someday. It might have already begun to take root, but it will have to branch forth into all directions, and make new buds, new flowers, new branches. It has to grow larger, greater, faster, and envelop the whole world with the spirit of love and service, unconditional service.”

“Dian” (奠) also sketches an image of the True Lord extending Her hands high up to the sky to bless Heaven, and stepping into the ground to rescue beings in the underworld. Supreme Master Ching Hai blesses the Heavens way up high “I went to Tư Quơ right now. T-Ư and Q-U-Ơ (pronounced similar like Tih Qwer). That is above this Original Universe, but it doesn’t mean better or stronger. These universes are still very young. I have to, like, give some more attributes, reinforce the attributes, so that they grow into mature universes.” “(Master, have You still been tending to Tư Quơ, or the youthful universes, since we last spoke?) Yeah, yeah. I still have to do it. Of course, I have to take care, not just the Tư Quơ universes but other universes, as well.”

Our Omnipresent Master also extends Her loving arms downward to rescue beings in the lower realms including hell. Master once told us that during meditation She often stretches Her arms in all direction to give Blessing to all Heavens and Earths. “I have to really sit there, quickly do my ritual to absorb it as well as to spread it out for the universe, just some symbolic gesture, and then run. Sometimes I don’t have time to do that. And I do it after.” “This retreat, many, couple of millions of souls have been rescued from hell. I’ll count again because it was before. It was before. Now, let me think how much. Four million, four hundred, forty-six. ..... (Wow! Wonderful!) Not all from hell. Some are just dead, your relatives, and then they all go up together. I’m happy. We worked hard, but it’s worth it. (Thank you.) Still counting. Still counting.”

In ancient China, the character “dian” (奠) is interchangeable with character “Zheng” (鄭), which is a code name for the Savior. “Zheng” sounds exactly like the Chinese word for “righteous” or “positive,” a defining quality of the Savior. Li Chunfeng then concludes the riddle by saying that the Savior wears “a belt weighing nine jins” and “a cloth eight zhangs long.” The “belt weighing nine jins” refers to the “nine states” (九州), an ancient poetic term in Chinese that refers to China. However, the prophecy could also refer to the “great nine states” (大九州), a Chinese cosmological concept that refers to the whole world as a collective of nine great continents. Similarly, the “eight zhangs of cloth” refers to “the eight directions” – another reference to the world. Thus, the prophet is saying that the Savior “wears” or carries the responsibility of the WHOLE WORLD. “Because I’m not just helping you. I also help the world. Even if you see it or don’t see it. So it’s a lot of collective burden.“A little while ago, when my daughter was meditating, she started crying. She woke up crying and said, Master was on Her way to mainland China. She said the road was all covered with stones and thorns. Master was small in figure, and the snow was up to Master’s knees. Master trudged alone, with very thin clothes, carrying a small backpack. But Master was carrying a very big invisible bag. She said that bag was the world’s karma and the karma of all the sentient beings.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has traveled to China two times in the past, although She was unable to give open lectures during those times. “…At that time, Master’s manifestation form appeared before me in innumerable kinds of clothing and colors. I understood that Master was disseminating the Truth to sentient beings in every corner of the universe, and meanwhile shouldering the pain for them. Watching the infinite brilliance radiating from Master, I was filled with unspeakable emotion, and felt boundless respect and love for Her.”

Li Chunfeng continues to tell Emperor Taizong that when the True Lord (Savior) comes, the world will be united, not divided, and everyone enjoy peace and harmony: “There will be no division in the world, and everyone will enjoy blessed rewards and have peace. Just like in the prophecy book Tui Bei Tu, Li Chunfeng again affirms that the world will be united; there will be no division and all will enjoy peace and blessings. We saw evidence of this in our previous episode, showing how Supreme Master Ching Hai has been bringing the world together in various ways, dissolving away the separating lines of race, language, religion, gender, species… In fact, Her Love has united not only our world but also the whole Cosmos! “The Cosmos united, and when the Cosmos united then peace will come. (Wow!) But before the Cosmos united there has to be a great force of Love, true Love, real Love that makes it happen. (Wow. Nice.) It takes one with sincerity and spiritual power to do that. It has to be real Love, unconditional. Truly deep, profound, compassionate Love. And Heaven told me that ‘The Cosmos was so moved by such great Love and became united!’ (Wow!) That is the words that They said to me. (Master, could we know whose great Love united the Cosmos?) Yeah, actually Heavens told me more in detail, whose Love. But I cannot… I cannot reveal it. Okay? It will damage the peace, because of maya. So, maybe I just say it’s from M’s Love. The Cosmic was moved by M’s Love, M’s great Love, that it became united. That’s good enough. I cannot tell more in detail.”

“A Scholar with outstanding virtues and talents ascends to the Purple Palace (Emperor’s Palace). A red hat is without one person. The prophecy goes on to say that an extraordinary scholar with outstanding virtues will ascend to the Purple Palace, which means the Palace of the Emperor. This could be a reference to the True Lord as a Being with great qualities and talents, who ascends to an emperor-like, meaning the highest possible spiritual position. Etc…Supreme Master Ching Hai is most certainly One with multi-talents as well as complete and impeccable virtues. Moreover, She has been ascending through the infinitely vast Universes and revealed not long ago that She is the Highest in all the Realms: The Ultimate Master. “(Master, You said when You speak to Your Higher Self, You speak to the Ultimate Supreme.) No. Ultimate Master. And I always forget that title. Because we’re always used to Supreme Master this, Supreme Master that. So, I said, ‘Supreme Master,’ and then Hes said, ‘No, that’s not the title.’ And then I said, ‘OK, how about...’ I said something, ‘The Highest Master?’ ‘No.’ Have to say ‘Ultimate Master.’ I also did not know that title until recently because there were some messages. It’s funny. Because the Universe recognizes one title. Nobody ever used on this planet that title ever, and in our group least of all. Just ‘Supreme Master,’ if you even call me that.”

In the last part of this prophecy, Li Chunfeng gives another character puzzle: A red hat is without one person. When the Chinese radical for “person” (人) is taken away from the character for “red” (朱), what remains is “wood” (木). This implies that the True Lord is “of wood,” that is, born in a year of the wood element. Indeed, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s birthyear is 1950, a wood year! The prophecies of Li Chunfeng are truly spot on. Again, we express our gratitude to him, as we revel in amazement of the True Lord’s Divine Wonders!

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