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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 102 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“The prophecy says: No city or jurisdictional boundaries, no distinction between you and me. ALL BEINGS IN THE WORLD ARE ONE FAMILY, in its greatest and most perfect state.”

We are nearing the end of a captivating journey through “Tui Bei Tu,” the prophecy book written almost a millennium and a half ago by the esteemed Chinese astronomer-historians Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang. The exquisite book tells us that after humankind goes through a long series of distresses, sorrows, disasters, conflicts and wars, the age of Great Harmony will finally come. The world will be shared by all, and humans will love each other and live as “ONE FAMILY.” This is the hopeful promise found in the book’s final passage of hexagram #59: “The prophecy says: No city or jurisdictional boundaries, no distinction between you and me. ALL BEINGS IN THE WORLD ARE ONE FAMILY, in its greatest and most perfect state.”

GLOBAL FAMILY” Brooch design by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) Such an ideal and perfect world indeed can be achieved thanks to the “One Person,” the Great One who will rescue the world. In Chinese, the characters for “One” (一) and “Person” (人) combine to form the word “Great” (大), as is mentioned the ode that follows: “The ode says: The One Person is the Great, and will bring merits and blessings to the world. Bamboo sticks are taken out from the divination canister, a world of Great Harmony is established.” Like the prophecy says, Supreme Master Ching Hai is in the process of establishing a true, harmonious Heaven on Earth by bringing Her boundless spiritual merits and extraordinary Divine blessings into this world. The second verse of this ode literally describes an action of taking out bamboo sticks from the divination stick canister, just as shown in the accompanying illustration. In Chinese, when the radical for “bamboo” (竹) is taken away from the character for “divination stick canister” (筒), what remains is the word “Tong” (同) meaning “Oneness” or “Sameness,” and also “Harmony.” This indicates that the Great One will make the world a place of oneness and harmony. Furthermore, the action of taking out the divination sticks could be interpreted to mean that the canister is being emptied: There is no longer a need for humanity to make divinations anymore asking about its future, because the future has already been decided by the Savior.

This prophecy is especially meaningful because it is the last prophecy of “Tui Bei Tu.” "Fate and destiny is kind of fixed for everybody, because we don't have enough willpower to change, because we don't have connection with God's grace so we can’t alter it. But after the reconnection, we can change because we don’t work with the mind anymore but we work with the universal power which makes everything possible. So, that’s why after initiation, even the psychics cannot read your palm, cannot tell your future, cannot see anything, because your consciousness is rising into a higher level of consciousness. And from the higher standpoint, we can see clearer and we can alter many things, but consciously, in the higher consciousness."

The remaining lines of the hexagram go on to elaborate about the extent that the Savior will make the world as one family. They say that all races – red, yellow, black and white – in all directions will be living in harmony: “Then, there will be no difference among red, yellow, black and white, and the east, south, west and north will be in peace and harmony.” Universal flag designed by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) Yellow race Red race Black race White race Green for earth Blue for ocean/river and the deep blue background is for the sky, Heaven, meaning: we are all one within God’s Love. "I went to receive a peace award in the Philippines. This peace award is regarded as highly as the peace award in Europe. I only gave them the flag of our country, Quan Yin country! I told them I don’t represent any country, because my ideal is to regard all countries as brothers and sisters, as individual families. And everyone in every country are brothers and sisters of the same global family. Brothers and sisters of the world. And they “okayed” that. They presented our flag at the very end. They said this flag is... 'Universal Peace,' 'Universal World Peace.'"

Preparing us for this wonderful union for decades, Supreme Master Ching Hai has always brought our Association members together from every corner of the world in an atmosphere of peace, acceptance, joy and friendship. To Master, the world truly has no borders nor discrimination. "Welcome home, all of you chocolates, and snowflakes, and whatever you are. Yellow cornflakes." "I’m so happy to see you, black, white, yellow, and red, whatever." Etc...

