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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 123 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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“Her appearance is like an ordinary human, but She is not. Her power very clearly explains it all. All gates are very bright.


Today, we will peer into more of the spiritually devoted King Jayabaya’s prophecies that paint a fascinating portrait of the Divine Savior Queen and some of Her distinctive qualities.

“She is still young but people call Her ‘the old.’”

In Javanese, the words “wong tuwa” refers to a respected elder or teacher. But while spiritual Masters are often expected to be elderly men, this prophecy tells us that the Saint Ratu Adil already earns high respect for Her wisdom even at Her relatively young age. “When I was in Sawan Ashram, one of the Baba Sawan Singh disciples, very old already, his beard is long, up to his navel. His hair is all white. Beard and hair all white. And he came and bowed to me. I was scared. I was just sitting on the floor, on the doorsteps reading discarded newspapers, because those things are rare in India. At that time, I wasn’t what I am. I wasn’t anything. I was just a pilgrim going from one ashram to another. He touched my feet. Oh my God, I was so scared, I said, ‘Oh no, no, no!’ I threw the paper away and I ran.” “Master, when I was looking at Your poster, there was a person next to me who thought Master was a baby. Some said Master really looked like a child, and they wonder if Master could give a lecture? I remember when I saw You the first time, I was totally surprised because I had never seen an adult who looked like child and who had such an innocent and lovely countenance.” “When I was around 20, in Germany, people called me ‘the Funny Saint.’ And even way, way younger when I was a teenager in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), one of the famous poets, named Nguyễn Đức Sơn, he used to call me ‘the Living Buddha.’ I never understood why.” “Most of the places where I went for lectures, people often asked me, ‘How old are you?’ They don't ask for enlightenment, they ask ‘How old are you?’ Some people even said to me, ‘Oh, you look like a child. How much do you know?’ So, I said to them, ‘Not much, not much, just enough to take you to Heaven.

“In the presence of the Holy Saint: Not a pandhita but they call Her a pandhita. Not God but they call Her God.

The word “pandhita” in the prophecy means a knowledgeable and wise teacher. To many, Supreme Master Ching Hai is an enlightened Master whose wisdom is sought after on a wide range of matters “Master, I have a question about the unfoldment of consciousness on the Earth and planets like it…” “Could Master please share Her comments about…” “Before I end, I was going to pose a question to Supreme Master Ching Hai and that is, we’ve heard a lot about industrialized meat production…” “Thank You so much, Supreme Master, for the inspiring answer!” “I just thank God for You because You’ve given us so much insight and so much direction and information that we can live by and we can not only live by, but we can share this message with others. Thank You.”

Also, others have had inner experiences that led them to call Her “God”… “Thank You, Master, You are God, Master. You are not ordinary, You are God, God personified.“I have proof that You are God, Master. Because when God talks to me, Hes sometimes takes on Master’s form. “During the meditation, as I learn more and more, I felt like You are ‘It,’ You are God. I never felt that God can be so personal. And this is the first time I ever felt that.” “The creation of Supreme Master Television is coming from such a spiritual, loving, pure, organic place, from Supreme Master Ching Hai, to create a television network that says, ‘We are not going to discriminate. We’re not going to make fun of. We’re not going to harm. We’re not going to endanger. What we’re going to do is help everyone, as individuals, from the inside out. Celebrate the best of who we are so that we can celebrate the best of what we can do to this planet. Celebrate the best of what we can do in life. Celebrate the best of what we can do and who we can be towards animals.’ So I’m blessed and I’m honored to celebrate, as I like to call Her also, Supreme Master Goddess Ching Hai, because She is a woman who truly understands the understanding of God within and spreads it without.” “She brings tears to my eyes because She represents God for me. And I don’t know if you can get better than that.” “This is what I would like to, really say that God has come down to the shelter in Rinching in the form of Great Master Ching [Hai], to come and touch all my four-leggeds and say, ‘You have been very blessed.’” Etc…

