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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 129 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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“Disasters have disappeared, replaced with sincere goodness, all is generous in food and clothing. Evil and calamities disappear, all are feeling well. All the Javanese people (all the souls) are at peace, just waiting to meet the Holy Knight, who has been upheld by many people to lead.”

In our previous episode, we saw that the great clairvoyant King Jayabaya made the following prediction about Ratu Adil, the Queen of Peace and Justice who is to save and uplift our world.

“When in the future there will be The arrival of the White Lotus, Her white hue hidden beneath, Born to Earth She is, The one who rules the World And takes care of the whole Universe. Her title is Ratu Amisan, She relieves all miseries on earth. Leaders join Her conference.”

The prophecy says that there will be leaders joining Her conference or mission. What does this mean?

Since ancient times, the great kings of wisdom, they always rule with compassion and wise systems. And we have reason to feel happy that here, in the United Nations, such people exist.”

“(You have been spreading Buddhist teachings for a long time, also calling on people to eat vegetarian and refrain from eating meat to save the Earth. I think it’s a very extraordinary effort.) If our world has more people like you, Ms. Vice President, we will be able to spread the message wider and faster.”

(Your message of goodwill and friendship and harmony is for all peoples. If we all work together hard enough, I'm sure their aspirations and their hopes can be fulfilled.)

“…And we invite you to join his work, to care for our planet, for our fellow human and animals alike to make this world a paradise! Together I believe we can do it.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai has revealed that She has helpers, some in high leadership positions, who knowingly or unknowingly are aiding in Her work to bring peace on earth.


Also, Master inspires leaders of ALL fields – including in government, media, the charitable, environmental, and educational sectors, the arts, etc. – to join Her to help change our world.

(She brings love around the world where there is hate. She brings hope where there is despair. And She brings understanding where there is misunderstanding. She is the light of a great person, an Angel of Mercy for all of us.) (I think the work that Master is doing is very noble. She has a noble heart, but also great leadership.) (So Your insight into this and Your compassion has saved a lot of animals’ lives, and has helped a lot of people have a much more deep, enriched relationship with each other, with animals, with the air, with the Earth, and with the Universe.) (It's a wonderful blessing to have Supreme Master's benevolence for animals.) (And we’re very, very proud to be working in partnership with You.) (We are standing for the truth always, Joining the vegans of the planet, and follow Madam Ching Hai, the caring Woman of hope for the planet.) (The beautiful woman, She is a Queen – not just a Master, but a Queen.) (Amazing, amazing source of energy. Her knowledge and the facts and the way She portrays Her messages, I mean, any person from any level, from any nationality, from any religion, will listen to it.) (I think She is full of love. I have great respect for Her.) (Supreme Master, She is encouraging, She’s inspiring so many people’s instinct inside.) (Her [Supreme Master Ching Hai’s] awareness is very keen. It’s very astute. You know, She really sees a lot.) (And really, the Supreme Master Ching Hai is one of the rare enlightened Beings in this world at the present time. So, living in this time with this Being, we should be grateful and happy.) (The Supreme Master brought us the enlightenment, the science of intelligence.) (I think She [Supreme Master Ching Hai] is so amazing! She is the most incredible woman that I have ever met!) (All respect due to the Supreme Master Ching Hai.) (Mitaw Kiepi-I would like to extend a very, very warm and loving handshake and embrace to Supreme Master Ching Hai.) (The work that Master Ching Hai has done in helping people who are suffering from war, from famine, from natural disasters, in all of those cases, She’s helped people around the world. And we've got to take the opportunity to thank and congratulate Her for that.) (Hopefully, all the people follow Her in serving humanity, working for humanity. She’s giving everything for a human cause.) (And I am grateful to Her for speaking out on behalf of the animals so clearly that we must treat them with kindness and compassion. And also for highlighting the unity of compassion among all religions.) (I want Her presence felt not only in the Philippines and Asia but in the international community, because Her voice is really something that’s relevant for all mankind.) (Supreme Master is like a rainbow of hope and of promise to this world that is so in need of the things that She represents: unconditional love for all sentient beings. And She is the most powerful force for veganism on the planet. I love the work You do and I'm just thrilled that You came into the world to help us bring about a Golden Age.) (She is universal and She’s timeless, and She is the Eternal and the Master and She is with all of us all the time.) (We hope that God grants Her the grace to extend more of Her efforts to as many parts of the world as possible so that the message of peace and harmony will continue to reign supreme wherever the Master’s efforts are achieved.) Etc…

Perhaps it is Supreme Master Ching Hai’s genuine, boundless, and unconditional Love for our world that makes Her so naturally charismatic and magnetic as a leader. Thus, as we have just seen, people spontaneously admire and praise Her.

“[She is] a real Jewel of Life, A real God’s-Love, Hence, She is always praised by people all over the world.”

“(Master, would there be a time in the near future when people’s consciousness would allow them to recognize how Master’s presence and hard work saved our world? Could humanity come one day to a state of worshipping Tim Qo Tu, the Loved Lord of all Worlds?)

They don’t need to worship Tim Qo Tu, they just need to worship God, (Yes.) and worship their own innate God quality. If they’ll just Be vegan, Make Peace, then other good things will come. And then they will think clearly. They will remember God more, they will be maybe more tolerant towards each other’s beliefs, and then the World Peace will be more and more lasting, and the world will become better and better all the time, due to this loving, kind energy and power of compassion.

“We can make this world into a Heaven by helping each other, by stopping murdering innocent animals. Even if you’re not enlightened yet, you must do what you can physically to help each other and to stop all the killing, stop all the wars – stop all the war with humans, stop all the war with animals. Then Heavens will be more lenient with us and we will not suffer pandemics or any other disaster again. May God bless us all until we change for the better.”

“Disasters have disappeared, replaced with sincere goodness, all is generous in food and clothing. Evil and calamities disappear, all are feeling well. All the Javanese people (all the souls) are at peace, just waiting to meet the Holy Knight, who has been upheld by many people to lead.”

As this stanza gives us hope for a much brighter future for our world, we send our heartfelt gratitude and loving reverence to the saintly king from Java, His Majesty Prabu Jayabaya, whose magnificent visions of Ratu Adil, Satrio Piningit, overflow with truth and inspiration.

We are also deeply indebted to the esteemed poets of Indonesia, who at different periods helped to record and preserve King Jayabaya’s prophecies in their cherished written form.

It has been a privilege to join in his sacred visions of the Savior through these texts, and a greater honor still to know that She is already here as the Beloved Ultimate Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai. May Heavens continue to support the Queen-Knight of Love in Her noble mission, as we joyfully sing songs of praise and forever gratitude in our hearts.

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