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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 127 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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“That is She, the one who can give guidance about the meaning and significance of my prophecies. There are some people who fortunately meet Her; for some others, it is still not their time yet. Don’t be jealous, don’t be disappointed; it is not your time as yet to wear the symbol of the Queen without a crown.

The prophecies of His Majesty King Jayabaya remind us that the presence of Ratu Adil – the Savior Queen of Peace and Justice – is a precious gift for humankind. One of the reasons is that She shows all sincere Truth seekers a way to return to their Divine origin and thus find inner peace. However, there are more details to consider regarding this in King Jayabaya’s remarkable predictions.

“That is She, the one who can give guidance about the meaning and significance of my prophecies. There are some people who fortunately meet Her; for some others, it is still not their time yet. Don’t be jealous, don’t be disappointed; it is not your time as yet to wear the symbol of the Queen without a crown.

What clear prophetic verses! First, King Jayabaya emphasizes that the Savior Herself is the one who can truly understand and interpret the meaning of his prophecies, because She is the one fulfilling them. For all the prophetic stanzas up till now, there has been evidence proving that Supreme Master Ching Hai is fulfilling them today!

King Jayabaya then tells us that some are fortunate to meet Her in this lifetime and even become Her disciples. Thus, henceforth, they faithfully “wear” the Master’s spiritual symbol, so to speak. Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has also created an actual logo, which you, cherished viewers of Supreme Master Television, are familiar with! The S.M. Logo is red representing the physical body, while the gold shining through it symbolizes the Divine Nature of our soul.

However, the prophecy states that for others, their time may not be ripe to know Her and be initiated by Her: “It is not your time as yet to wear the symbol of the Queen without a crown.” Here, “the Queen without a crown” of course refers to the Savior, who does not literally wear a crown, nor was She born into a royal family in this lifetime; yet Ratu Adil leads with all the excellent qualities and bearing of a noble and benevolent Queen.

The stanza concludes that those who are fortunate to find the Savior should hasten to receive initiation from Her, for this is an extremely precious opportunity of enlightenment and eternal liberation, not only for themselves but also their future generations of relatives:

“Therefore, those who luckily found Her, hurry, come to honor Her, don’t lose the opportunity, immediately see Her, obediently. How lucky are your children and descendants!

So that's the good thing about initiation. Inside, open the wisdom, and clear all the storage of bad karma (retribution) and even good karma (retribution), so we don't have to come back again. That's why for the initiates, this is the last life, last life. If you want to come back, fine, you can. If you don't want to, nobody can drag you down. And five or six or seven or more generations of your relatives will be elevated to liberation also. So, the initiation is immensely powerful. It's incredible. And anyone whom you love and sympathize with in this life will get benefit also. Anyone! Even dogs and cats.” “I wish all the world to be enlightened. (Yes.) After World Vegan, World Peace, they should be enlightened. That’s even better. But right now, I don’t dare to wish so much. It’s just World Vegan, World Peace. That’s already very lucky for me. But enlightenment is the best thing that we could have.”

In Her wish for humans to have enlightenment, Supreme Master Ching Hai indeed is a rare True Master who is able to offer this valuable spiritual gift. However, never has Her purpose been to have many followers or to be worshipped.

“If She wanted, people of all Java land (the world) would bow down to Her. However, a few are chosen and selected.

The verses state that if the Savior wanted, “all the world would bow down” to worship Her, but She does not allow it. Thus, till now, compared to the world’s vast population, only a handful who truly yearn for God and liberation, and are willing to follow the moral precepts for it, have been “chosen and selected.” “I said killing is never right. Yes, I have told the journalist I wish I could say otherwise, that would make me even more popular. I told him meat is one of the most powerful industries in every country. And I’m almost alone, except with your support, against this. I put myself in an unpopular situation. If I have not forbidden you to eat meat, I would have had more disciples. Easy. Everybody comes in, just 叩頭 kowtows and that’s it – Ching Hai-ism! And I would amass all kinds of fortune, fame, whatever, but I never go in that direction. Not at the cost of my life even. We can’t.” “Even any Saint, Sage would tell you, only the worthy ones would really go to Heaven. Jesus said, ‘Unless you become like a child,’ meaning pure, ‘you will not enter the Kingdom of God.’ He doesn’t cheat you, He doesn’t lie to you, He doesn’t say, ‘OK, come, come, come! I want more disciples. More, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of people. The more disciples, the more prestigious the Master looks.’ He didn’t say that, even though He could. He can do miracles and stuff like that so He would just want to accept everyone. But He even tells them the truth: ‘Except you become as a child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.’”

