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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 126 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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The Queen is fully virtuous, very rich, but She only eats just enough, because She is very compassionate towards the people.


Up until now, we have learned about the extraordinary spiritual powers of the Savior, Ratu Adil (Queen of Justice), according to the visions of the gifted Javanese King, Prabu Jayabaya. However, the royal clairvoyant also observed that even while being fully Divine, Ratu Adil is also lively, loving, and down-to-earth. We were astonished at how precisely these verses could be attributed to the Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai.

 “She speaks well and wisely, and answers in a smart and lively manner.”

We find that these words very accurately describe Supreme Master Ching Hai’s way of speaking and answering questions: With eloquence, wisdom, spontaneous wit, and warm liveliness. Following are just a very small sample of the infinite examples!

“In the hotel where I stay, I pay some money and they leave me in peace. They even clean my room, change my towels, give me soap and everything I need. But in this hotel which we call life, we have to work, pay every day, and even if we pay we still have to suffer. We pay every day with our precious time, our precious energy, our precious knowledge, our precious short existence here on this planet, which we should use to recognize our great power in order to tackle everything with ease and without effort. So if you ask me, I advise you to find another ‘hotel.’ I know one.”

“(Master, why am I born?) How do I know? It's your business and you ask me. Funny! OK, you can know if you get enlightenment. Just go get initiation, and then all the answers will be there. No need to ask me. Second-hand stuff is never good enough for you, the sons of God. The sons and daughters of Buddha must know everything, first-hand knowledge.”

“(I heard many people said that when you are enlightened, you are supposed to shave your hair and wear no make-up. What do you think of this saying and comment?) What do you think? Is that correct? (No!) They say ‘No!’ Beautiful! Beautiful! I love that. It's very beautiful. You are very open, very enlightened, at least to some degree. If you still cling your attention to anything of this world, whether it's there or not there, you obstruct yourself. Your Nature is without anything: no dust can cling to your Nature. No make-up can cover your Buddha Nature; no lipstick can blur away the Light of Heaven. If you have the eyes, you'll see I am radiating Light now. Even if I put a whole charcoal box on my face, make myself black, I am still very ‘white’ and bright. So if you shave your head, then you are enlightened? Is that right? So why don't you do it? It's so easy. All of you do it.”

“(This person asks: ‘Why are we here?’) I would ask: ‘Why not?’ If we are here, we are here, no? (Are you God?) Are you not?”

“(The human condition is to feel separate, yet our souls are perfect. How do You suggest to align more with the perfect spirit instead of the human conditions?) Yes, good question.

Now, we can feel connected, at least in the beginner’s step, we have to remember what this Heavenly quality is like: loving, selfless, unconditional caring for others, we begin to do that. Unconditional love, caring begins on our table, on our plate. Love in action. We don’t kill others because they all love to live. We should not kill animals for food because that’s not the way intended by Heaven. So, let’s begin from that. And then if you want to go more, further, then you seek a guidance of a meditation expert, and you go deeper inside your great Self and know more and more each day. And then from that inner knowledge, you translate into outward action and then you will be a walking God, a breathing angel, a physical blessing to this planet. You have all the knowledge inside, imprinted in your DNA, in your being, in your soul, you know everything. You are part of God, you are children of God. Jesus told you that. Would He lie to us? And Buddha said, ‘You are the future Buddha.’ Would He lie to us? No! Why would He? If you are the children of God, then you must know you are at least similar to God. Think about that. You are great. If you’re not God, at least you are children of God. If you are children of the king, then you are princes and princesses. Do you understand the greatness of your being? You are children of God. Please, act like one. Etc…”

“She speaks and explains things clearly in a lively manner, and also tells how to cook raw vegetables.”

To help others in their daily lives, Master speaks lightheartedly and caringly about practical topics like the prophecy mentioned: “how to cook raw vegetables”! Also, this prophecy could be revealing that Ratu Adil, being a compassionate vegan, promotes and teaches about vegan living. Indeed, on Supreme Master Television, many delightful culinary demonstrations have aired in the series “A Gift of Love: Simple and Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan).” Etc…

“The Queen is fully virtuous, very rich, but She only eats just enough, because She is very compassionate towards the people.”

“(Master, eat something. We have always been…) I’ve taken my lunch. So now, I eat a little bit just as a token. You eat. (OK. Very good. Thank You. It’s very delicious. Good.) I’m only accompanying you to eat. Is it good? (It tastes very good.) Then, you eat more. We still have a lot more. (Thank You.) Continue. We don’t eat like this every day. Thanks to your blessing. (Oh dear!)”

