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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 163 - Prophecy of the True Savior by Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi (veg advocate)

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“The Second Coming of the Messiah, Maitreya Bodhisattva, in the case of Christianity, is the Messiah, in the case of Shintoism, is Kamu Susanoo no Ookami.”

In today’s episode, we will immerse ourselves in the spiritually elevated world foretold many decades ago by the eminent Japanese prophet Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi.

The Reverend Seishi Deguchi Onisaburo, a man of great spirituality, was a renowned practitioner, seer, artist, and visionary. With the Reverend Kaiso Nao Deguchi, he was the co-founder of a spiritual movement called Oomoto, meaning “Great Source” or “Great Origin.” Oomoto is a Divinely inspired religion that aspires to build a Heaven on Earth, in which all gods and humans could live in lasting harmony and happiness.

Deguchi Onisaburo was respectfully called “Seishi,” meaning spiritual teacher. He laid out the fundamental teachings of Oomoto, which were based on God’s Love and were organized as a foundation for the world’s salvation.

Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi was a gifted artist, leaving an expansive body of artworks in diverse genres, including paintings, calligraphy, ceramic pottery, poetry, songs, and cinematography. In particular, his 3,000 hand-crafted tea bowls won international acclaim when some of them were later exhibited across Europe and North America.

Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi was in fact a rare person who mastered a wide range of fields, such as astronomy, religion, medicine, and more. Calling himself a “world remodeler,” he was dedicated to advocating pacifism, universal brotherhood, and the oneness of all good faiths to create an ideal world of peace, love and justice.

Veganism was also encouraged over the years as part of the Oomoto teachings, and it is thought that Seishi himself might have been fully vegan by the end of his life. He once said: “I do not eat fish at all, and I don’t like fish either. Also, I don’t like eating meat.” “Wearing clothes made from animal fur and leather is indeed violating the Divine Law.”

Born in 1871 to a poor farming family in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi was gifted with an incredible memory and instincts. As a young child, he was able to immediately answer whatever questions he was asked by the adult villagers. Surprised, they gave the prodigy a nickname, “Eight Ears,” for his special intuitions and psychic abilities. In 1883, a 12-year-old Onisaburo Deguchi even held a position as a substitute teacher at the elementary school inside the Buddhist Anaoji Temple.

In 1898, at the age of 27, Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi underwent a weeklong spiritual training on the holy Mount Takakuma, where a hermit called Matsuoka Fuyo guided him to explore the inner mysteries of the spiritual world. During the week, he witnessed the creation of the universe and the Earth, learned the secrets of the realm of deities, and saw the past, present and future of this material world. Seishi wrote: “What you witness in the Spirit World may emerge in the material world in a few days, a decade or centuries. You may also be shown ancient times like centuries ago or millennia ago.”

This initiatory experience earned Seishi clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, prophecy, mind-reading, and other supernatural powers. “The way you see the past, present and future is like seeing them all in a mirror at one time. They may look the same, but you can clearly infer their differences.”

Throughout his life, Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi made a large number of startling prophecies, many of which came true in his lifetime: the start of the Asia-Pacific War, the United States’ atomic bombings of two major Japanese cities, and the former Soviet Union’s capture of the Kuril Islands, to name a few. According to his followers, Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi’s predictions achieved an amazing accuracy rate of 95%.

Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi also foretold many technologies of the future. In the following prophecy, he describes the development of television broadcasting. “With the push of a button, you will be able to see a play in Edo (Tokyo) from Tanba (a rural area).”

In 1953, about 30 years after the prophecy was made, the first TV broadcast in Japan was started by NHK, the national broadcasting station. With the push of a button, people living in the remote Tanba Province were able to watch a live show taking place hundreds of kilometers away in the capital city of Tokyo!

Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi also foresaw the invention of smartwatches, which were realized only in the 21st century. “A wristwatch-type, small projection machine can be created.” “You can make a small phone like a wristwatch.” “You will be able to speak to others anywhere around the world, looking at their faces.”

The Apple Watch, available since 2015, is one example of the wristwatch described here, with its face-to-face phone call feature.

In this next prophecy, the prophet foretold a bullet train: “A bullet train of a speed of 700 kilometers per hour will float above the ground and go swiftly.”

The High-Speed Rail System in Japan has been developing impressively for decades. In April 2015, the country’s magnetic levitation train (that “floats” 10 centimeters above the tracks) set a world record speed of 600 kilometers per hour. At this rate, it is highly possible that bullet trains with a speed of 700 kilometers per hour will be realized in the near future. Seishi also said: “It will take 45 minutes to go between Tokyo and New York, and will take only three hours to travel to every corner of the world.”

This prophecy might also be fulfilled by advancements in aeronautical technology in the future. Already since 1976, there have been supersonic planes, which travel faster than the speed of sound, with current plans to revive their commercial availability in 2029.

Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi also predicted more interesting trends of our current world. “The use of tidal power and wind power will also become popular.” “Money will be unified into one mechanism, and barter will be also used.”

“Media Report from CNBC International Reporter(f): Bitcoin trade here in Japan accounts for nearly half the global trade volume.”


The most important contributions of Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi are his Divine revelations of the coming Savior of the world, which were mainly recorded in his books “The Divine Signposts” and the “Tales of the Spiritual World.” Given that events in the spiritual world will eventually appear in the material world, these stories of the Savior in the spiritual world should be seen as prophecies about our planet – prophecies that we believe are being realized by the Beloved Redeemer of our present era: Supreme Master Ching Hai.

“The Second Coming of the Messiah, Maitreya Bodhisattva, in the case of Christianity, is the Messiah, in the case of Shintoism, is Kamu Susanoo no Ookami.”

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