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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 124 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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“The Messenger of God, Her Kingdoms are two: In Mecca is one. The Land of Java is the other one. The holy Saint’s abode, precisely, is Perak and Mount Perahu, West of Tempuran. She is loved by all Her people. She is the Queen well known all over the world.

The Sage King Prabu Jayabaya, whose prophecies we have been exploring, practiced meditation and asceticism with great seriousness. It is said that when faced with matters of state, he would meditate, taking only turmeric and Javanese ginger as food, and drinking fresh water from the spring. Even his ministers during this period would eat only simple vegan foods (such as grits) with water. Therefore, it is no wonder that King Jayabaya’s visions of the future Saint Savior, Ratu Adil, were full of clarity and understanding of Her Holy ways. Let’s now take a look at the following prophecies about Ratu Adil’s spiritual practice.

“The Messenger of God, Her Kingdoms are two: In Mecca is one. The Land of Java is the other one. The holy Saint’s abode, precisely, is Perak and Mount Perahu, West of Tempuran. She is loved by all Her people. She is the Queen well known all over the world.

In this stanza, Prabu Jayabaya describes the sacred spiritual sphere of the future Savior Queen, who will come as a Messenger of God. The Queen has two kingdoms, in Mecca and the Land of Java. The word Mecca means a spiritual center and could symbolize Heaven, while Java Land translates to “the land of all souls,” meaning a physical world or Earth.

Furthermore, the location of the Saint’s abode is at “Perak and Mount Perahu, west of Tempuran.” “Perak,“Mount Perahu” and “Tempuran” are all symbolic of hidden metaphysical places that can be found inside during meditation. Perak literally means “Silver,” and it could indicate the spiritual silver cord that connects our soul to our physical body. “Mount Perahu” is also a Javanese metaphor for the inner realm located at the Third Eye, or seat of our soul. Meanwhile, Tempuran is the confluence point of two rivers, which is usually used by the Javanese as a good place to meditate while surrounded by water. But perhaps the confluence of rivers could also refer to inner Heavenly Sound streams merging together through concentration during one’s meditation, with the joined focus by both sides, left and right, of the mind's Inner Sound currents.

Physically speaking, Supreme Master Ching Hai also prefers to stay at secluded mountain places, near a river or other body of water, much like the prophecy described. Every day, Supreme Master Ching Hai is in contact with two Kingdoms: Heaven and Earth. She revealed before that She sometimes discovers and meditates at specific places because they have a lot of spiritual energy or Divine connection points with Heaven. She is the only one who is able to absorb tremendous spiritual power at those sites, which are invisible and hidden to us. “Some areas have more spiritual connections, Divine connections than some other areas, and some have specifically more of this kind than that kind. So I’m running around. I’m hunting for treasure. I don’t always know in advance when I should go where. It’s like that. This is a secret of the universe. Suppose they tell me, ‘OK. This place is not as highly spiritual as the one in Romania,’ for example, where such-and-such place is. They know I would drop everything and go. Even though I haven’t finished absorbing all the power that this place has to offer before I can climb to the other one. That in turn is a cheat, number one. Number two, it could endanger my life because I am not ready in the physical connection. I’m not ready to absorb such a higher voltage of spiritual power. So, it has to be step by step. It’s safer for me.”

In another interpretation, the Savior’s Abode could be within Her disciples. “I will be with you all the time. The Master is within you. “Right after initiation, I went home and started to meditate. When I just started to meditate on the (inner Heavenly) Light, I saw Master smiling at me.” “When I meditated on the (inner Heavenly) Sound, suddenly I heard Master singing. I was so happy and said to myself, ‘Oh, Master came and She is singing to the initiates, why am I still doing Quan Yin meditation?’ So I opened my eyes, ‘Oh, it’s so dark, no one is coming!’ I thought, ‘Oh, that means I had an inner experience!’ So I closed my eyes again, and once more, I heard Master singing. And Your voice was so melodious and beautiful, accompanied by the sound of bamboo sticks striking one another. ‘Tok, tok, tok,’ very nice.”

