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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 125 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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“The beloved son of God who reigns in Mount Lawu (a high place), who is called Batara Mukti (Almighty), Krishna (All-Knowing), Herumukti (All-Great), She has mastered all kinds of spiritual practices.

Peace and peace be upon my True Self. What a bright jewel of the world. I praise before the Almighty…

Today, we shall discover more of the wondrous powers of the Savior Ratu Adil (Queen of Peace and Justice), who was seen in the vision of King Jayabaya of Java centuries ago. For us, the fascinating passages continue to provide evidence that Ratu Adil could only be the Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai.

“The beloved son of God who reigns in Mount Lawu (a high place), who is called Batara Mukti (Almighty), Krishna (All-Knowing), Herumukti (All-Great), She has mastered all kinds of spiritual practices.

The prediction above reveals that the Queen of Justice comes from a very high spiritual level and has “mastered all kinds of spiritual practices.” “I have practiced many methods, and I have repeated many mantras, I know all the mantras. But these are nothing compared to what we have given you last night.” “Initiation is given to all of you at once and everyone receives initiation openly. Later, I will teach other methods according to the levels of the disciples. When I teach at that time, it is not in public but from inside. The transformation body will come to teach you. There are many methods. That’s why it is said that there are 84,000 methods. I have more than that.

“She also has Divine clairvoyance. She can illuminate the path of your birth, and guide your grandparents, your great-grandparents and ancestors, to be born again in one day.

This stanza first reveals that the Savior has Divine clairvoyance. Supreme Master Ching Hai has explained that seeing into the past, present, and future is just one of the many powers we can develop through spiritual practice. Although She does not emphasize the need for clairvoyance, Master’s own level of seeing through time and space – with perfect discernment – is exceptional. “The so-called living Master can know what’s the disciple’s problem. Even from millions of miles apart, or even the Master is not present, or the disciples don’t even tell anyone about it. And the Master should know and help the disciple invisibly or visibly in different ways. “…On another occasion when Master was walking around the mountain, She suddenly called out the name of one of the resident disciples who was not present. When we later mentioned this to the disciple, she revealed that at that moment, she had been struggling in great pain in her tent and had prayed to Master for help. Only when Master called out her name did she get out of the perilous situation.” “Once in Costa Rica, on the day after an initiation ceremony, Master was still very ill and in great pain. She unexpectedly suggested to the attendants that She would like to go out to relax… The car kept going and passed some restaurants along the highway. Out of the blue, Master asked the four people in the car if they would like to take a rest and have a drink. At that time, [the driver] happened to see a sign for a restaurant about a quarter-mile away. Following the sign, they soon arrived at the restaurant. While Master was getting out of the car, a man ran out from the restaurant and called out, ‘Master, welcome!’ The man was the owner of the restaurant. He told Master that he had planned to attend the initiation ceremony yesterday. However, he missed the opportunity due to unexpected matters. Consequently, he was feeling very sorry and missed Master the whole night. At last, he met Master Master commented that on the surface, Master looks like She is just enjoying life when She is actually working.” Etc…

This stanza also tells us that the Savior can illuminate the path of our birth, while also guiding the paths of our ancestors. It says that She can make them “be born again in one day.” “be born again in one day.” Indeed, one of the incredible gifts bestowed by such a powerful Master as Supreme Master Ching Hai, is that once a person is initiated by Her, he/she is freed from the cycle of birth and death, and at least five generations of his/her relatives are also liberated “born again” into higher realms, swiftly as if “in one day,” as prophesied. “I can only tell you that three months after I received initiation, my mother passed away, and at that time, Master let me personally experience that She told the truth when She guaranteed for initiated disciples that five generations of their relatives will be elevated. I have seen my deceased relatives being taken to higher realms one by one by Master. I also saw the child I lost in my miscarriage. When I saw him before, he was an icy cold baby, but when Master took him over in my vision, he became a plump, round-faced baby who kept smiling at me. I was so happy and so touched. Learning the Quan Yin Method made me become not only a filial person, but also a good mother. Master not only helps us free of charge, but guarantees the elevation of our five generations of relatives. This is absolutely true.” “About twenty years ago, my father took his own life. I wanted to hold a liberation ritual for him, but my salary was very low. I really couldn’t afford to hire a Taoist priest. I asked before, and it cost about 60,000 NT dollars. Later, I coincidentally met Master. Two weeks after my initiation, I saw the manifestation body of Master in my meditation. Then I called out, ‘Master, my father…’ Instantly, Master appeared in the sky with my father by Your side! I saw the clouds flying. Master was wearing a white robe covered by a kasaya. She was wearing a white hat, holding a bamboo stick with a gourd hanging on it. But my father was pretty strict with me. He just said one word to me: ‘Meditate!’ then my vision vanished. I want to thank Master for liberating my father.” Etc…

“She cannot be deceived, because She can read what is in their minds and hearts.