This stanza indicates that Ratu Adil Herself, though very rich, leads a modest and simple lifestyle, often foregoing food, sleep and comforts in order to help the world. She once told Her Supreme Master Television team: “Actually, we are very frugal. Otherwise, all the money I earn would have been gone already before they even touched any poor or needy people. Because if we build houses for every (one) of us and luxury style, one car each, the insurance money will eat us up, and the mortgage or whatever. We’re OK. Right? We’re better off than lots of people, truly. Children who don’t have food to eat, they become only bones, especially in the African kind of countries. Oh my God, you just shed tears when you see all that. We are very good – too good. I really think we’re too good. We have everything.”

“She abstains from receiving gifts, they can be declined. She only likes to tease, do not feel insulted.”

The prophecy states that the upright Saint Savior declines gifts and offerings as a rule, and that the givers should not feel offended by this. This has always been true for Supreme Master Ching Hai.

“(Fellow initiates asked me to take this to You.) Oh! No, no, no. No gift. No. I’m Sorry. I won’t accept it. Would you give it to someone else? (Yes, I will.) If it’s medicine, give it to the elderly. If it’s (vegan) biscuits or candies, offer it to the monks. They can accept it; they need it. As an enlightened Master, I can’t accept it. Thank you very much. God bless you.”

“(She doesn’t accept gifts or help. I mean, She accepts help, but not in the sense of, ‘Let me give you a million dollars.’ She does what She does. And then treats us, the other way around. It’s like, let me shower you with love and gifts and honor and, lamps... It’s like, it’s stunning. There’s no other place in my life and my world that is like that.)”

And as the prophecy truthfully states, “She only likes to tease” or pretend to ask for something in jest!

“(…And within a period of four months, Master, my first client was a 21 million-rand property.) Wow! (People in real estate would know, it’s impossible to start in a new area, been off for four years, nobody knows you in the area, to get a 21 million-rand buyer.) Yes, impossible. (Yes, so I knew it was You, Master. So thank You so much for helping me enormously.) I didn’t do anything. I’m not a real estate (agent). Well, by the way, if you think so, where is my commission? Yeah, let’s get real, huh? Not just talking, talking. (Yes, that’s why I think we should be partners.) I want my share, my partner share.”

“Why have you picked this time of the year? Why not Chinese New Year? (We’ve also come during Chinese New Year.) You’ve also come during Chinese New Year? Those airlines and public transportation companies in China must have been very thankful to me, right? Because of me, they’ve earned a lot! (Yes.) They should have offered me some commission. But they haven’t given me any.”

I make jokes sometimes, I say, ‘Oh, the more money, the better.’ But not for me. Sometimes I say, ‘Give me, whatever, commission,’ but I never take any. You know that was all jokes. Right? You knew that, at that time. Any of you here ever hear me, see me coming to you and say, ‘I need some money from you?’ Any of you? (No.) Outside people, yes or no? (No.) Downstairs? (No.) Yeah. Upstairs? (No.) Now you know.”

This prophetic stanza then goes on to say that if the Saint ever does accept something such as assistance, it is the “helper” who actually benefits. “So lucky are those from whom something is taken (by the Savior), because they will receive extraordinary spiritual rewards in return.”

“So you see, the monks sometimes in the Buddha’s time, they went begging for food not because they needed it. But they went out begging to make affinity with other people. Like this Reverend Katyayana, he saw an old woman, poor woman, crying there. What could an old, poor old woman give him? Still he said, ‘Just bring me water.’ He could go to the river and drink it himself. He just wanted her to do it. He wanted her to do it so that she had a little bit of merit. Just a little bit like that. And then he could teach her, and then it clings better. It connects. Just like Jesus, when He was walking around preaching, there was also one woman taking water up. And He said, ‘Give me some water, then I will give you the water of life.’ Remember? It’s similar, it’s similar. It’s very good like that.”

“Sometimes, you think you are helping Master, but you never know. You might be helping yourself. It comes out sooner or later. Even if it doesn’t come out, you know, if you do good things, you’ll have good results, good merit. I’m telling you. So actually, I’m thanking you from the human standpoint. But in the spiritual sense, you really have to thank me, because you have a chance to do a great job, the best job in the world. (Yes.) So go on, thank me then. Come and thank your Mom. It’s OK, I don’t care. I don’t care. Good. I'm just telling you logically, spiritually only, but I don't really care if you thank me or not. As long as you work for the world, you have your own merit and your upliftment, and I thank you for that. I thank you for helping yourself through helping the world, that you’re wise enough to do that, that you’re good-hearted enough to do that.”

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