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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 116 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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Seeing 1,000 years into the future, King Jayabaya said that the dark age would give way to a Century of Happiness - when the long-awaited One would finally appear in the world. Who is She? And why is She called the Queen of Justice?

Today, we will begin to see a captivating portrait of the World Savior, according to the visions of the saintly seer and king named Prabu Jayabaya of 12th century Java.

Scholars have calculated that King Jayabaya predicted world events until the year 2178. He even gave each century a name based on its prevalent trait. For example, the last century that King Jayabaya spoke of is called “Kala-surasa” (Century of Peace) and dates from about 2079 to 2178. But before that, starting from the late 18th century, there would be “Kala-bendu” (Century of Wrath), during which human behaviors would go badly astray. People would become increasingly attracted to mundane interests, and fall into wickedness and suffering, in the form of oppression, deceptive sellers, war and crime, poverty, etc. Yet while forgetting their nobility, souls would be longing for the right path. The century after “Kala-bendu” is called “Kala-suba” (Century of Happiness), and it would last from about 1879 to 1978. This is the century containing the most anticipated prediction of King Jayabaya: the arrival of Ratu Adil. “Ratu Adil” means the “King or Queen of Peace and Justice.” She is the long-awaited Messiah of the Indonesian people and the world. Could Supreme Master Ching Hai be Ratu Adil? Master is indeed a graceful female Messiah and Her birthyear of 1950 is within the forecast Kala-suba century! And She is a most dedicated champion of peace and justice for all.

Justice for All Animals

“Animals they are helpless, and they have been tortured, killed, maimed, and mistreated, every day in our so-called civilization. This is not civilization; it’s barbarous, I’m thinking. Because even in human’s law, we only punish the bad ones. The criminals. The animals, they do nothing. They’re no criminals. Why they have been subjected to such kind of worse than nightmare, worse than imagination kind of treatment?” “We have to be fair to the animals. …How can we as a human, strong, intelligent, have choices, torture somebody who is weak, and helpless like that and expect mercy?!” Etc…

Justice for Children

“God doesn’t want any suffering for any beings. Not any blood, any flesh of animals or any other beings. Not even the circumcisions. Think about it, what kind of God would like to inflict pain on poor innocent, helpless babies and children or even male adults, for what? What for God wants to cause worry and pain for their parents. I’m sorry if I have offended you in any way but my heart is… I feel like it’s boiling. I feel… I feel… I feel like something is boiling. Thinking of these babies, and imagining how they have to feel so helplessly delivered. Just babies, a few days old, my God. PLEASE STOP IT! Otherwise God will punish you more.“Or in Africa, the woman’s organ has to be mutilated, otherwise, she is not a good girl and cannot marry. Really, when I read all that, I just could not bear. Not just torture animals, torture each other, for no reason! And what for the girl has to be married off anyway? Can she not just live alone and be free? And even blaming the girl if not married, then she’s not a good girl. For what? It’s proof of nothing, if you’re married or not.” “It pains my heart also to know, to see all this human trafficking going on in the world and not much done about it. Can you imagine how many innocent, poor, helpless children have been kidnapped and forced into this kind of despicable work just for some rich or privileged few? How many parents have agonized over the loss of their children and don’t know what happened to them? …To think of all these children, helplessly delivered into this brutal beast or so-called beasts… I cannot bear it. Teach our children the best way to live their lives. Not making a bad example, poisoning them, making them sick and then worried sick about their illness. Save their lives! Give them proper food; nutrition, not poison. Give them live food, not dead corpse, not dead carcass.

“I don’t like what people eat, animals. I just don’t want them to be chopped up.” “Please leave her alone… (I will leave her alone.) I don’t want you to take the chicken away from me. (OK, I won’t.)” “I don’t like them to die. I like them to be standing up and happy. (That’s fine. We won’t eat meat again, OK?) Good. Animals… we should take care of them, not eat them. (You are right, my love. Eat the potatoes and rice then.) OK.”

“And even if the planet will not be gone, it will be like a burning inferno. And I don’t think any good parents would like to imagine their children or their grandchildren be burnt in such an inferno like that. So, if they love their children, grandchildren, great-great- great-great-grandchildren, they have to act NOW! They have to be vegan NOW!

Justice for Victims of Climate Change and Its Root Cause: Meat Consumption

“How many more people have to die? How many more island nations have to sink for that piece of meat that we put in our mouth? How many millions more climate refugees do we want to look at – for that piece of meat that we put in our mouth? How many more families do we want to break up due to this kind of disease and death caused by meat? How many billions more animals we want to see crammed, suffer, agonizing in those crammed small crate factories – for that little piece of meat that we put in our mouth, that we could change? How much more grains, food do we want to waste to raise animals at the cost of starvation of millions of other people? Right now we have 1 billion people already go to bed hungry. Every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger. How long can we afford to bargain in the face of these sufferings of our own kind and of the animals, of the environment?