This verse states that the Savior can see through people’s minds and hearts, and thus cannot be deceived by them. Many of our Association members have had experiences of this in the presence of Supreme Master Ching Hai. “In December of 1994, around Christmas period, I received a sample booklet on The Key of Immediate Enlightenment. That’s the first time I got to know about Supreme Master Ching Hai. That night, during my meditation, I saw Supreme Master Ching Hai in my meditation state. That’s when I decided that I must attend the public lecture in January 1995. On the day of the lecture, Master arrived in the exact outfit as the image I saw during my meditation. Master was seated on a sedan chair, carried in by a few people, and could be clearly seen by the 30,000 audience. In my heart I was thinking, ‘Why is She on a sedan chair?’ Shortly after, Master sat down on the stage. And then She took the microphone and said something like, ‘There are many people here and I am very small in size. So the team put me on the chair so that everyone can see me better. (Now, when you saw me come in with all this sedan chair, you probably think I am a very great person. But in fact I am very small. That’s why I had to be lifted so high.) I was a little surprised upon hearing this. Then Master went on greeting everyone and asking general questions like, how many people have met Her before, etc. I got a little impatient in my heart, because I was eager for Master to get into the serious topics. Then immediately, Master said something like, ‘I will get into the serious topic soon…’ I was totally amazed by that. (…So I thought I’d better just wear this, just to make you laugh for a little while. Laughing is good for you, you know? Especially Singapore people need it. I will go into the serious business immediately, so don’t worry.)” “At that time, because of Master’s excessive workload in helping the refugees, She was physically exhausted. Being Her attendant, I had brought along only one high-quality white ginseng and thought that a drink containing a few slices of ginseng in boiling water every time could help revitalize Master. But when I saw that Mrs. [Imelda] Marcos had almost lost her voice and looked fatigued after her speech, I thought she also needed some ginseng tea. On second thought, however, I dropped the idea, thinking, ‘No! Master has to take care of innumerable sentient beings and works intensely every day almost without any rest. She needs that ginseng more.’ Just as I was thinking this, Master suddenly told me to take out the ginseng, specifically, our most precious white ginseng. I was shocked and quickly fetched the ginseng. When Master gave the ginseng to Mrs. Marcos, She explained in detail about how good that particular ginseng was and how to take it. Mrs. Marcos smiled heartily and innocently, and all her weariness seemed to vanish. This incident showed that the power of Master’s love is truly incredible and can transform a person immediately. After Mrs. Marcos left, Master told me with a smile that She had picked up the idea from me and thought it was a good one. So She utilized it. It proved that Master can naturally receive any idea that emerges in our minds. Master’s inner power and spiritual level are beyond human imagination!” “Just before traveling to the New Land (Ashram), my husband asked me what I would do if I was invited to cook for Master. I immediately replied to him that it would be impossible, since Master would have excellent chefs at the retreat. But, on the third day of the retreat, a sister very close to Master showed up asking if, in Brazil’s group, there was someone who could cook something for Master, and I was chosen to make the dish! I got so anxious for such a great honor of serving Her directly and I immediately refused, not feeling able to do that task. I didn’t know what to cook for Master, so the sister said in a very lovely way: ‘Don’t worry, sister, because Master likes simple food.’ And I ended up cooking for Master, overjoyed with the great connection between Master and disciple, because it seemed that Master had heard my conversation with my husband before I left. She knew of my hidden desire to serve Her. Thank You, Master.” “After everyone arrived at the Center, all the initiates-to-be gathered in a room to wait for initiation. Then Master made an appearance, talked to us for a while, and told one of Her attendants to put on a video for us to watch since She was going to leave the room briefly. The attendant put on a tape that I had already seen in Hawaii so I thought, ‘Why are they showing the same old tape? Why don't they put on a new tape?’ At that moment, I saw Master walking by and then turn around and look straight at me. I was a bit startled and thought, ‘Maybe She read my mind.’ At once, Master instructed the attendant in Chinese, ‘Put on a new tape for her. Since I understand Chinese, I was even more surprised and said to myself, ‘She definitely knows what I'm thinking!’ A while later, Master reappeared for the initiation and I looked at Her and thought, ‘I wonder where Master's wisdom eye is?’ That night, Master came to me in a dream and pointed to the middle of Her forehead and said, ‘Here’s my wisdom eye.’ I saw that Her wisdom eye was shining and transparent

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