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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 106 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“When the time for the country to thrive comes, seeds of GREAT PEACE will be planted in the fourth earthly branch.

“The Jinling Pagoda Stone Inscriptions” is another significant prophetic work attributed to the great Chinese philosopher and statesman Liu Bowen of the Ming Dynasty. Discovered in a pagoda in Jinling, known today as Nanjing, in 1918, these writings predicted major events to occur in China beginning in the 20th century, 500-600 years after Liu Bowen’s time. Also revealed are fascinating truths about the future Saint who was to grace our planet.

“When the time for the country to thrive comes, seeds of GREAT PEACE will be planted in the fourth earthly branch. “When the time for the country to thrive comes” refers to a peaceful and prosperous time for our world. The prophecy also said that seeds of great peace will be planted during “the fourth earthly branch.” This period is the year of the rabbit. Perhaps this refers to one particular year of the rabbit, 2011, when Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed that She had a plan to establish total peace on our planet. “(Yes, Master. You just mentioned also the Plan D. Would You share with us what is “D”?) It’s COMPLETE PEACE on this planet, (Wow!) that no one will kill no one any longer, even animals. (Wow!)”

However, before achieving a peaceful World Vegan, first there will be a devastating catastrophe that human beings have to experience. In this catastrophe that lasts many years, the world is fraught with wars, droughts, floods, fires, and plagues. Heaven uses various kinds of disasters to eliminate those who kill and harm other beings, or and related whether in this or previous lives. It must all be paid back now. Supreme Master Ching Hai has also warned that a big cleaning is going on. “It’s not like before, lenient and wait and patience. (Yes, Master.) It’s the order of Heaven right now. Now it’s just black and white. Go to Heaven or you go to hell, accordingly. “If they don’t change, they will continue like this and get worse and worse, as you can see. (Yes, Master.) You can see it nowadays. It’s kind of a rush. You know, enormous fires everywhere. If you see on the map, it’s dot, dot, dot, dot everywhere, and then tsunami to boot. And then what? Floods, and then locusts, and then pandemic, and then another new virus, and the old virus surging up, etc. And then the economy collapsing, and protesting everywhere, for example like that. This world is really in troubled waters, deep, deep, deep, deep in troubled waters. And I fear for humankind, what’s happening next.

“A plague transmitted by air can kill thousands upon thousands of people. Big sheep can be more ruthless than the jackal and wolf. This verse reveals that a fierce and terrible plague comes, killing countless people, and it is transmitted through the air. “Every state is now reporting deaths from the virus.” “The number of COVID deaths has surged to at least 32,000.” “Every one of her patients is seriously ill and on a ventilator.” “How can we minimize the chance of catching coronavirus?”

Recently, growing scientific evidence has emerged that the COVID-19 virus could be airborne, through lighter microdroplets emitted from talking, coughing, and even exhaling. Supreme Master Ching Hai had warned in advance earlier, repeatedly during conferences ON MARCH 30, APRIL 29, AND ON MAY 25, 2020 that the virus is spread through the air also, and people need to take serious precautions. “… Because it’s in the air. Even though you’re not near the sick person, it will be in the air.” “The air they breathe carries out, spreads out the virus. So the mask doesn’t help 100%, but it helps somehow.” “Because a lot of people who don’t know they’re sick, or sick but walking around somewhere or in a supermarket or something like that, being macho, don’t wear a mask or flouting the emergency COVID curfew, and they breathe and they cough and they talk, and it’s still in the air, then you will get it if you are near or next to. After, even if nobody’s there anymore, you still get it. So have to wear a mask and protective (gear) outside your room. Wash your hands, your body, all the time, after you’ve been out. You have to be serious. Don’t be macho, because you don’t know what it’s like when you are sick with this. It tortures you. Some feel like burning fire in their body, in their blood. Some have no air, they cannot breathe. Some children are sick with a strange disease and some people got affected in different ways. This COVID-19 infection is like none other. It has quite a variety of symptoms all related to it, and even no symptoms at all. Very scary one for children and adults alike. Even healthy, young adults also. So, be serious.

Liu Bowen’s prophecy also said that “big sheep” can be more ruthless than the jackal and wolf. “Big sheep” seems to be a reference to the COVID-19 pandemic, which as Master reminded, is ruthless to young and old alike. Also, the Chinese words for “big” (大) and “sheep” (羊) combined is the word for “America” (美). Thus, the verse could also mean that the plague will have a particularly ruthless impact in the Americas (including North, Central and South America). Indeed, this sadly has been the case.

In a second interpretation “big ocean” in Chinese, refers to tsunamis triggered by earthquakes, or even by comets or meteorites hitting the earth. A tsunami is certainly a terrifying and ruthless event that causes heavy losses of lives. Master has revealed that She has been quietly working to stop such disasters from happening, and that one way She does this is by casting special, protective spiritual rings. “It works like protecting the planet, so it doesn’t explode. (Wow. My god.) That’s the second time. The first time I cast, it’s for peace. This second time, it’s for physical protection of the planet, and that the people, whoever still can live here, are safe. (Thank You, Master.) So that comets will not hit our planet, for example. (Wow.) Or the sun flare will not burn up our world. (Wow.) Many things could happen. Or high tsunamis will not destroy cities. (Wow.)” “I had a vision how You actually stopped that tsunami from landing, and I was thinking all these predictions done by many psychics before, they were meant to be, except thanks to Your grace, humans escaped so many disasters. It’s just unbelievable.”

“It is difficult for people to escape when encountering ferocious tigers. The blessed people can live in the mountain villa.” The prophecy says that people cannot escape this catastrophe due to the force of the karma they had created, just like one cannot easily escape after encountering a tiger. However, those who have enough spiritual merit will have a protective shield, just as a house in a mountain village would protect a person from predators. “That’s why merit is utmost important. Moral is your shield in this world. (Yes, Master.) Of course, God helps you, but you’ve got to help yourself also. (Yes.) So, we have to only rely on our own vigilance and the moral standard and the merit that we have. (Yes, Master.) “Your immune system is something, but your karmic immunity is another thing. You never know if you have enough merits from the past life or present life to cover your illness. Just like some people don’t have insurance. Some people are rich, they have insurance. Even though they have done it years ago, decades ago, they have insurance for this. But they have never used it. They almost forgot about it already, because nowadays they do it all online. (Yes, Master.) And it goes automatically from bank to bank. So you don’t even think that you have insurance. Only when you get sick, then you know, ‘Ah, OK, I am covered.’ The same. If we don’t have enough spiritual merit to cover, then we might get sick, despite all the caution.”

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