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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 100 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“The prophecy says: When a thing reaches its extreme, it reverses its course, as evils will be fought with evils. ONE LOOKING LIKE A CHILD WILL INSPIRE ALLEGIANCE FROM ALL COUNTRIES IN THE FOUR DIRECTIONS.

In our series so far, we have learned about processes of peace and elevation that would be initiated by the World Savior, the enlightened Beauty spoken of in the Chinese prophecy book “Tui Bei Tu.” However, this does not mean that our world is exempt from its created bad karmic retribution due to humans’ negative thoughts, speech and actions, accumulated over millennia. In fact, hexagram #56 from “Tui Bei Tu” foretold, just like many other world prophecies, that all of creation would go through a tumultuous period of cleansing…

“The prophecy says: Those flying are not birds, and those diving are not fish. The war does not depend on soldiers. It is a game of creation (a game that depends on the creator). This hexagram says that those flying are not actual birds, and those diving are not real fish. The war is not one with soldiers, but it is a game of creation. Commonly, this prediction (written 1,400 years ago) has been interpreted to refer to present-day warfare that no longer involves huge armies facing each other, and instead uses jets and missiles that fly like birds, and submarines that dive like fish. However, there is more to this prophecy than literal war. There is a larger “game of creation” going on, a game that belongs to the creator of this physical world.

As Supreme Master Ching Hai has said: “This world is the domain of negative illusion and power, so difficult for loving souls to disentangle themselves from surrounding webs and traps from the negative power. If one can see the whole drama of negative play then we cannot help but feel so sorry for all who are helplessly drawn into the game and made forgetful of their noble origins and purposes. The root cause of all conflicts is not each other but the system of this physical realm, arranged by the king of illusion, the negative force, to make all beings pit against each other in a forever, endless cycle of attachment and vengeance and violence. Not only there are tricks and traps, there are spawning webs of destruction shooting out piercing energy, knife-like, arrow-like, bullet-like, making people or animals agitated, feel painful inside and aggressive outside, because of the invisible pain that they endure. Then, of course, they quarrel with each other, fight and kill each other for no justified reason. Then it becomes a habit; then it becomes natural for them to live their lives in such destructive patterns. Then conflicts, wars will break out, or disasters, and so on and so forth. This world is like that. Only the lucky ones escape this network of maya.” “That’s why I am so sorry for each and every sentient being on this planet. Every little false move, your life is in trouble. And again, and again and again, we return to the so-called world, to play the same game, hoping, vowing, wanting, to play it right. But we don’t always remember how to play it right. And thus, we’re being punished, being dead or going to hell or whatever is that. Even though it’s all fake, it’s real. It feels so real because the game is so sophisticated, so high tech, so that we are trapped in the body, we feel everything’s real. Only when you jump over to the Fourth World, at least, past the Three Worlds, then the body is more subtle, so that the negative power cannot catch it and cannot punish or cannot make use of you for their amusement in any way.

In the drawing, there are two sides of soldiers, birds in the sky, and fish in the water, about to fight their own respective kinds. This symbolizes that all of creation is in disharmony; beings are acting contrary to their nature. We humans have been caused to behave against both our True loving nature and also Mother Nature, by killing humans and animals and destroying the planet, digging ourselves ever deeper into trouble. The evidence of this is all around us: COVID-19 and other deadly pandemics/epidemics emerged as a consequence of eating animals. Fires, floods, storms, the recent locust plagues, and famines, all have been linked to climate change, which itself is a result of killing animals and humans. And we all know that wars have bred more wars throughout human history due to the killing karma; “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Now let’s find out what happens next through hexagram #57 that follows: “The prophecy says: When a thing reaches its extreme, it reverses its course, as evils will be fought with evils.” This line in the hexagram seems to tell us that when humans’ killing karma reaches its extreme, retributions will follow. Thus, those who committed evils will suffer from evils as karmic consequences such as through wars, disasters, or diseases. Interestingly, the character used for “evil” in the prophecy is also part of the Chinese word for “virus.” “All this is just cleaning and warning, but humans, if don’t change, then it’s going down. You see we have so much fire, never so much. (Yes, Master.) Bushfires, and so many sicknesses at the same time, and then economy collapsing and even people fighting each other.” “If we continue the way the world people do, like killing animals or making war, and then eating the animal meat, then we will have another wave of cleaning. Since forever, we always have plagues and trouble because of that. Because of the killing karma, killing the innocents, it just has to be cleaned out, however painful and sad it seems. But there’s no way we can avoid that. If we don’t change our way of life, we cannot change our destiny.”