So then, why does the prophecy say that the Saint is “not a pandhita” and “not God,” even though She is regarded as these? Perhaps it is because Her real position is that of the Lord Tim Qo Tu from the Original Universe; it is just that we can only conceive of Her as the highest Master or God of our own shadow universe.My real mission? To uplift the world’s whole consciousness. Not to be your individual Master. I could do that without being your Master even. But, by the way, we had affinity and you like to come here and sit and so why not? (So, is it true that You are here at this time where the world is in danger so You are here to save the world?) Well, at least save some people.” “Different religious orders, ancient books, and people with super abilities proved that there was really to be an apocalypse in the year 2000. At that time, a great human casualty would occur. Someone saw that it was Master who saved the Earth. Another big disaster in Taiwan (Formosa) that took place some time ago was the missile crisis. Someone saw that Master laid a layer of nets to block and to catch the missiles, so Taiwan was safe and sound. This was longer ago. The more recent one was at the year 2000. A great catastrophe and an apocalypse would also occur to humans. It was mentioned in ancient books and seen by people with super abilities that Master had saved most of the humans. Maybe more than 80% humans were saved by Master.” “(In the meditation, my family and I go somewhere, suddenly we see the high tide.) Flooding? (Higher, higher, yes. We tried to escape. I recited the Five Names. Then some brothers and sisters rescued us together, to go to higher in the mountains. After that, I woke up. So, after that, I meditate again and I see the same thing, the same situation, and this time, I saw You, I saw Master in the higher, very, very higher. And You took every disciple to go to, I don’t know where, but I saw one sun and two moons. So when we escaped, we cried because we saw a lot of people die in the flooding and fire around.) Yes. Yes. (So, I’m very sad a few days.) If you see a vision two times or three times, that is a true vision. It just foresees what should happen. But we are trying to do our best to erase that outcome. It can change still. Or maybe we cannot change it all, and maybe your vision will happen just in some corners of the world, and not the whole world. That’s what I am hoping for.” “(And after meditation one time, like sometimes the soul goes out, and that time I did go into space and I did check. I was so shocked because it was like a fleet of missiles and spaceships, just aimed at the Earth, a lot. It was like a scene from Star Wars. I was like, ‘Oh, my God. We are in constant danger. We can be blasted off at any time.’ And a few months after that, Master, You announced on Supreme Master TV that the galaxy control was blasted off, shattered.) Yeah, otherwise, they could have made us problems, more than just controlling. If they cannot control enough, if they don’t like it, then they just destroy. So, we are free now, more free. Get freer all the time.” “All I did was to go to the place hit by the 2011 tsunami. When I went there, I received the inner message to bring the Celestial Jewelry ‘Liberation’ designed by Master. I borrowed a pair of ‘Liberation’ bracelets from an initiate and set one on each side. When I meditated, there was brilliant Light. After that, numerous sentient beings were liberated by Master.” “At the time of the September 21 earthquake, I mourned because so many people died there! I kept praying to Master with all my heart: ‘Master, please take them up! They are so pitiful.’ As a result of my prayer, how strange! I saw many, many souls became transparent and were a little bit light blue. And then, Master bestowed a ray of (Heavenly) Light upon them, I think it’s similar to the light in one of Master’s paintings ‘Rescued,’ and the movement of the Light was similar to the movement of the light in that painting too. Just like this, then my whole vision vanished, and the souls also disappeared. It was so easy for Master to help them transcend.” Etc…

“Her appearance is like an ordinary human, but She is not. Her power very clearly explains it all. All gates are very bright.

