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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 118 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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“Like a human often attracting others, Destined as a Warrior Prince, Her appearance is very humble. Yet, She is also capable of handling the hassle from many people.

Today, let’s continue exploring more of Prabu (King) Jayabaya’s phenomenal prophecies on the arrival of Ratu Adil, as found in some selections of “Serat Jangka Jayabaya” (“Book of King Jayabaya’s Prophecies”) by the famous Javanese royal poet Pangeran Wijil I.

“Before She comes, there is a sign of a long-tailed star moving precisely to the southeast, lasting for seven nights. It is faster by early morning, and gone with the appearance of the Sun, shining all together with the One that had departed [from Heaven to Earth]. Human suffering lingers. That is the sign that Bethara Indra’s child has appeared, coming to Earth to help the Javanese people.

This excerpt tells about a supernatural sign of a comet, marking the time of the arrival of “Bethara Indra’s child,” meaning the Son of God, “to help the Javanese people” who have been suffering for a very long time. As mentioned previously, the word Java (Jawa) comes from the word “jiwa” for “soul,” so “helping the Javanese people” here likely means helping many souls throughout the world. Ratu Adil is a Savior for all of humanity, not just of one nation. According to the prophecy, the comet would come to the southeast region and after seven nights, it would leave as the Sun appears and the Savior comes from Heaven to Earth. Also, She would come when “human suffering lingers.” It is fascinating to connect this stanza to Supreme Master Ching Hai’s life: She (Her body) was born in the “southeast” region of the world, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), at a time of lingering human suffering, in 1950. The world was reeling in the aftermath of the deadliest war in history, World War II, and as the 1950s unfolded, there were other agonizing events such as the Korean War and Vietnam War, famine in China, etc.

Near the time that Master’s body was born, Her parents witnessed a supernatural sign involving Heavenly Light. “The reason my parents saw the (Inner Heavenly) Light, the whole house was brightened the second night, because I only came then. I didn’t come when the baby came out. I wasn’t in my mother’s womb. That’s why they didn’t see the Light when the body was born, because I wasn’t there. I came when everything was all clean and ready and settled down already, and when the angels already made the road clear and everything, and the body is already clean and a little bit away from the mother’s energy, and then I came down.”

Master was not born through the normal process of birthing. She once said that Her Higher Self had made a connection with the body of Her parents’ newborn in 1950, and then assigned a Fifth Level Saint to maintain and purify the body until Master entered it when the girl was two years old. Could it be, then, that “the comet” represents the Fifth Level Saint who came first, then left as Master − “the Sun” − appeared?

“Her place is at the foothills of Mount Lawu’s east side, on the eastern side of a river. The place is like Raden Gatotkaca’s, like a triangular pigeon house.

This next verse describes a place associated with the Savior: the foothills of Mount Lawu. Literally, Mount Lawu is a sacred Javanese mountain where natives of Java would go to meditate and strive to attain moksha, meaning spiritual liberation or enlightenment. Perhaps King Jayabaya was seeing in his inner vision one of the sacred mountain places where the Savior meditates, or the small thatched hut where She lived in Her childhood, in the mountain next to the river, where Her mother often bathed Her as a little child, as Master has told us some years ago. “Because of the war, our family had to move up the mountain to live. My mother and sister went out to sell the vegetables that they grew in the garden in the mountain. Every morning at 1, 2 o'clock, meaning at midnight, they carried vegetables down from the mountain to sell. They always carried a bamboo bell and struck it to scare away the mountain animals such as tigers, panthers, or wild boars. On the way home, they continued to strike the bamboo bell ‘coc coc coc.’ My Sister (Master) was only two years old and She lay... Hearing the sound of the bamboo bell, She knew that Mom was coming back. She was so happy that She crawled outside. At two years old, She couldn't walk much, just toddling. She crawled over a bamboo bridge made of one bamboo tree. The bamboo tree was like this, about the size of my arm. Because in front of my house, there was a stream, a small stream ... (A river, not a stream.) My father was inside the house, unaware of it. When he ran outside to look for Her and didn't see Her anywhere, he panicked. Then my mother screamed, ‘Oh, here She is. She is out here already!’ Later, everyone who heard this story got goosebumps. No one knew how She managed to crawl over that bridge.”

The verse then says that the Master’s place is “like Raden Gatotkaca’s.” As you can see, I, Gatotkaca, have a star on my chest symbolizing Heavenly Light, and my wings are for flying near Heaven. Thus, the prediction means that the Master’s place is one where Heaven’s Light shines all over. There were many times that Supreme Master Ching Hai has lived in the mountains of different countries, often near a river. And of course, such places would radiate brilliant holy Light from Her presence, especially as She would spend meditation retreats there. They are also locations that Master chooses for their good spiritual energy; they are places with Heavenly Light − portals, “outlets. Also, we are told that the Savior’s place is “like a triangular pigeon house. Some of Master’s abodes in mountains or other remote regions have been small huts or houses with triangular roofs. Moreover, Master sometimes stays in small plastic tents, which also have a similar triangular shape!

Let’s continue reading more prophecies from King Jayabaya about the future Savior of the world, according to the book “Serat Jangka Jayabaya.”

“Like a human often attracting others, Destined as a Warrior Prince, Her appearance is very humble. Yet, She is also capable of handling the hassle from many people.

