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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 97 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“The prophecy says: The sky is dark and hazy. Lives are killed without knives. Tens of thousands of people will be saved, but the One Person (Savior) will barely escape.

In today’s episode, we will continue reading from “Tui Bei Tu,” a fascinating prophecy book written in China about 1,400 years ago by the accomplished astronomer-historians Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang. Hexagram #46 of “Tui Bei Tu” reveals more information about the Savior who will appear to rescue humankind from darkness and death.

“The prophecy says: The sky is dark and hazy. Lives are killed without knives…”

The skies literally became dark and hazy due to the massive smoke from recent wildfires around the globe, like in Australia, that were linked to climate change. Other destructive fires, like in the Amazon rainforest, were human-made. “The road’s completely engulfed in flames, and we’re stuck in the middle of it. Easy now, easy. Dad, the car is heating up, it’s going to explode!” “We have multiple structures burning down here.” “You need to get out of the house.” “We can’t! Every door’s on fire. Please!” “We’ve just issued mandatory evacuations for the entire town of Paradise.” “Are you serious?” In both cases, the blame can be placed on the animal livestock industry and meat consumption – the #1 driver of climate change, deforestation, and many other planetary problems. The darkened sky also symbolically reflects humans’ heavy bad karma (retribution), at the center of which is the karma of killing animals.

The next line of the prophecy tells us that “lives are killed without knives,” meaning humankind is paying for their bad karma through less obvious ways. What are they? Scientists have found that the most common cause of death globally (1 in 5 deaths) is a poor diet, based on the overconsumption of meat. Indirectly, meat-caused climate change, in turn causes over 150,000 deaths every year, as a result of extreme weather conditions, global warming-related diseases, worsened droughts, etc. Still more lives have been lost by the hundreds of thousands to date through pandemics like the one we are undergoing today, and they were also caused by humans’ meat-eating habit. Yet, in our world’s desperate situation, Supreme Master Ching Hai has given humankind a lifeline, a solution, and a chance to reverse its dismal fate. “This is the one step that everyone in the world can participate in, and it makes the biggest impact for our world. As mentioned, being veg (vegan) removes methane from the atmosphere, thus cooling the planet. This also immediately shows care for the animals and for our own health, because we see more and more evidence that meat causes all kinds of cancers and carries bacteria, leading to such illnesses as mad cow disease, etc., etc. So, it is much healthier to be veg.

The prophecy continues: “…Tens of thousands of people will be saved, but the One Person (Savior) will barely escape.

By teaching us the compassionate way of living, while also meditating to support the vegan trend, Supreme Master Ching Hai has saved countless human lives from premature meat-related deaths. More importantly, She has saved many souls from going to hell due to meat-eating, and has elevated the consciousness of our world. We believe that it is not a coincidence that within just a few decades, veganism has gone mainstream all over the globe. However, there is a price that the Savior must pay in order to save so many lives and change the karma of the world: “Tens of thousands of people will be saved, but the One Person,” meaning the Savior, “will barely escape.“When I said that in this period of our Earth, a Master will not be killed, that doesn’t mean not in danger. That doesn’t mean the Master is always safe. You don’t have to die to call it a dangerous situation. We die sooner or later. It’s just while we’re living, there’re many obstacles, many traps, many karma give-and-take to take care.

“Supreme Master TV is broadcasting the prophecies of Jesus Christ and Master. I’d like to share something about the connections between Master and Jesus Christ. It’s written in the Bible that the day when Jesus Christ was crucified and died, there was some time of darkness over all the land. The day when Master left the US, on August 14, 2003, 50 million people in several states of America and Canada suffered darkness for quite some days. (Engineers are now saying that the damage to the grid system is like nothing they’ve ever seen.) (It’s dawn in Time Square, there’s not a single jumbotron running. The blackout crisis continues with no clear end in sight.)

In the morning of that very day, during meditation, Master blessed me to see what happened at the time when Master left America. At around 6 am of August 14, 2003, I had a dream in meditation. The visions in the dream were very vivid, like watching a high-resolution film. I saw that under a very urgent situation, Master took a rowboat and arrived at a remote beach of a strange country. It was before dawn, and it was all dark. Master got off the boat and checked the surroundings. I recognized that the brother who sat at the bow steering was a resident disciple of Master. Master left hastily in a very urgent situation. In my dream it did not say from which country She left, and neither did it indicate which country She arrived to. After checking the surroundings, Master looked toward the sea and at that moment, I saw there was a speedboat on the sea with some police officers on it (in the dream it was particularly marked in English that they were ‘police’). Those police were going after Master and it was very urgent and dangerous. They nearly overtook Master’s boat. The speedboat with the police finally was blocked by a line on the sea, which in my dream was explained to be the border of the country where Master had disembarked and police of other countries were not allowed to cross. I could hear the voices of regret of the police on the speedboat, as they had almost caught Master’s boat.

