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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 104 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“Heaven has eyes; the Earth has eyes. Everyone has a pair of eyes. Heaven is in turmoil; the Earth is in turmoil. (Yet) people continue enjoying unlimited frivolity and pleasure.

Today we will travel to China’s Ming Dynasty era of the 14th century, to begin exploring the predictions revealed by the legendary prophet Liu Bowen, who is known as “the Chinese Nostradamus.” Liu Ji, better known by his courtesy name Liu Bowen, was born in Zhejiang Province on the southeast coast of China. An outstanding strategist, philosopher and poet, greatly proficient in history and astronomy, Liu Bowen was a key adviser to the Hongwu Emperor, assisting him in establishing the Ming Dynasty and in maintaining its stability. Liu Bowen was famous for his incorruptible, upright character. Foreseeing many of China’s major events he predicted that their own newly founded Ming Dynasty would last for 300 years, and so it did, from 1368 to 1644. Liu Bowen’s writings such as “Shaobing Ge” (“The Baked Cake Ballad”), “Jinling Pagoda Stone Inscription,” and “Averting Calamity Inscription” are among China’s top ten prophetic works.

First, let’s explore the “Averting Calamity Inscription,” which is also known as “Shaanxi Mount Taibai Inscription of Liu Bowen” because it was discovered in Mount Taibai, Shaanxi Province after an earthquake. This inscription appears to have predicted a horrible plague that would happen in “years of the pig and rat,” according to the Chinese zodiac. Yes, concerned viewers, this plague is believed to be the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in a year of the pig, 2019, and spread worldwide in a year of the rat, 2020. “News of a mysterious lung disease in Wuhan had been around for weeks...” “Deadly, never-seen-before coronavirus has now been found in four other countries...” “It’s believed that the virus may have originated from a market in the city where people can buy an assortment of wild game meat.” “In the past two weeks, the number of cases of COVID-19 outside China has increased 13-fold.” “The deadly coronavirus officially hitting the US...” “A ninth person has tested positive for coronavirus...” “This is now the third case in Ontario, fourth case in Canada...”

The COVID-19 virus, a new disease with many horrific symptoms, has claimed at least hundreds of thousands of lives and infected tens of millions, by official counts. But as Supreme Master Ching Hai recently revealed, the actual number is staggeringly higher. “So, 24th of July, we have in the whole world 1,003,322,462 COVID-19 infected people. (Wow! That’s a lot.) Only I’m talking about infection. I don’t talk about the dying and all that. (Yes, Master.) And of course, some are dying also. (Yes, Master.) But, as of today, 29th of July, 2020, we have more. It’s always going up in numbers. (Yes.) As of today, it’s 1,005,432,271 COVID-19 victims, not counting the dead.

It has inflicted tremendous suffering upon young and old, rich and poor, and disrupted all of our lives. Will there be a way out of this punishing pandemic? We are about to find out in the astonishing verses that follow… “Heaven has eyes; the Earth has eyes. Everyone has a pair of eyes. Heaven is in turmoil; the Earth is in turmoil. (Yet) people continue enjoying unlimited frivolity and pleasure. This verse says that whatever one thinks, says and does is recorded and watched by Heaven and Earth, and in fact by all beings. This means that no one can escape judgment and one’s due karmic retribution. As Supreme Master Ching Hai has often said: “We are all transparent in the eyes of Heavens, and every day so much untold suffering all around our world, that’s witnessed by Heaven and Earth.” “Oh, we’re shameful; if we do things wrong, not only Heavens know but the animals, they know everything. (Yes, Master.) So, we have to be careful what we are doing.”