The next part of this stanza says that the Queen’s people all love Her and that She is well known throughout the world. Indeed, the very meaning of Master’s True Name in Heaven, Tim Qo Tu, is “The Loved Lord of All Worlds,” fitting this prediction perfectly! In our world in particular, we witnessed that Supreme Master Ching Hai became world-renowned naturally, as many people from across the continents have been drawn to Her radiant presence and Her truthful teachings. Becoming Her disciples, they practice the Quan Yin Method of meditation, moral living and veganism. Experiencing profound changes and happiness in their lives through Her Grace, they cannot help but express their heartfelt love and gratitude for Her. “Master, what I wanted to say really is, I never have taken a mic and just given a heartfelt thanks to… When I look at You, and You’re answering questions, and the way You can reach with the wisdom and solve the problems, it’s just second to none. It’s just the Heavenly wisdom that You have. And I learned so much of Your inside in seeing the way You are, and I just want to say, I really thank You and I love You. I’ve had many, many, many spiritual blessings and visions and things that I don’t get into telling about. I was trapped, or entrapped, with a religion that I could have never gotten out of, and You opened up to me, and I’m here. (Good for you.) Thank You very much, Master.” “I also want to tell You, I love You very much. You are everything, everything, everything in my life. (Okay. Thank you.) If I didn’t have Your love, I don’t know, my life perhaps would be very miserable, or I don’t know what kind of life I would have. Thank You very much. I’m grateful every day for Your love, for the love of God. Thank You.” “Master, first I want to thank You for Your immense grace and for saving me. I hereby express my deepest gratitude to You. I will love You forever. (OK, thank you.)” “… And thank You, thank You, thank You for everything. (Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome.) I love You, Master. (I love you, too.)” Etc…

“Those who worship with standing statues, the Chinese people, and the Muslim spiritual seekers who received Her Shabd are all very happy.

These verses say that the people who come to the Savior initially are those whose religions have symbols of “standing statues.” The main examples of this would be Christians and Buddhists, who often venerate statues of Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, and Lord Shakyamuni Buddha, respectively. Among Her disciples, Supreme Master Ching Hai has many disciples with backgrounds in Christianity and Buddhism. We are also told that Chinese and Muslim spiritual seekers will also follow the Savior’s teachings. They will receive Shabd, meaning the Word, which is the inner Heavenly Sound and our True nature. Supreme Master Ching Hai indeed has initiated many thousands of Chinese people, as well as those of Muslim and other diverse religious or spiritual backgrounds. At the time of initiation, Supreme Master Ching Hai transmits the inner Heavenly Light and Sound. Thus, Her method is called Quan Yin, “observation of the Sound.” And as the prophecy says, all who receive Her Shabd experience profound happiness from reconnecting with their True Selves. “I've been longing to see You since I heard about You, read Your little book, ‘The Key to Immediate Enlightenment’. And when I got here, it is more than I expected. The brothers and sisters, they are just full of love. Before even I saw You, I feel like I'm just floating in the air. And then when I saw You, my mind trembled. I don't know what to say. I just want to thank You very much. And also, I am a Muslim by birth, and I saw other Muslims, I thought it was just me, Muslim in this center. (No, big family here.) Thank You very much, Master. May You live a long, very healthy life for us. Thank You.” “I am a Christian. When I took on the Quan Yin Method of meditation, I became more understanding about my own religious practice and the things that were in the scriptures that supported what we believe and teach.” “After I got initiated, I got perfect freedom. I felt freedom from all obstacles, and I became confident.” “My faith towards the Hindu religion grew even stronger. After being initiated I felt more peace, I felt as if I was closer to God.” “My understanding was deepened, with respect to the Jewish values and the Torah.” “I know that truly, our Master is a living Bodhisattva, the Mother of all Buddhas, who is here to deliver all living beings and spiritual beings.” Etc…

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