At that moment, I woke up and felt tremendously terrified, with my heart beating very fast and wondering: ‘Has Master encountered any danger? Has Master really left America? Or, Master was warning me of something that’s going to happen?’ I strongly felt that a very big incident was going to take place, and it would be on a large scale as many people would be affected and New York would be one of the affected cities. At that time, I worked in New York. That morning, I took a bus to go to work. Once I got on the bus, I quickly found a seat to sit down and meditate. As soon as I sat down, I went into samadhi as if being sucked into a force. The bus was approaching my stop, but I found my body could not move as my soul was not back yet. I tried hard to shake my head to move my body and hastened to get off the bus. Normally my meditation was not good and it’s very difficult to go into samadhi, so it’s really unusual that I went into samadhi as soon as I sat on the bus, and that convinced me even more that a big incident was going to happen. Afterward, I felt very regretful that after seeing Master encounter such a danger in my meditation, I was still hasty to get off the bus and went to work. I should have stayed in the bus and continued my meditation.

The downtown area of Manhattan, New York is normally very noisy, especially in summer during August. At around 4 pm, suddenly everything quieted down, a kind of very unusual quiet. It was because the electric power was all cut. The noisy machines, air conditioners, and traffic were all stopped, and all power on Manhattan Island was off, subways also were all interrupted. Later on, I found out that the whole New York state did not have electricity. On top of that, the whole northeast America and eastern Canada also had blackouts, which was the largest-scale power failure in the history of the North American continent. Fifty million people were affected. As the power cut occurred at around 10 or 11 minutes past 4 pm, some people associated it with the 9/11 incident. We passed the following days in darkness until the power was gradually recovered.

Two weeks later, a brother from Florida center came to the New Jersey center for group meditation. He told us that Master had left America two weeks ago, and the course of how Master left America was the same as what I had seen in my dream, except that according to him, those who were chasing after Master were from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). Then I came to understand that it’s not for fun that Master had learned how to drive a speedboat back in those years, but it was for running for Her life when necessary. A few years after, I saw Master learning to fly a helicopter in Europe and figured that Master must have encountered tremendous danger. Later on, I continued to pay attention to the news and the reports about the big blackout. I remember that two months after the power outage, the true cause was still not found, which rarely happened in a country like America which was particular about work efficiency in everything and investigated everything thoroughly. Many thanks to the arrangement of Heavenly Gods and angels, that the big blackout event, on one hand, had diverted the attention of the authority that had been chasing after Master, and on the other hand, had dissolved bad karma and minimized damages. Many years have passed, Master has undergone so many extremely life-risking situations, even though Master always joked and touched upon these life-endangering encounters lightly, saying that these stories could be made into thousands of films. I really could not imagine how Master has lived Her life in the past several decades. How great is the power of Love that has made Her still fearlessly lead Earth and the universe to continue elevating after facing countless difficult, life-threatening situations. A few years ago Master mentioned that what She had done might seemingly look like She was having fun, but actually, they’re all Her work on earth. We cannot imagine how urgent and dangerous the situations are that Master has to encounter and take care of at all times. Thank You, and thank You again, all Godses and angels in the Original Universe and in all Heavens, for protecting Master at all times!” James from Taiwan (Formosa)

“It’s not the police that I’m afraid of, I’m afraid of people who work with the police. They’re not always good. Sometimes they are informants, but they’re not good. Sometimes the police also trust the bad guys, or work with the bad guys.” “Sometimes I cannot even show myself to the police, because, to protect my identity. So that I can work quietly and meditate quietly, that is the thing. You have to run because some bad people want to eliminate you because you offend them, you tell the truth. Like, if you tell people, ‘Don’t take drugs,’ then the drug lords, they won’t like you. If you tell people, ‘Don’t eat meat,’ then the meat industry doesn’t like you. All kinds of things, alcohol, all kinds of things that are the truth. But the truth always offends the ears. That’s what we say in Âu Lạc (Vietnam): ‘The truth hurts the ears.’ It means ‘The truth hurts the ears.’ And sometimes they hurt the ears, and they come to want to hurt you, for example.

When our series continues, we’ll find out more evidence on how this prophecy has come true – that the Savior would save countless lives but barely escape Herself. Also, the prophets tell us more about this enlightened “Soldier” Savior who defends all beings, as depicted in the illustration.

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