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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 154 - Christian Prophecies of the End Times

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“The scourge that will purify the earth from evil is near. Divine Justice cries out for satisfaction for the many offenses and evils that cover the earth.”

In Christianity, the “end times” refers to the events leading up to the end of the world as we know it. It involves the Second Coming of the Worshipped Lord Jesus Christ, and the Last Judgment of human souls. Today, we will begin to discover some of the many fascinating end times prophecies from past Christian saints, mystics and scholars. Going as far back in Christian history as we can, we find one of the earliest records about the end times and Lord Jesus Christ’s reappearance on Earth.

This passage comes from a Greek manuscript known as the “Didache,” and is very similar in content to the Gospel Books of the Holy Bible. The Didache, meaning “Teaching,” is a concise guide that introduced the masses to the Lord’s main teachings as conveyed by His Twelve Apostles (closest disciples). The first of these instructions states:

“The way of life is this. First of all, love God who made you. Secondly, love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

The Didache is believed to have circulated as early as the 60s AD by second-generation Christians. They either personally knew the Lord Jesus’ 12 closest disciples or were significantly influenced by them. Although scholars had seen early Christians refer to this text, an actual copy of it was only discovered in 1873, by the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan (Bishop) Philotheos Bryennios from present-day Turkey.

Let’s take a look at this very early prophecy about Christ the Savior’s Second Coming, which is similar to the Bible’s predictions (covered earlier in our multi-part series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet, Parts 16-24).

“Be watchful for your life; do not let your lamps be quenched or your loins be ungirded, but be ready, for you do not know the hour in which our Lord comes. Be often gathered together, seeking what is fit for your souls, for the whole time of your faith will not profit you if you are not perfect at the end of the season. For in the last days false prophets and seducers will be multiplied, and the sheep will be turned into wolves, and love will be turned into hate. For as lawlessness increases, they will hate and persecute and betray one another.”

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” - Matthew 7:15, Holy Bible

“(The Catholic Church has struggled, obviously, with sex abuse scandals for many decades…)” “(It’s been decades since Canada’s biggest sex abuse scandal was first exposed. More than 300 boys were physically and sexually abused by members of the Christian Brothers…)” “(Those are files… (for) all kinds of priests…)” “(Priests who are married, alcoholics, or suspected of abusing minors…)”

“(In 2018 alone, there were more than 2,500 safeguarding concerns reported to diocese about children or vulnerable adults.)” “(The horror that some children in this institute have experienced by two priests and also by staff ...)”

“(…Some 300 priests had abused more than 1,000 identifiable victims over a period of 70 years.)” “(They had a trove of documents that not only detailed the abuse, but detailed the cover-up as well…)”

“(Despite growing reports of sexual misconduct inside Asia’s biggest Catholic Church, it’s all been kept hidden behind closed doors.)” “(In Chile, all of the country’s 34 bishops have offered their resignations over allegations of a cover-up. There have been similar revelations from the United States, to Australia, to the Netherlands…)”

“(Cardinal Angelo Becciu faces accusations including using church money to buy a multi-million-dollar property in London.)” “(It’s the richest religion in the world. But the Vatican Bank is accused of corruption and abetting money laundering.)”

“(It started as an effort by a charismatic preacher to build a new society, but it ended, of course, with the tragic deaths of more than 900 people.)” “(The self-proclaimed guru, who was nearly blind, founded his cult in the mid-1980s. By the time of the Tokyo subway attack in 1995, the cult had 10,000 followers in Japan and some 30,000 in Russia.)”


From the very start of the message, the Apostles warn us to be vigilant and develop oneself spiritually in order to face immoral and chaotic times. They emphasize the importance of striving for spiritual perfection, saying, “Be often gathered together, seeking what is fit for your souls.” This could mean group meditation and support among the faithful so they can stay strong, spiritually and morally.

“For example, the water, if it's only one cup, it's not much. Is that not so? It can fill the cup and it's all right for the cup, but when many cups are put together – many hundreds of thousands of cups are put together – it becomes a swimming pool, and then more, then it will become a lake and then it'll become a river and it’ll become an ocean. So that's why the group meditation, it is extremely, extremely important to you; and you probably have learnt that by your own experience. Is that not so? (Yes.) You feel cleansed, energized when you go out. (Yes.)

