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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 121 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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“Good people are rejected and exiled. The evil ones are promoted. The noble ones are scorned. The bad ones are adored.

In our previous episodes, King Prabu Jayabaya’s prophecies revealed about diseases and possibly pandemics that would plague humankind during the Final Judgment time. These and other problems would happen because of humans’ many moral violations and overindulgence in material life, forgetting their noble true Self. All these are signs of our present-day changing times – that is, when Ratu Adil, the Savior, will appear. In today’s episode, let’s look at several more signs according to “Serat Jangka Jayabaya” (“Book of King Jayabaya’s Prophecies”), by Javanese royal poet Pangeran Wijil I.

“People disobey God’s Law. …Many people prioritize money. They forget their humanity. They forget their kindness. …Children eat their fathers. Brothers eat their brothers… Humans are eating humans.

As evidenced in our modern times, glaring deviations from moral human behavior are rampant everywhere. For instance, all around us today, we see various people and groups in power in different fields, including governments, businesses and the media, that brutally exploit, manipulate, and mistreat weaker fellow humans. Thus, “Children eat their fathers. Brothers eat their brothers.” Driven by profit and fame, many people have lost their humanity.

The statement of relatives eating relatives could also be extended to refer to humans’ killing and eating of animals, who not only are sentient beings just like us, but also could have been our relatives in former lives. “Scientists have discovered that sheep, cows, pigs, and horses, etc., are also delightful, sweet, and loving companions with lively individual personalities, and a strong will to live, like humans. They are even raised as family members, which means they would never be killed. The Buddhist sutra already has reminded us that ‘all meats eaten by living beings are of their own relatives.’ As our relatives, our friends, and helpers, animals are here to live out their natural lives in freedom and dignity and peace, just like the way we want. They were never here for humans to kill and be violent toward them, to harm them in any way.

King Jayabaya’s prophecies go on to describe other aspects of today’s chaotic world:

“Many officials are evil and cruel. Their behaviors are odd.Etc…

“(Master, is there any truth to this fraud in the presidential election?) I cannot prove it to you. OK? (Yes, Master.) People do things behind the curtain, behind the closed door, nobody can ever tell. (Yes, Master.) But maybe your system of constitutional law or something like that may be able to help. Then they might investigate or something. All right? (Yes, Master.) The truth could come out. I’m very sad that the number one country in the world in economy, and politics, and freedom, and democracy, could not even be just and fair.” “The Heavens told me that he won long before today. (Oh, Wow.) But of course I did not want to tell you, normally I didn’t want to. Just by the way we discuss these things, but whatever comes out, that is according to Heavens and the karma of people. Alright? (Yes, Master.) We can pray of course.” “In the late summer of 2016, when I was meditating profoundly, a Divine Being came to visit me in my vision. He was wearing a yellow golden robe and his whole being was golden, including His face. I had seen similar Beings in another vision, but in that vision, they were many in number. Master had confirmed that they were the Universal Beings, not Buddhas, but higher in level. Still, I don’t know where they are from. This Golden Being told me that Heaven had chosen Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States of America and injected an energy in me to know it and follow the way of God and witness the things Mr. Trump will do to elevate the USA and the world. So, in one of our group meditation sessions on Sunday, I told the disciples before the elections that Mr. Trump was going to be the President and was chosen by Heaven. All disciples just looked at me and said nothing, but I knew that they did not believe me. I even told a few of my relatives about Mr. Trump being the next President and basically all of them just looked at me like I was a crazy person. All I knew was the truth about my vision and Master would support my vision from time to time through inner communications. Then, one day, Master revealed to me that She had chosen Mr. Trump and was happy that I was supporting Her. Then, in November 2016, Mr. Trump became elected as president. To me, it was not a surprise, but to the rest of the world it was a shock. My inner communications continued about President Trump and the promise he made to God. I decided to stay quiet for all these years. Then, when Supreme Master TV started airing the conference ‘PEACE: The Bigger Picture of Public Service’ on September 16, 2020, where Master talks in detail about President Trump and his service, I was very excited and happy that Master was finally talking about it very publicly. This only confirms what Heaven and Master had said to me a few years ago and whatever is chosen by God is the law. To me, Master and Heaven rule over everything. When you meditate sincerely with your heart, Master and Heaven really communicate and tell you the real truth. To my Beloved Master and Heaven, many thanks and I will support You till the end of time. With Master’s Love, Marco from California, United States” “If you are willing, please pray for President Trump. (Yes, Master.) We need him. He’s one of those good instruments in the world. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Despite how it looks outside. I cannot explain everything. (Understood.) But if I tell you he’s a genuine good guy, you must believe me. I have no reason to lie to you. (Yes, Master.) I also feel very sorry for him, because everybody attacks him relentlessly, constantly.

“Good people are rejected and exiled. The evil ones are promoted. The noble ones are scorned. The bad ones are adored.

“They’re provoking him, so that he gives up. But that’s just the trap and the trick. He should not do that. He’s a smart man, he shouldn’t do that. He should not listen to anybody except his own heart (Yes.) and except God. Listen to the angels around you; listen to God above you, because you are a righteous man. (Yes.) And that’s why I’m telling you this, Mr. President. I’m not embarrassed to show my emotions and support to you, because I know it’s right I’m not supporting you, Mr. Trump, I support your ideals, your work, your life-saving actions, because very rarely the world can see a leader like you. …Even if they pressure you, they embarrass you, they humiliated you, they degraded you, they try all kinds of things just to pressure you into giving up quick, don’t do it. Because all the great men, great women, who are destined to do something great for the world, truly great, they are never 100% supported by the world – almost the opposite. That’s the price these great people have to pay. That’s the way it is. …I also had many difficulties in my mission, all the way up to now, but I did not give up.” “You look around, Jesus, all His life, He’s trying to do good and be a good example of the Godly quality. But He has no reward in return, at least when He was alive. And Buddha, He has done a great deal for the world, for His disciples. But He has a lot of slander and blame and curses and sometimes even close assassination. Gandhi, for example, he strived to do good for his people and his country and to bring peace among religious believers in India. And what does he get in the end? Bullets killed him. And many other people like Kennedy of America, Abraham Lincoln, etc., etc... All these good people, they sincerely try to do justice to the world and bring peace upon human beings. But they all get very tragic retribution for the good they have done to the world. As long as you practice goodness and kindness, there will be always a negative power to try to attack you, to try to make you stray from your purpose and go in different directions, sidetrack you. So it takes a lot of determination and principles to control ourselves, to check our way, to check our life, so that you always go in the right direction without regret, without complaining that you don't have any good result out of this. Even I myself don’t always have correct results and righteous results awarded to me. For one time awarding or one of the praises, I get a hundred slanders in return. But still, despite all this obstruction and ungratefulness of mankind, we still continue to do good. We still continue to improve ourselves to do what is right, because it is right. Because it is the challenge of this world that we always speak the way of God, we always speak the commandments of the conscience. That’s how we rise above all differences and all the praise and the blame, to be a noble being.

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