The prophecy then says that Heaven and Earth are in turmoil, yet the worldly people are largely oblivious to the desperate state of affairs around them. Instead, many continue going about their daily lives thoughtlessly and indulging in their habitual pleasures unrestrainedly. This is truly our world’s current situation, and Supreme Master Ching Hai has been tirelessly working to awaken us to it, in hopes of saving as many lives and souls as possible.We are all in danger of extinction; animals and humans, have to speak out because the WORLD IS BURNING, threatens to get worse any moment, HUMANS AND ANIMALS PERISHING at an alarming rate. Heavens and Earth are plaguing us with ever new, more strange diseases. Destructive signs are evident everywhere. WARNING SIGNS ARE AMBER and obvious around our world! Someone has to speak up more loudly. I have to speak up more loudly. All the governments signed the less meat protocol, but haven’t done anything concrete for it. Oh! God help our world!” “And now the world is locked down. And still don’t wake up! And it’s just like business as usual. They’re thinking outside. They don’t reflect inside to know the real cause of the problem, like COVID-19. The thing is, they have to realize that meat, the thing they put in their mouths; is dirty, filthy, germs and antibiotic-laden and wicked-karma-laden also. They have to realize that being human, the crown of the creation, they have to be more compassionate, more loving, more kind. That is the main point.” “And now that people are going tens of thousands on the beach, and then out everywhere… God! People are so careless. Yesterday even, the representative for the WHO (World Health Organization), he kept pleading with people. He said, ‘Please, take care. Please, the pandemic is still here. It’s not gone away.’ Meaning that don’t be too careless. Must be very, very vigilant, and very, very protective of yourself and other people. (Yes, Master.) Even if you’re not scared, you’re macho, and you don’t worry about your sickness, but if you go out, and in case you carry this sickness without knowing it, you will infect other people if you don’t take care, if you don’t wear a mask, for example, or don’t isolate yourself. I say all this for people, so they’ll be more careful. It’s not fun to be sick, especially this type. (Yes, Master.) It terminates you, and tortures you before that.”

“There will be no crops planted in the fields. Be cautious as all places are without folks. How true these words are! COVID-19 lockdowns have had a huge impact on the agricultural sector, with many crops going to waste and farmers hardly able to continue growing because it has become impossible for them to sell as before. There have also been devastating droughts, locust swarms and other disasters. The prophecy also tells us to be cautious as there are no people to be seen around. With COVID-19, empty streets and closed businesses became a new norm in towns and cities globally due to governments’ self-quarantine orders. “It’s the first time that it happened that people have to be locked in. (Yes, Master.) So now, I guess, all the streets are emptied and many buildings look like ghost towns and stuff like that. (Yes, Master, yes, absolutely.) Poor people. What to do? (Yes.) But this is just one of the signs of the warning, but people just don’t listen. I think the governments and religious leaders have to take the more strong, leading role. Have to take more dramatic measure. (Absolutely, Master, yes.) Tell people to just return to their original loving nature. No more meat eating, no more massacring the innocent and the helpless. No more torturing them like that.

“If you ask when the plague will occur, look into the ‘10’ of the month and winter in the ‘9.’” In this hint, “10” of the month and winter in the “9,” the prophet might be referring to the 10th lunar month of 2019, which is November 2019, and the winter of 2019. Indeed, the world’s first known case of COVID-19 was traced to November 2019 during wintertime in China. The prophet even detailed accurately that the calamity, meaning the COVID-19 pandemic, would be alongside “ten more worries”:

First, the world would be in chaos. “Not just COVID-19, other catastrophes will ravage Earth and people.” “Punishment will be more severe.”

Second, there would be food shortages in the East and West. “It’s worrisome for our world, some people worry that due to all this, we will have food shortage. We already have anyway.”

Third, floods.  “And now we have even floods, torrential rains and landslides in many places…”

Fourth and fifth, hostilities and restlessness among people. “They have protests going on everywhere, about many things: about the pandemic, about racists, about many statues even, statues that they want to bring down or to bring up. It’s chaotic out there.” “I’m sure people also don’t want to go protest, to cause trouble for the police and for themselves. And to be in jail or to be cuffed and all that. It’s just that everyone is desperate right now. People are desperate to go back to normal and they worry about their future if their money is no more. Their savings are going low or none, and the governments are desperate. They want to help their people, they want to protect their people. And they have to just do that and standby and watch. That’s why some leaders or governments, they’re blaming each other because they are so worried and so desperate for their people. (Yes, Master.) Every leader wants to help their people. Like this, they feel helpless in their position. It’s not only money and jobs. Some people have just a very small studio and apartment. And normally if they can go out, it doesn’t matter. But now they cannot go out at all. (Yes, Master. So difficult.) Yes, the poor people are the most affected. (Yes.) And that’s why they just broke out. So you can’t blame them and you can’t blame the government. I also don’t know what to say. (Oh.) Just praying. (Yes, Master.)”

Sixth, a worry that would happen in the winter of the ‘9’ and the ‘10’ of the month. This, as we mentioned earlier, appears to mean the winter month of November 2019 – when the first known COVID-19 case emerged. “This is a terrible time. Everyone involved in killing or torturing or partaking in this kind of business, like meat business, are affected. Some are covered because of their bigger merit from former lives, it’s still left over. (Yes.) Some are not covered and they just got hit. (Oh. It’s so sad.) Full blow. Some are covered, so they recover to some extent from their own merit. (Yes.) Covered from former life or this life, if they’ve done something well, good, helping others or saving lives in some way. They recover, or they won’t get hit at all, even if they carry the disease. So that is the problem.”