One cup you cannot clean, but if you put together, it becomes a lake – all of you can swim in it and it's still there. You know what I mean? (Yes.) But if you just pour one cup on your body – not only your body is not cleansed but the water is gone. You know what I mean? (Yes.) So, it is a privilege for us to go to group meditation. It is really, really a great benefit to mankind as well. Because if the lake is there, not only you will benefit, but many other people in the society who don’t put water in the lake can also get benefit.”

“Group meditation is just like having a good friend or good beloved, unconditional, and we grow together and we share together some problems and happiness, and this is very good for human psychology. Yes, even not talking about spiritual practice. Because we’re weak. Sometimes we go alone, and if somebody gives temptation, we will fall. But if we go two, three, four persons together, temptation, if we want to go there, my friend says no, no, this is no good for you, come back. That’s why we must have friends to practice together. Yes, in this life, everything is like that.”

Also, it has been said that we “do not know the hour in which our Lord comes.” But perhaps now, we can tell when Christ the Savior will return, if we put together more details that other Christians have left behind. Let’s consider the following text written by Lactantius, an early Christian author of the 3rd century AD who was also an advisor to the Roman Emperor Constantine I. Lactantius said that at the time of troubles before Lord Jesus Christ’s Second Coming, there would be huge environmental upheavals. “Cities shall be utterly overthrown and shall perish; not only by fire and the sword, but also by continual earthquakes and overflowing of waters, and by frequent diseases and repeated famines. For the atmosphere will be tainted, and become corrupt and pestilential – at one time by unseasonable rains, and another time by barren drought, now by cold, and now by excessive heat… Fountains also shall be dried up, together with the rivers, so that there shall not be sufficient supply for drinking… On account of these things, beasts shall fail on the land, and birds in the air, and fishes in the sea…”

Here, we find mentioned all together: wars, earthquakes, floods, diseases, famines, untimely rains, droughts, heat waves, and deadlier winters, as well as dried up rivers and species loss. Could Lactantius be referring to the present age of crisis, when violence and natural disasters have been intensified by orders of magnitude?


Another way we can tell that the end times are upon us in our present era, is that different Christian mystics have all made similar predictions over the centuries, right through the 20th century. For example, Blessed Elena Aiello of Italy had many visions in the 1940s and 1950s warning humankind of the imminent retribution to come if they continued their immoral ways. “The scourge that will purify the earth from evil is near. Divine Justice cries out for satisfaction for the many offenses and evils that cover the earth.”

Fully aware of what is happening with our world, Supreme Master Ching Hai also informed us that a cleansing period has been taking place on the planet.

“You know, recently there is a lot of cleaning, remember? A lot of disasters and wars and all kinds of things. These are the screening, screening process.”

“The screening process will always continue, until at least humankind has changed to a better standard, to the real human standard, with love, compassion, and peacefulness coexisting together. But right now, the screening process still continues, although it’s a little different degree of intensity. But because humans always waver, so the result also changes. Sometimes slow, sometimes suddenly.”

Another seer was Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified, also known as Mariam Baouardy. She was a Carmelite nun from Palestine who lived many years in France. In 1873, having had disturbing visions of the future, she was asked when the horrible war that she saw would end. After a period of silence, she replied: “Ah! It will be long, because everyone has to go, big and small: we are all corrupt!”

“People are dying in countless numbers. You can see on the news that they were digging so many holes everywhere (Yes.) and never enough even, for the coffins, the graves. Just like that, just simply dig graves everywhere that they have space and just lower them down, that’s it. Unceremoniously.”

“This world up to now, in many ways, is still helpless, and we have many pandemics. (Yes, Master.) Not just the virus. The virus in the society, in the governmental system, in the social system, is even harder to cure than COVID-19. But what to do? The humans have to learn. (Yes, Master.) We have to be patient. And whatever they did, they have to take the consequences if they did not U-turn and repent and change.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Urgent Call to Pray for World Vegan in order to Rescue our World and for Lasting Peace: click here to watch the full message

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