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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 152 - Prophecy of the Gnostics

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“Then the Sun will darken and the Moon will lose its light. The stars of the Heaven will disregard their course, and great thunder will come out of great Power that is above all the powers of chaos, the place where the firmament of the Woman is situated.”

In 1945, shortly before the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, 13 hand-written books were found near the town of Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt. These texts were written by early Christians in Coptic, which was the ancient language of Egypt in the centuries just after the time of the Worshipped Lord Jesus Christ.

The Nag Hammadi library gives precious insights into the doctrines of Christ’s followers, before the current Christian church and Bible came into being. The early Christians are also known as Gnostics, because they emphasized the importance of “gnosis,” meaning the direct personal knowledge of God, for one’s salvation. The Gnostic writings reveal that gnosis involved sacred higher teachings from Lord Jesus, which were transmitted in secret only to the worthy. Such a direct experience of the Divine, as Supreme Master Ching Hai has told us, is essential to gaining true spiritual understanding.

“Only the one from Heaven, direct, within yourself, and transmitted by the Master, that is the real teaching, without talking. Because you can read a thousand sutras, can read hundreds of bibles, or any other documents, spiritual documents. It would never get you anywhere, (Yes, Master.) never give you the experience that you want or the experience that is spoken of in the holy scriptures – spoken but nobody can have it, except by the initiation with a real Master.”

“We forget that Jesus Christ taught many things. He taught people how to be invisible, how to have transcendental bodies, and how to have the power to save people, to be omnipresent, and to have light from inside and outside. These are the true teachings of Jesus Christ. The Bible is a record of some teachings He passed down. They are just theories, or they just teach people moral conduct. They are teachings on the outside, or external theories. The external teaching, everyone can have. As long as they come to the lecture, they can hear the teaching. But the inner teaching, not everyone can obtain.

It’s because the inner teaching doesn’t use language. We can’t get it by fooling people, or by bribing people with our politeness or money. We can’t exchange money or affection for it. Rather, we have to be prepared, pure-hearted and open-minded. That’s why the inner teaching is difficult to teach, and it’s not easy to obtain. That’s why not many people teach it in public, and not many people understand it, either, because it’s very difficult to understand. But I still try to use the external teaching to explain some theories so that people can understand the logic. Only then can I impart the inner teaching. The external teaching is to help us open our hearts so that the inner teaching can be transmitted.”

The Nag Hammadi Library contains a text that has come to be called “On the Origin of the World.” It includes a detailed account, probably based on someone’s inner visions, of how the Heavens and the Earth were formed, as well as the angels, demons and humankind. Following is one of the fascinating excerpts:

“But actually chaos comes from a shadow that has been called darkness. The shadow comes from something existing from the beginning. So it is obvious that something in the beginning existed before chaos came into being, and that chaos came after what was in the beginning…”

Wow! This description reminds us of what Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed before about the Big Bang and the origin of our universe, which is even called “the shadow universe.”

“The Big Bang is where energy seeped down from OU (Original Universe), collided” – bumped into – “collided with coarse energy at the Seam of the Universe and exploded into the Shadow Universe.” “That’s Big Bang.”

“After the nature of the immortals was completed out of the infinite one, then a likeness called Sophia (Wisdom) flowed out of Pistis (Faith), with the wish that something should come into being like the Light that first existed. Immediately Her wish appeared as a Heavenly likeness with an incomprehensible greatness. This came between the immortals and those who came into being after them, like what is above.”

“You know, some energy, because so powerful, it seeps down past the Seam of the Original Universe and manifests into different worlds, into some beings. And then, some of those, with so much energy and creative force within them, this just naturally, automatically created the lower worlds with their merit. And then, after that, lower beings worshipped the Lord Tim Qo Tu for a great many, many eons of time after knowing the name of the Lord, after knowing where they came from. And then they were able to have such a powerful creative energy that they asked permission to create their own world. And then so on and so forth, and then it passed on to lower realms.”

The Nag Hammadi text not only told the history of our universe’s distant past, but also its future, which it referred to as “the consummation of the age,” meaning the end of an era. Let’s take a closer look at what was said.