Justice for War Victims, Including Soldiers and Refugees

“These soldiers, they are the most brilliant generation of our time! They’re not born to die. I don’t care die a hero or die a what, it’s the same. It’s a waste of resource. They are able-bodied, they are intelligent, they are strong, they are handsome. And it costs millions of dollars even, to raise him, and so much love from the family and friends so that he grows up like that. But he is forced to go out there and shoot somebody he doesn’t even have any enmity with! The soldiers are in the prime of their life and they’re also very idealistic, so this good and pure energy and enthusiasm has to be used for peaceful purpose. For building the world, for helping the needy. That is the kind of heroism that the young people love, to spend their energy on, they would love it.” “Take care of our mom. Live your lives. Enjoy. I swear I love you all.” “To send troops to a far country is really a very bad idea. Because the soldiers are very vulnerable to a new environment. How frustrating and how discouraging for the soldiers to continue like that, and even years and years and years on end. To be far away from your friends, your family, your wife, your children, and then go there, every day just concentrate on killing people. And also fearing to be killed. This is psychologically very, very disturbing. It's not a human way to behave. We are not born to kill.” “Many veterans became even homeless. It’s not fair that they sacrificed their youth, their prime time for the country and then come home to become a homeless beggar.” “Before we make war, we should think: how would you feel if you were there in the war zone, if any time – any time at all, in 24 hours – you live in fear and anxiety and panic that any bomb could drop onto your house, any time, and kill everything – your family, everybody – or maim them or disable you and your family member, and suffering so much. And in some zones, they don’t even have doctors nearby. They have to travel many days or many hours, at least, to go to a doctor, and they might not even survive – and meanwhile they suffer so much. I ask people who try to make war, or compete with each other in war: Please imagine if it’s you.“I am here with you and laughing and talking to you, but my heart is always with the refugees. I know how they feel every day. When they were on the sea, many lives were killed by the pirates. And so much danger on the little boat with not enough food, not enough oil, not enough everything. They all know this and they still fled. There must be something more frightening than death that had driven them out of their country. Especially since for five thousand years of our national history, nobody has ever done that. I would not mind to walk all over the world and pleading all the governments for their sake.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai also met with many other dignitaries on behalf of the refugees, but regretfully we cannot show images of these meetings as they are no longer traceable, or because She sometimes went alone or with only one or two persons, and without any photography equipment at the time. Supreme Master Ching Hai is “deeply grateful to the beloved GOD for all the financial help, comfort and support to the afflicted and needy and/or any good cause over the years, as a humble vessel for Hiers (neutral term for His/Hers) compassion and love toward Hiers precious children.”

Justice for Minorities and the Marginalized

This is the trap; this is the tricks of the bad ones who try to get power over people. Not only do they try to divide us from God, make God a fearsome person or being, as a revengeful and a punishing God, but they even divide us people as a whole, as a human race. Try to tell the white people that blacks are bad, and try to tell the dark people that the light-skinned people are evil. When I look at you, I think of chocolate. And you know, all colors are beautiful. There is no difference! Just different flowers.”

“So when people fell in love, it doesn’t matter if you fell in love with a woman or you fell in love with a man, or if you’re a woman who falls in love with a woman, or man who falls in love with a man, it’s all the same. I don’t know why any people would forbid people to love each other, or to express that love in a committed manner. Love is love.

“I do not despise people who take drugs, take alcohol, or using various, however, so-called lowly or cheap substitutes to gain happiness, to forget the sorrow of life. I just think they use the wrong way, that's all, and it's a pity. If they know the other way, they would be the fastest for enlightenment. I feel these people are also very near the renunciation stage, near monkhood, because they reject this kind of material, transitory, ephemeral life. It's not good enough for them. That means they are very noble. Just they don't know how to achieve the real happiness.

“I wanted to invite a homeless to eat, but they drove her out. She had money, which I’d given her. She even showed them her money. I said, ‘She has money. You cannot reject her. She’s your customer!’ I scolded the manager; only then did they serve her.” “Don’t think beggars have no dignity. It’s not true. They’re just in bad luck. Bad luck could happen anytime. Bad luck could happen anytime. It could happen to us too.

“One time I recited a poem about an escort girl in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) who was in love with her customer, and the customer couldn’t care less. But one of your brothers, told me, ‘Master, why did you recite the prostitute poem?’ I said, ‘Prostitutes also have Buddha nature inside, no?’ And then he was suddenly enlightened. And I was also enlightened as I said that. Yes! I really meant it. I really felt it that time. So, don’t try to look down upon them. Feel sorry for them instead. If you can’t help them out of their not very pleasant or very honorable life, then you don’t criticize. “There were some girls, three or four girls sitting in front of that nightclub door. And you know the way they wear, you know who they are. And there’s a mamasan who also sat together with them. So, I asked her for the road. And I also waved to the girls and said, ‘See you later.’ And they also smiled very big. And then I said, ‘I’m going to eat some Indian food now. Would you like some?’ And the mamasan said, ‘No, no, no. You don’t bother, you don’t have to bother.’ I said, ‘I’d like to. I’d like to give to the girls.’ All the girls said, ‘Yes, yes, yes. Please, please.’ Actually, I was thinking maybe Hong Kong people don’t like Indian food too much; maybe too sharp for them. And when they’re doing this business, if they have some problem with their stomach, it’s no good. So, I passed by the Thai shop; I bought some spring rolls, vegan, and I gave it to them. But I was too tired already, so I sent your brother, the brother that accompanied me. I said, ‘You bring it to them and say with love from me.’ And when they saw your brother come back – they knew he was with me – they jumped and happy, happy! With a bag, they knew what it was. You don’t have to buy things and give it to them like me, like that, but be friendly and loving to all. OK? I know who they are. I know what they do. But I respect and love them, just the same as I respect and love you. I have not a nano-millimeter difference between you and them.

“Until this world turns into a paradise and peaceful everywhere, our job’s not done. Until the animals are free from suffering and respected as individual beings from God, our job is not done. There are people still oppressed because they are poor, because they are Black, because they are a different color, or because they are disabled, or because they are gay, or because they are lesbian, or because they are bisexual. Until they are free, until all of them are equally treated with respect and love, our job is not done. The refugees, the orphans, the elderly, nobody takes care of, the victims of disasters, of war, of oppression, controlled, no freedom. For them, you have to meditate also. Wake up, look around. People still suffer. Animals still suffer. And the world is not equal, is not right. So don’t think your job is done. 

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