Although not all humans at this time will become Her disciples, everyone (including even animals and demons) could still have the opportunity to receive Ratu Adil’s grace and blessings. For She is not an ordinary Master, but an extraordinarily powerful Savior of our time. “I thank you all, in-house and out-house, and all people in the world, all the helping hands in the world. Including those who are not my so-called disciples, but helping the world in promoting vegan, making peace. They don’t have to be my disciples; they are doing that and they are better than my disciples. (Yes, Master.) They are more than just disciples in my heart. (Yes.) Be Vegan, Make Peace. People who do that are my disciples. I will bless them. I will help them anyway I can.” “On the 6th of May, ‘Oh God Almighty, all the suffering animals since time immemorial, let the OU (Original Universe) Godses take them all up, barring none. They suffer enough, they suffer too much, over too much. Let them go to Tim Qo Tu’s New Spiritual Realm.’ My prayer. ‘By Your and all Heavens’ mercy, they will be forgiven. Please, Ihôs Kư Godses, take them all up for me. I forgive them all. In the name of the Most High, they will be brought up in all love, all glory, all dignity and all magnificence’”

“Periodically, souls have been liberated. Those who have repented are taken to see the Almighty.

“And then here it continues: ‘After the possessed bodies die in disasters or diseases, zealous demon spirits dragged to hell.’ ‘Those who are coerced,’ forced, or are threatened to cooperate with the zealous demons and made into one of them, but they are coerced and they repent, ‘will be saved by Tim Qo Tu to safe New Realm.’” “Of course, I can bless the people who are repenting and turn to a benevolent way of life, I can bless by the Grace and Mercy of God Almighty. I have told you already that I helped the souls who are repentant, even though they have to die to redeem their sins. I help them if they are repentant in their hearts, if they have ever seen my photos, or my videos, or my talks, and have some reverence, or some belief in me. These I can help. …So take heed. Tell your family and friends to beware and to repent and to change their lifestyle into benevolent one. Vegan diet is the answer. (Yes, Master.) And the people who are, for example, who are vegan for any reason, but die, it’s easier for me to take care of their souls, to help their souls to go to a higher level of Heaven.”

“The Queen of Justice who brings God’s religion, The Messenger who brings God’s messages, She is like a well coming to a bucket, a Master finding Her disciples, a Knight drawing the sword of compassion. Yet many people make Her disappointed, they close their ears, they blind their eyes. But those who open their eyes, listen to Her, come to Her, and follow Her (as their role model), they are safe.

Wow! How true these words are! Although the Queen of Justice showers Her blessings and compassion upon all souls – like a deep well of water generously filling up each dry bucket it meets – it is up to the people to be receptive of Her grace and salvation. “Perhaps it’s all the blessing power, very strong nowadays. Because it’s the final judgement time. Everybody knows that. (Yes, Master.) That’s why many of the predictions say in 2012, more or less, it’s the time that we say sayonara to this world and to our bodies. But because of the leniency of Heaven, we are still here. [We have saved some more years for the planet. I don’t know if you have, I have. We have. Probably work together. Yeah. You saved... Phew! I hope it will last longer, but I have to work harder. So much suffering. It’s worth it, it’s just sometimes I thought I cannot do anymore. Phew! I am glad to see you, though, I really am. The price was so high, I thought I couldn’t see you.] (Yes, Master.) Yes! But many, many disasters to warn humankind. (Yes, Master.) But just to give them the last ever chance to U-turn, to repent, to get the blessing to all be liberated. But alas, do they listen? Very limited group of people, to my disappointment. They should all be awakened. So much blessing, so much helping, so much sacrifice. But the humans are a difficult race to reason with. (Yes, Master.) Their mind’s being poisoned too long, too long. Generation after generation.”

“Oh, all children and grandchildren, let’s all really see. None is a lie, they will come true, the secret words spoken. Wishing these to be a fruitful help, a real great help, but you only need to prepare a way. The way is just repentance to God, your repentance with a pure heart so that you are safe and prosperous.

“You cannot just say, ‘Oh, I repent, I repent,’ and kneel there and ask for forgiveness, and it’s done. It’s not like that. It has to be from the heart. Truly repent, truly remorseful. And my guardians, the Ihôs Kư Godses, also check them out. Maybe you can cheat me, but you cannot fool Them. So, it depends. If they truly repent and have remorse and truly want to go back to their original Self, to their own Self Nature, to be near God, to know God more, then they can. But not just say, OK, they repent or look like repentant. No, no, no, no. Even the disciples also cannot. If the disciples make trouble for anyone or for me, they get punishment even worse. Because they know the right, but they do the wrong. Especially if they do wrong to the Master, but I forgive them, and I try very hard to help them.”

As King Jayabaya reminds us, the Savior can only help people secure a place in Heaven if they are genuinely repentant. Then, they can be purified and elevated to go to a higher and more prosperous spiritual realm where true, lasting richness is in abundance. We pray that all our fellow human beings will recognize this most precious window of salvation and Divine Grace – while it is still open – and thus follow Master’s words: “BE VEGAN, REPENTANT = SAVE YOUR SOUL!

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