"Long ago, we don’t have telephones, remember? And now, we sit here and talk to America and seeing each other face to face and we do teleconference thousands miles apart. It’s no big deal anymore. The whole world became like a family, truly like that. So let’s hope that the people of the world and the leaders of the world realize that we are really a family, so there will be less war-like and more peace-like. And less molesting of the animals - more protecting, loving them. Yes. It’s high time now." Master has also been gently instilling in people’s minds the beautiful truth that not only humans, but all BEINGS on Earth are one. Thus, Her goal is for our world to realize, in the truest sense, that “ALL BEINGS IN THE WORLD ARE ONE FAMILY.” "Some of us have yellow color skin, some red, some black color, some brown, some white, but we are all humans. We speak different languages, but we are all the same race, human race. Similarly, all animals are the same race, animals. And above all, they are the same race with us. They are co-inhabitants, they are earthlings; they have the right to exist here, just as we do. We are not going to take that right from them, which has been given by God, just like God has given us our life."

Some of the Kind Policies of Countries toward Animals In France, most of the restaurants, cafés, shops and public transport are open to companion animals. According to Italian law, no condominium regulations may prohibit pets in condominiums. The Netherlands is the first country in the world to have a Party for the Animals, prioritizing the interest of all Earth inhabitants, with about 80 elected representatives at European, national, regional and local levels to date. In Norway, it is mandatory for a citizen to help an injured, sick or helpless animal one comes across, whether wild or domestic, as far as possible. According to Poland’s Animal Protection Act, if you find an abandoned dog or cat, you are required to notify an animal shelter, fire authority or police. In Switzerland, social animals, such as guinea pigs, parrots and mice, must be kept at least in pairs by law for their well-being. The Interior Ministry of Turkey instructed all local councils to “bring food and water to animal shelters, parks, gardens and other areas where animals are found” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the United States, California is the first state to prohibit pet stores from selling commercially-bred animals. Pet shops can only sell rescued animals from shelters, for adoption. The US states of Alaska and Illinois have adopted divorce laws by which the judge determines who will get custody of pets, taking into consideration the pets’ best interest, similar to how children are treated. Etc…

Finally, let’s visit one more intriguing prediction attributed to Li Chunfeng and his teacher and co-author Yuan Tiangang. The following is hexagram #38 from a different edition of “Tui Bei Tu,” which has been collected by the Fu Sinian Library of the Academia Sinica in Taiwan, also known as Formosa. “My surname has a common radical called ‘three drops of water.’ The water completely filling the world is my first name.” Wow!!! The prophecy first says that the Savior’s name contains the common radical of “three drops of water.” Both characters of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s name, CHING (清) and HAI (海) share the common Chinese radical which all Chinese people know as “3 drops of water” (氵). The prophecy’s second clue is that the Savior’s name is “the water completely filling the world.” This must be the vast ocean, and Master’s name, “CHING HAI,” means “PURE OCEAN” which undoubtedly is vast! Master also reveals in Her song “Ocean of Love,” that She is one with the Divine that completely fills the universe, above time and space.

"I am the Ocean of Love Come to Me I am the River of Life Bathe in Me I am more to you than the sunshine I am above space and time! Rest in My bosom Then you’ll know freedom Rest in My loving arms Then you’ll be far from harm" “‘Ching Hai’ is actually not just my name. It’s a name given, and it symbolizes the Pure Ocean of Love. That is in your heart, in everyone’s heart, in all beings’ hearts. We just symbolically use the name Ching Hai as the Pure Ocean of Love. Because the ocean, it tolerates everything. Whatever, however much water went into it, it still stays, and it still holds. It holds the way it holds all beings under its care. It holds like God holds us in Hiers arms with all Love, whether or not we realize that Love or not.”

We deeply thank the extraordinary, respected prophets Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang, who for the sake of telling the truth, risked their lives to record and share with the public their sophisticated, bold, and consistently validated prophecies − which spanned major world affairs since the Tang dynasty until the appearance of the World Savior today, and into our future. Particularly in this present time of divisions, disease and disasters, we cherish the hope that these prophets gave us through their words and drawings of the Great Saint. May the Most Beloved, Most Dedicated Supreme Master Ching Hai be always protected as She continues to establish the Great Harmony for all.

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