“ONE LOOKING LIKE A CHILD WILL INSPIRE ALLEGIANCE FROM ALL COUNTRIES IN THE FOUR DIRECTIONS.” This time, the Savior is described as One who will look like a child and who will rally support from all over the globe. This definitely must be Supreme Master Ching Hai, whose physical frame is as petite as a child and who many have said looks like a lovely child! “…When I was younger, and had more time and… (Wait a minute, You're not old.) No, I know. I know. (You’re a kid.) What I mean is, when I was younger. (No, younger kid.) Yeah, younger.”“When I first came out, I looked like a kid, very young; no hair also. With or without hair, I looked like a kid. Some people asked me, ‘You look like a teenager. How much do You know about spirituality? How can You come here, sit here, and talk to us?’ I remember that. I said, ‘I know enough.’ Some people, they don’t understand. They just look outside and then… Now they still look outside. I just have to look the way I look. I don’t know. It’s just the arrangement. Just the arrangement before I was born, before I came here.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai is also one with the Divine True Nature, which is pure like a child. And truly does She inspire people from all over the world, including our faithful international Association members. And what does She inspire them to do? The next verses from the prophecy tells us that She will eliminate the intention to kill, meaning the violence at the root of creation’s imbalance. Master most certainly does this with Her central message: “BE VEGAN, MAKE PEACE”!

“The ode says: As water and fire can prevail over each other, a HEAVENLY CHILD will appear. This Messenger of Heaven (God) will eliminate the intention to kill.Etc… As water in large enough quantities can prevail over fire, the hexagram implies that the Savior, called the “Heavenly Child” and “Messenger of Heaven (God),” will bring a vast amount of water to put out the fire, even though the fire is already all over the world. “Ching Hai” means pure vast ocean in Chinese. Supreme Master Ching Hai is the vast ocean to completely extinguish the fire and save our burning world.

“…No one believes that AN EXTRAORDINARY TALENT IS BORN IN WU AND YUE. From then on, all over the seas and oceans, armies will withdraw and the WAR WILL END.Another astonishing prophecy! It says that an extraordinary talent, the Savior, is born in “Wu and Yue.” This indicates a region around southern China, and lo and behold, “Yue” is part of “Yue Nan,” the Chinese name for Âu Lạc (Vietnam). It is also true as the prophecy says, that people found it hard to believe in the beginning that such an extraordinary enlightened Master as Supreme Master Ching Hai could come from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), Her birthplace. (Yue) Việt nation and Việt people, are the common way that the citizens of Vietnam use to refer to their country and themselves, respectively. Nam means south. So Vietnam means the Yue or Việt people of the south. Also, the ancient Wu Yue region of southern China is the same general area as Taiwan (Formosa), which can be called the birthplace of Master’s peace-bringing spiritual mission. One word, double meaning. But both are so very accurate.

The prophecy concludes by affirming that the coming of the child-like Savior will bring peace all over the world. “Armies” will withdraw and the “war– maya’s game of creation – will finally end. Plus more! And more to come! ...

“(You have been in retreat, Master, and You may have more amazing revelations.) You can see it in the news also. Like Korea, there was blowing (up) some building in their own country, and now it’s peace again. (Yes, Master.) Just like that. And some other country also. Just a little bit here and there. (Yes.) Otherwise, the countries mostly are peaceful, much more peaceful than before the ’50s, right? (Yes.) Just a moment. Maybe I have something in my diary. … June, Friday the 12th, spider came again. ‘Not worry, peace will come. ‘How long? Why tell me if it’s such and such long time?’ It says how many years, but I don’t want to tell you. …Peace You’ll soon find. Another one. That is the OU (Original Universe) Godses before the OU (Original Universe) Protector. And then both said the same thing. …They also said, ‘Be happy and peace will be…’ ‘vegan will be soon. I said, ‘How soon? (.....) My God, that’s not soon enough for me.’ But never mind, I have to be patient. They spelled out the year and the month, (Wow.) the date. …I asked my bird, (Ah, yes.) about how long the peace. They all say similar things. I just want to make sure everybody says the same thing because I want to hear it. Even if I know, it’s nice to hear. …I would really want to see the world to live in peace and love, just like High Heaven. Not Astral Heaven, higher. That’s what I said. I really want to see it. Not just keep talking, promising.

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