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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 192 - Prophecies of the King of Shambhala

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“Over the snowy peaks of the Himalayas burns a bright glow, brighter than stars and the fantastic flashes of lightning. Who has kindled those pillars of light, which march across the heavens? … They come from Shambhala; from the Tower of the Great Coming One. MAITREYA COMES.”

Shambhala, meaning “Source of Happiness and Peace” in Sanskrit, is a mysterious, sacred kingdom said to exist somewhere in Central Asia, possibly north of Mount Kailash of the Tibetan Himalayas. Over the centuries, many intrigued scholars and explorers have tried to locate and/or travel to this elusive place but were mostly unsuccessful.

In his book, “Shambhala,” the respected Russian archaeologist, painter, and writer Nicholas Roerich suggests the reason why Shambhala is so difficult to find:

“Shambhala itself is the Holy Place where the earthly world links with the highest states of consciousness. In the East they know that two Shambhalas exist – an earthly and an invisible one.”

Shambhala is described as a paradise of eternal peace and joy, where all citizens have achieved great enlightenment and wisdom, live long lives, and are free of poverty, sickness, killing, hatred, and lying.

This paradise is also said to have inspired the novel “Lost Horizon” which led to several films featuring a fictional Tibetan valley called “Shangri-La.”

“Have you ever dreamed of a place far away from it all, Where the air you breathe is soft and clean, and children play in fields of green, And the sound of guns doesn’t pound in your ears.”

In this classic film, a group of newcomers is secretly brought to a sunny, utopian place, hidden amidst a harsh land of snow and a warring outside world. The film helped pique the modern world’s interest in Shambhala.

However, Shambhala has been spoken of since ancient times, including in the Kalachakra Tantra, a central scripture of Tibetan Buddhism, and the texts of the pre-Buddhist Zhang Zhung culture from Western Tibet. In her book, “The Secret Doctrine,” the esteemed Russian philosopher and founder of Theosophy, Madame Helena Blavatsky, revealed the following about the history of Shambhala:

“Their (Lemuria’s) elect had taken shelter on the sacred Island (now the ‘fabled’ Shamballah, in the Gobi Desert)…”

“Alone the handful of those Elect, whose divine instructors had gone to inhabit that Sacred Island – ‘from whence the last Saviour will come’ – now kept mankind from becoming one-half the exterminator of the other [as mankind does now].”

From these words, we discover that Shambhala is a place where the enlightened members of an ancient race had taken refuge from a past planetary cataclysm and have been helping us, the unenlightened human race, from destroying ourselves.

One of our Association members was able to attest to similar information and more, through her inner vision.

“(Shambhala is the place where I lived in my previous life, and I still remember the scene there. It is an underground world in the sixth dimension. The entrance is closely guarded by invisible forces. This mysterious and legendary place was set up by King Gesar a long time ago, at the time King Gesar had another identity.

In the past, the ancient Earth had interplanetary wars with other planets. In that disaster, some good people went underground to Shambhala. When they first found Shambhala, they didn’t know that there were invisible beings there because they couldn’t see them. However, the space of Shambhala has the magical ability to enhance spirituality. After these surface people are promoted, the Heavenly eyes were opened, and slowly they could see those invisible and higher beings.

These loving people possessed high technology. In order to protect the Earth, they stayed and lived in Shambhala. The main function of Shambhala is to maintain the Earth’s energy balance. There are various magical mechanisms to maintain the vitality and survival of the Earth. There is an artificial sun in Shambhala, and the trees are glittering. The people there are about three-four meters tall. They communicate with each other telepathically, and rarely open their mouths to speak. The population is several hundreds of thousands, and their life spans are very long. When I lived there, I didn’t need to eat much, but some people would also eat some sweet and fragrant fruits and vegetables; they (the people) were vegan.

The birth of a child here is similar to that in Heaven or a higher level realm. The saints use their minds to cultivate a child in the lotus for a period of time. The length of nurturing each child varies, some need a long time, and for some it is relatively fast. They use a large machine to circulate and purify the air. The power of the machine is extracted from the ‘crystal.’

We also have UFOs, and might visit other planets with UFOs. Sometimes when a certain kind of material is lacking, we transform into human beings’ appearances and go to the Earth’s surface to buy materials.

The vibration frequency here is different from those in Heaven and the Universe. It is a place of spiritual treasure. We are full of love and like to build Shambhala very much. We are all willing to share resources and help each other. Whoever creates something can exchange with others for what they need. There is no currency system. It is an ideal country of barter trade, and of harmony, peace, and love.)”

According to the Kalachakra Tantra, Shambhala has been, and will be, ruled over by a lineage of 32 enlightened Kings: Seven Dharma Kings followed by 25 Rigden Kings. with “Rigden” meaning “Holder of (All) the Castes.”