“Before the consummation of the age, the whole place will be shaken by great thunder. Then the rulers will lament, crying out on account of their death. The archons (lower gods) will mourn for their human beings, and the demons will weep for their times and seasons, and their people will mourn and cry out on account of their death.”

Here we find clues that the state of the world – with its rulers, subjects, and demons – will come to an end. It was stated that before the consummation of the age, great thunder will come out of the Great Power and shake the whole universe. This will terrify all the evil rulers of physical realms, the archons of chaos, and their devilish demons.

The archons are lower gods that govern the human world. They were produced by the Creator god who created the physical realm. However, the time will come when “the archons will mourn for their human beings” that they controlled, plus they will lament their own deaths. Then the time of consummation will begin. We believe that this has come true, with the advent of the Great Savior of our time, Supreme Master Ching Hai. Her presence truly clears away the demons and shakes every corner as if “by great thunder,” as witnessed by one of our Association members.

“(Then Master happily and naturally sang the song ‘I Will Forever Love You.’ When singing this song, Master’s voice rocked the whole universe. The whole Earth was trembling. It was deafening to my ears. I was blissfully immersed in that experience. After I went home, I had a retreat for 7 days, enjoying this blissful event. enjoying this blissful event.) I understand. (However, during that 7-day retreat, something more astounding happened. When Master was singing happily, that vibrating power destroyed many of the maya’s palaces. They simply disintegrated. I was overjoyed. After the 7-day retreat… Wow! With one joyful outburst by Master, the power of vibration had shocked the universe tremendously.)”

“Then the age will begin, and they will be disturbed. Their kings will be drunk from the flaming sword and will make war against one another, so that the earth will be drunk from the blood that is poured out. And the seas will be troubled by that war. Then the Sun will darken and the Moon will lose its light. The stars of the Heaven will disregard their course…”

These lines reveal that in this time of transition, the whole world will be in chaos and be filled with darkness and ignorance. Humans, especially leaders, will be troubled by negative forces to do evil deeds, such as making bloody wars that impact both land and sea across the whole planet. However, at the darkest point of the age, something awe-inspiring will occur.

“…and great thunder will come out of great Power that is above all the powers of chaos, the place where the firmament of the Woman is situated.”

This might indicate that the Savior will descend from a higher Power that is above all the powers of this shadow universe. We think this again refers to Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Power which She has brought down from the Original Universe. This place, the prophecy also says, is “where the firmament of the Woman is situated.” In this context, the Woman refers to Sophia, who in Gnosticism is the feminine part of the Christ Power. Sophia is from a supercelestial realm, while an even higher form of Herself resides in the Spiritual Universe (Pleroma), which emanated from the Highest God.

Similarly, we know that Supreme Master Ching Hai, who originally came from the Highest Source, also passes through different Heavenly Universes and Levels. And before, She would sometimes “rest” in certain Heavens, such as the Fifth Level, in between entering our material world.

“When God comes down to any planet, it’s not necessary that God can come back to Hiers abode right away. Just hang around or come back again, or go to another planet, come this. You know, it depends. But rarely, God comes down.”

“(Master, do the Beings in Tư Quơ (tiher quer) or the Original Universe ever leave there to go to the Shadow Universe?) Yeah, if They have to, but rarely. (I see, Master.) Rarely. No need. They can go down, yes. One of Them went down, you know already, at least. (Yes, thank You, Master. Master, we are so happy You came down for us.)”

“(Master, You mentioned that earlier, only one Being has been to the Original Universe. So compared to the Fifth Level Masters, does it mean this unique Being has brought down much greater, much all-encompassing power to benefit the whole universe?) Well, you can say that. You can say that. Yes. (And that’s the reason why we witness so many positive changes and peaceful progress happening in our world so quickly that have never happened in our history?) Yeah. It’s like that. Actually, some of the Masters also predicted like that. Like Master Beinsa Douno? (Yes, Master.) He said that there will be a tremendous power coming to our world. Already coming. And some other predictions also mentioned similar. Or more or less, I think. I don’t remember a lot of these predictions. But you can refer to them.”

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