The stanza continues to say that despite Her outer appearance as a normal human, the Holy Saint is not ordinary, as She has supra-worldly power. In order to share it with our world, Supreme Master Ching Hai brings the Higher spiritual power from the Original Universe down through each of Her “offices” at every level until reaching the human world. Perhaps this is what is meant by “all gates are very bright,” because all levels are illumined as Her power passes through them. “Master, right now I saw Your whole body have more than ten thousand suns of Light. It’s very strong. I saw this strong Light, different colors like a rainbow, right now. Thank You, I appreciate it.” “Nowadays, Master sends a lot of power to the world, to all the planets. A lot of energy. This power has uplifted our Earth two to three times and higher. This energy field is not the same as before.” “And in the third inner experience, I went to one of the Heavens, and Master was giving a lecture to a very big crowd there. After finishing Your lecture, You emanated two halos, a giant golden halo inside, and a purple halo outside.” “(Master was so beautiful!) More beautiful in there than out here? (Master is so beautiful. In there, beautiful. Here, also beautiful. When Master was working, the whole universe and all the angels were there. Oh my God. In my life I have never seen anything… as high as that.) Congratulations! (The realm was as high as the universe. Master is the top. It’s unbelievable.)” “This evening, after merely two to three miraculous minutes [of meditation], I felt different, and suddenly I saw the dazzling Milky Way appear before my eyes in a kaleidoscope of colors. The Milky Way sparkled in the sky; a crystal carriage driven by crystal white horses came toward me from afar. She alighted from the carriage, took my hand and invited me into the carriage. Really! Master took me on a tour of the ‘Disneyland’ in Heaven! Riding on Master’s love power I was mesmerized by the unique beauty of the Milky Way. At one point, a brilliant spot appeared in front, radiant with beautiful colors. Master’s power carried me into the center of this brightness, and there was a dark and deep tunnel inside. We continued to advance. Later we arrived at a crystal palace. And in this translucent palace, I saw the Godhead (Master) sitting high above. I was overwhelmed by Master’s love. Master’s power is truly omnipresent!” Etc…

“The human Tim (Qo Tu) looks like a human, behaves like a human, has also power, but in this world has to connect with the higher Tim (Qo Tu), so that slowly extends the power here, gradually. It has to go all the way from the Original Tim, all the way down slowly, more power, a little less, a little less, a little less, a little less, a little less power until the human world. Because if it comes all the way from the Original Tim immediately, then this world would be destroyed immediately. It cannot survive that power. The human body, the human mind cannot bear it, and the whole planet, trees, plants, everything. So have to do slowly. So the human Tim looks like a normal person, but inside has more power than a normal person. The Astral Tim is even more beautiful already. And the higher they go, the more glorious, the more beautiful the Tim. And the Original Tim is… cannot describe. Too much Light, too bright, too radiant, too glorious, too everything.

In King Jayabaya’s prophecies, the World Savior is not only known as Ratu Adil (Queen of Justice), but She is also sometimes called Satrio Piningit. “Satrio Piningit” literally means “Hidden Knight.Perhaps it is because this extraordinary Being is truly like a noble “Knight,” placing Herself in danger and dealing with negative forces in order to defend and bring justice for the innocents. Yet, She is also “Hidden,” carrying out most of Her work in a discreet manner, keeping Her whereabouts quiet Her true identity secret, whenever She can. “I can't even afford to let everybody know where I work, what I do even. I have to protect myself, for you, because of you. Because of you, I hide sometimes go everywhere, like hidden, humble, incognito.”

Perhaps one day, all the world will know and recognize their true Savior, when the planet is more elevated and peaceful. Till then, only some of us “lucky ones” might have a glimpse of the greatness of Her Love and sacrifice, and it’s mostly only through our inner realization and diligent meditation practice, that we could be granted such inside visions or knowledge about Her Real Identity! “At that time, from the magical mirror, I saw only Light emitting from Your heart. It had only Light and Love. Then slowly, from Your heart You began to melt. You then became a power, a very powerful energy. The power of Love, Master. You became the power of Light. Then suddenly I saw You melted into Light, so I started to cry. I called You: ‘Master, Master, why did You disappear like that?’ (Because it was disintegrated.) Yes, yes. After that, You said, ‘To sacrifice for Earthly beings, to protect them, I have to stay in that place.’ You stayed there for thousands… very long… millions and millions of eras, for peace, for sentient beings. So Master had to stay there to help them. So when I prayed at the Tree of Praying, I then knew that later beings on Earth will have peace and joy on Earth. And I saw human beings on Earth starting to appreciate God, and knowing Who is called Tim Qo Tu. They know Your name as Tim Qo Tu. They have a grateful heart, and our Earth at that time has (Changed, future. That is the future.) Yes. The Earth at that time already has peace and joy. And they You gave them so many, so many eras, very, very long time. Peace that lasts a long, long time.

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