It is predicted that the 25th Rigden King, Rudra Chakrin, also known as Rigden Djapo, will be the final King of Shambhala, and that He will lead a holy battle to defeat the barbarians, or demons, that will try to invade Shambhala.

Interestingly, Tibetan Buddhist teachers know that King Gesar of Tibet, Manjushri Bodhisattva, and Rudra Chakrin are all one and the same, as is the venerated Tibetan Buddhist Master Padmasambhava.

“In nature You are the Vajra Manjushri. In manifestation You are a Divine King of the World. In ancient times You were the Knowledge-holder Padmasambhava. In the present You are Sengchen Norbu Dradult [Gesar]. In the future You will be Rigden Rudrachakrin.”

And in Buddhism, the King of Shambhala is the same as the Worshipped Future Maitreya Buddha. As the celebrated Russian writer Helena Roerich said:

“Of course, all Buddhists believe that Maitreya will appear in Shambhala, and the most enlightened of them know that MAITREYA and the PRESENT LORD OF SHAMBHALA are One and the Same Individuality.”

Here, Helena Roerich used the phrase “present Lord of Shambhala,” revealing that the Mighty Rudra Chakrin is already on the throne! We know that this Final King of Shambhala is the Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, based on the inner visions of our Association members confirming Master’s manifestations as Maitreya Buddha, Manjushri Bodhisattva, and King Gesar.

“(Eight years ago, when I was not yet initiated, I could not have imagined that a vision I saw in a dream when I was about to wake up, was experienced again at the Opening Ceremony of Raising Center. …

What appeared successively before my eyes were the curved pebble stone path and the various wild flowers and plants on both sides of the path. …I could see that fellow practitioners were sitting down one by one in very good order. The pillars and the spiral staircase leading up to the upper floor deeply attracted me. What a familiar scene! …In the dream eight years ago, …Maitreya Buddha was sitting right on the seat where Master was now sitting to give a lecture. The floor was full of people. Maitreya Buddha saw me and said to me smilingly: ‘Oh, you have come! Quick, sit down!’ I asked curiously: ‘What place is this?’ Maitreya Buddha said: ‘This is the Tusita Palace.’ … In just a few months, this place has been converted into the Tusita Palace.)”

“(…I immediately knew that, ah! Master is Maitreya Buddha.)”

“(Brother Cai in Tainan saw that Master was the incarnation of Manjushri Bodhisattva.)”

“(In my inner vision, Master’s picture from a long time ago suddenly appeared, with Her fists clenched and showing an awe-inspiring demeanor that resembled the appearance of King Gesar.)” Etc…

“(I flew at very high speed with Master’s Light manifestation body over the ice field of the Qinghai-TibetPlateau! We flew over many high mountains, deep valleys, and beautiful rivers, and in an instant came to a place with an invisible barrier that no one would discover. This was the entrance to Shambhala.

After entering Shambhala, I saw many palaces with golden domes inside, all of which looked like they were made of gold, very brilliant. We entered a palace and saw a Holy King! His Majesty’s appearance was very, very huge, at first my eyes could only see His left shoulder, and His shoulder radiated extremely brilliant golden Light. Later, I tried to adjust the eyes of the soul, looked again, and could see the King wearing battle armor, a crown on His head, a white beard on His face, sitting on the throne, an elder-looking King.

He said, ‘I was King Gesar, and now I am the King of Shambhala. Shambhala was set up by me many years ago. This is my resting place. When this invisible passage is opened again, a flower shaped like a ‘Holy Grail’ will bloom on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.’ He rose up from the throne and embraced me. Although I couldn’t see His huge appearance in the extremely bright Light, He was able to embrace me – with His deep Love. He said joyfully, ‘My child, you’ve come back. This journey has been long, but we’re now near the end of it. The reunion this time will bring back the threads that have spanned over a thousand years. Accompanying King Gesar through thick and thin, you have completed your mission.’ I was touched and puzzled at the same time: ‘Isn’t King Gesar the previous life of Master? Why did Master bring me to see King Gesar?’

The Light manifestation Master next to me said, ‘King Gesar is I, in another body. Both can exist at the same time. This body can govern the residents of Shambhala efficiently.’)”

“Over the snowy peaks of the Himalayas burns a bright glow, brighter than stars and the fantastic flashes of lightning. Who has kindled those pillars of light, which march across the heavens? … They come from Shambhala; from the Tower of the Great Coming One. MAITREYA COMES.”

What will the King of Shambhala do to establish the Golden Age? Will ordinary humans someday be able to enter the Kingdom of Shambhala? We’ll find out as our series continues.

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