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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 107 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“Only those who meet the Wooden Rabbit can live a long life. Her Grace will bring happiness and health to all beings.


Previously, we began exploring “The Jinling Pagoda Stone Inscriptions” by the famous Chinese prophet Liu Bowen. It describes the Great Peace that will come to our world and the preceding tribulations. “The Jinling Pagoda Stone Inscriptions” mentions specific disasters, such as nuclear radiation, bustling cities submerging under the ocean, high buildings becoming heaps of mud, and people’s family members dying all around. All things, even worms and ants, are vulnerable and perish in the catastrophe. They are events that we can certainly witness to varying degrees in our modern time. “Light gas can shake the mountains. Iron can hardly withstand a ray of radiation.“Bustling cities will submerge under the ocean. High-rise buildings will become heaps of mud.“Parents die and are difficult to bury. Father and mother die, son and grandchildren carry them.“All things are exposed to the catastrophe, even worms and ants perish.“Because this time, cleaning as well. (Yes.) Cleaning the whole planet. (Yes, Master.) All this is just cleaning and warning, but humans, if don’t change, then it’s going down.

“Fortunately, there are two large wooden columns to support the mansion. This next verse tells us that all hope is not lost, for there are two large wooden columns to support the mansion from utter collapse. Liu Bowen is referring to the Savior Saint. “Two large wooden columns” could mean that the Saint is born in the wooden years of pine and cypress and in the EAST, a direction associated with the wood element. In the 20th century, the only wooden years of pine and cypress were 1950 and 1951. Precisely, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s birthday does fall within 1950 and 1951! And She was born in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, a country in the EAST. Supreme Master Ching Hai has truly been like a great Pillar supporting the mansion that is our planet and world from total collapse. “Our planet would have been destroyed long ago, our world would have ceased to exist if we had not had many benevolent, compassionate Masters who came and went during all our history of humankind. (Yes, Master.) And even now, even if there are no practitioners, no Master’s power to uphold this planet, it would be gone. Because the sins of seven billion people are too great. Too heavy. It’s shaken Heaven and Earth. (Wow.) It pierces all hearts of devas and deities everywhere in the whole universe.”

“The bird flies and the lamb runs back home. This verse envisioning a bird flying and a lamb running back home could be interpreted to mean that the Saint will deliver sentient beings back to Heaven, beyond the Three Realms, so that they’ll no longer go through the suffering of birth, aging, sickness, death, and reincarnation. Thus, the freed bird finally soars above this cycle, and the lamb is safely shepherded back to her flock. This is like the biblical parable told by Lord Jesus Christ, in which He compares the shepherd’s joy of finding a single lost sheep to the joy of Heaven when even just one sinner repents and thus receives spiritual salvation. Could it also describe an unfolding vegan world? When all animals are free from suffering and regain their God given dignity? We pray: “so be it!”

“Only those who meet the Wooden Rabbit can live a long life. Her Grace will bring happiness and health to all beings. The prophecy clearly informs us that only those who come to know the Saint can live “a long life,” meaning they will survive and/or their souls will be saved. This is because the Saint can bless those who have faith in Her. Wooden again, the birth year, Rabbit to signify a gentle vegan being, a Saint. “Of course, I can bless the people who are repenting and turn to a benevolent way of life, I can bless by the Grace and Mercy of God Almighty. I have told you already that I helped the souls who are repentant, even though they have to die to redeem their sins. I help them if they are repentant in their hearts, if they have ever seen my photos, or my videos, or my talks, and have some reverence, or some belief in me. These I can help. Anytime they can U-turn now, and I will be standing by. If they can U-turn, of course they will have somehow more protection. But it also depends on how much merit they have as well. (Yes, Master.) So, combine that with their previous life merit and their sincerity, and their humble prayers and repentance, that would help somehow. (Yes, Master.) At least if they caught the pandemic, it will be milder, it will be lessened. And if they die, I could find an excuse to help their souls to go up to Heaven. (Yes, Master.)”

“Anyone who knows what it (this prophecy) means, will have riches, nobility, honor, and glory forever. The prophet says that only those who truly understand the meaning of the inscriptions and thus live in accordance with the Saint’s instructions, can safely survive these disasters and gain “riches, nobility, honor, and glory forever.” Does this mean that those who listen to the Saint will become wealthy or famous? We find out the real meaning of this verse in the prophecy’s conclusion as follows: “Towering multistory buildings rise high above the clouds into the sky. Roads are bustling with traffic and people make a din all night. Shallow water carp eventually runs into trouble. One hundred years of prosperity vanish like a dream. These closing lines by Liu Bowen were intended to serve as a clear reminder that the world we are in is illusory and ephemeral. Regardless of whether we live in magnificent buildings towering into the sky, and despite the hustle and bustle, chatter and laughter of mundane life, we will all eventually be like the carp stranded in shallow water, eventually facing trouble. Humans live to a hundred years at most; however wealthy we are, when death comes, the material things will vanish like a dream. Especially in time of disaster such as those befalling our world recently and ongoing. “Don’t be too comfortable in this world. It will leave you. Whatever you do in this world, it will leave you. You will leave it behind, it will leave you. So, just do what you can, but remember that. Important is soon to go out of this world and what will you take with you? Nothing but spiritual merit and good deeds. That’s the only thing you can take with you. Remember that very well, I’m serious.

Perhaps the main lesson we learn from “The Jinling Pagoda Stone Inscriptions” is that we should see through the mundane world and take the precious opportunity to practice what the Saint teaches. Indeed, we the disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai have experienced that the Quan Yin Method of enlightenment, by Master’s Divine Grace, leads us to the eternal real “riches, nobility, honor, and glory” that the prophet extolled. And we wish the same lasting security for fellow humans, especially in these uncertain times. “We are busy just existing here, and we forgot that the source of all strength, the source of all blessing, the source of all richness is within us. And once we can get hold of the source, we will have everything. I'm going to show you how to do just that - get in touch with your treasure. Just like the Bible says that ‘Lay not your treasure upon Earth where the moths can destroy, but lay your treasure in Heaven where it will last forever.’ I am going to show you the everlasting treasure, if you care to know.

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