This stanza tells us that the Savior is “like a human often attracting others.” Throughout Her life, wherever She went, many people have sensed something special about Supreme Master Ching Hai, from Her teachers in primary school to strangers during Her pilgrimages in India. And of course, after She became a spiritual Master, countless people from all walks of life have been captivated by Her radiant presence. I was always top (of the) class and all the teachers loved me a lot and respected me a lot. Somehow they felt respect, not just love.” “By the way, let me introduce to you. This is my teacher. He was one of my primary school teachers. He is a fellow practitioner now. They pampered me a lot. All the school teachers were like that, and he was one of them. (I was both a first-grade teacher and the principal of the school, so I didn’t have time sometimes. Whenever I was absent, I would ask Master to take over the class for me. Master was good at both Aulacese (Vietnamese) literature and at mathematics, and She was first-place in the class. The second-place student was far below Her level.) I don’t remember all this. (All the abilities that Master has today, I saw them before. That means Master was good at reciting poems, good at singing, good at playing musical instruments, everything. There was no subject that She wasn’t good at. She was even good at drawing. And at the end of the 1962-1963 school year, Master received two awards. One was for being first-place in the class, and the other one was for being first-place in the whole school. Master was excellent. Even though She was young, if there was some matters in class, Master would come to my desk and discuss with me like an adult, not like a child.) He has so good memory. I don’t remember all this. He’s still my teacher. I have to respect him. I’m very happy to see him. Thank you. [You were] good to me when I was young and naughty.” “Everybody wanted to come and take me home, to worship and to offer. In India, they respect monks and nuns so much, they call them ‘Saints.’ But I don't know. They are not always kind to other monks and nuns, just to me. But I had to always refuse, because I don't like to be worshipped. I just go around and I'm just an ordinary person. And sometimes, people even bowed to me. They prostrated in front of me. I was so scared. Those with the long beard, and big turban, about seventy years old, fit enough to be my grand master. And I told you already, the Dalai Lama was always very kind to me, especially. Every time I saw him, he spotted me in the crowd. He said, ‘Hallo, come here.’ Then he always gave me some of the precious medicine that he made himself. I saw that I was the only one that he ever gave personally, medicine like this.” “Many people saw my auras also so sometimes even if I went out somewhere and I dressed very poorly. Even some police. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes they show a lot of respect because of the aura. That’s why many of your brothers and sisters go ‘gah gah’ over me. Because they saw, OK? (Yes, Master.) Some say it, some don’t.” “(Master, how come I see Light emitting all over Your body?) It’s because I have Light. It’s simple.” “(Master has Light here.) There is Light here. Okay, then that means there is.” “And if your Heavenly eye’s open, you can see Light around us right now. Anyone see? Oh, thanks a lot! Yes? OK, good! Yes? Good! First time seeing me? Thank you! First time he saw me, and he sees Light around this physical being already. Can you imagine, how it is like inside when you even can radiate Light outside? So, be that person! It’s in you! You can do that.” “(I can see the aura.) You did? (Yes. It’s just blinding.) It’s automatic. (You’re just… I just feel like I can’t even look at You. I just feel like, You’re so bright.) Yeah? (It’s just blinding.) I’m sorry, I cover myself.”

The next line says that the Savior is “destined as a Warrior Prince,” which means that She is a courageous and victorious leader, come to end the suffering of innocent beings. “We have to work now, day and night. We cannot escape. We have to work. You can see the world is in such a shape. (Yes, Master.) If we don’t work, who will? We must win. (Yes, Master.) We don’t let the maya win anymore, even indirectly through brainwashing the humans or some of their leftover weakling subordinates. Got that? (Yes, Master.) We have to win. We have to do it. We have to rescue all suffering animals so that we don’t cry anymore.

The prediction also says that although “Her appearance is very humble,” Ratu Adil is “capable of handling the hassle from many people.” Indeed, Supreme Master Ching Hai may appear as an ordinary human being, but She is in truth the Mighty Tim Qo Tu, who constantly handles trouble coming from the human world, visibly and invisibly, as a most compassionate sacrifice to cleanse its bad karma. “At that time when Master came to my house… not long after that, police kept coming to visit us, asking all kinds of questions, and I was summoned to the police station and all that. My family, especially my wife, felt very down. Felt nervous… what is happening? But after I finished the police matters, I told my wife, ‘The police matters have been resolved, I’ve taken care of it.’ (My wife said) ‘Yes, last night I dreamt that Master came down from the 2nd floor. Master told me, “Don’t worry, I will take care of this.”’ And that’s what happened. It went smoothly.” “Not just police, bad people, they come and burn my garden, try to fume me out. Some people come and break in the house. Sometimes I go out, I have to hide in the trunk to come here to see you, because there’s only one road to go down. No, I’m not joking. There was a guy who drove me before, he knows it. (That was a brother disciple from Finland named Jus, who is still alive.) And sometimes they even follow us. One time we were going out and then there was a car opposite, and as soon as they saw (him), immediately he u-turned, you know, ‘zzzz,’ like that, and followed. I said, ‘Let him go!’ And then turned to the other direction even though it’s not our way. It’s like action movies. And sometimes even journalists or whoever, bad or good people, I don’t know, go in and pretend to cut something and just camping out on the tree next to my house, and looking around. But it was scary, sometimes they stayed the whole night in front of my house. And then the assistants tell me. I said, ‘Hey, why don’t you go out and give them a tent and a sleeping bag and tell them, “It is more comfortable this way.”’ Even though I was so traumatized, but I still can manage to make a joke. Otherwise, I don’t want them to be too scared, you see what I mean? I don’t know how I still live. Some people would have a nervous breakdown if it continues like this. But I guess I’m a tough guy. Look at me, see that? Muscle all over. So, even nowadays we’re supposed to have democracy and religious freedom and everything. I don’t know, I’m still running like Jesus’ time. Or Prophet Muhammad’s time, peace be upon Him. Sometimes I couldn’t run fast enough, and that is why they caught me, in the house or in other areas. Sometimes you can’t just always avoid, even if you know. If the karma is too heavy, the price has to be paid. I just have to take care of myself. It’s difficult, but I’m trying my best. For you, for the world.

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