Seventh, there would be rice (food) but no people to consume it, a possible reference to the produce wasted due to the halted economy. “And many foods that cannot sell in the restaurant and in the supermarket or other small shops, many related to food are rotten. A lot more businesses lost more money, more subsidies for different businesses. Instead of throwing food away, why don’t we give to the poor? (Yes.) Throwing food away to keep the price high. Many times, many farmers, many producers of fruits, vegetables, they throw them away, even though they can give it to the poor, give it to food bank or whatever.”

Eighth, there would be people but no clothes for them to wear, perhaps indicating the increasingly impoverished state of many communities, in part related to the pandemic. “The whole world is in deficit. Because of the pandemic, people don’t work, they’re less productive, but more payment. (Yes, Master.) Even I heard Americans’ debt is like some US$30 trillion, something like that. Some trillions anyway.” “Like this, every nation lost a lot, a lot of money. Because of businesses closed. Lack of tax and lack of workforce and lack of food supply and medical supplies, and all kind of supplies are lacking right now. Because the people cannot go out, cannot work, cannot spend. In some countries if they don’t have government subsidies, because of too many people or it’s a poor country, then people are worse off. They don’t have anything. Like in some countries, people sell things on the street. And that’s their income and they live from hand-to-mouth and now it’s very, very… (Poor people.) It’s desperate for them. (Yes, Master.) Desperate for everybody and worry in their hearts, in their minds and troublesome in their mental thinking every day. Every day is bad news. Nothing good yet.”

Ninth, there would be bodies but no one to pick them up, which we have also sadly witnessed. “They’re dying in numbers now. Bodies are rotten on the street in some countries because nobody takes care and not enough people to take care and some people don’t dare to take care, worry about the transmission.”

And tenth, the pig and rat years would be difficult. This, as mentioned earlier, points to the 2019 pig year when the COVID-19 outbreak began, and the 2020 rat year when it took hold all around the globe. “There are many other diseases also showing up right now. (Yes, Master.) I saw it on our [Supreme Master] TV, something in Yemen, cholera. And what else? Ebola? (Yes.) It’s even showing up again. (Yes, Master.) And measles somewhere, etc. (Wow.) You see because of the COVID-19 energy, the air will be somehow polluted, when people carry the disease and running around. (Yes.) So, people’s immune systems are also being affected even though they are not infected by COVID-19. (Yes, Master.) Thus, if they have caught another disease, normally treatable, it could be untreatable; (Oh, wow.) because their immune system is already somehow compromised.” “It’s a big cleaning time. (Yes, Master.) And even if we get over this, others will come. And nowadays, we have so many things coming, not just this. All this is just cleaning and warning, but humans, if don’t change, then it’s going down. You see we have so much fire, never so much. (Yes, Master.) Bushfires, and so many sicknesses at the same time, and then economy collapsing and even people fighting each other. Normal people go out on the street and fight with the police everywhere. A lot. You know they’re protesting outside, right? (Yes, Master.) They’re chaotic, and people die also, and people are also trampled upon, and people are sick and suffering so much. Life is so impermanent, so unpredictable. Nobody expected this COVID-19 to come so up at your door like that. (Yes, Master.) (No one would, no.) We’ve been talking about it, warning about it, but nobody cares. Ah, God! Why don’t just change? Just change all into organic (vegan) farming. Give subsidized money to these meat industry people. (Yes, Master.) And then they’ll change their lives. If they have money from government, they would change. (Yes.) Then they start a new life. Why wait until everybody is sick, and then cannot work and no income, and have to pay for everybody like this and make the country bankrupt? (Yes, Master.) And don’t know if can even get up again.”  “We just have to go through a period of so-called bad luck because of the karma (consequence), all this accumulated karma all this time, due to killing animals and meat-eating. But by no means we can clean up all the karma (consequences) that’s been accumulating too long. If we continue the way the world people do, like killing animals or making war, and then eating the animal meat, then we will have another wave of cleaning. Since forever, we always have plagues and trouble because of that. Because of the killing karma, killing the innocents, it just has to be cleaned out, however painful and sad it seems. But there’s no way we can avoid that. If we don’t change our way of life, we cannot change our destiny.

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