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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 119 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

Language:Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia),Javanese (ꦧꦱꦗꦮ)
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“Her words are verily the truth. The words become proven.

The prophecies of the virtuous seer King of Java, Prabu Jayabaya, have been discussed by many scholars and spiritual thinkers of the past and present. Most famous of all are his prophecies about the Savior to come, Ratu Adil – the Queen of Peace and Justice. In the following stanza from “Serat Jangka Jayabaya,” by the famous Javanese royal poet Pangeran Wijil I, we are informed of a specific time when the Ratu Adil will manifest, marking a change of times.

“At the latest moment, near the close of the year that ‘The Queen comes to the world with the power of Gods in the eight (all) directions,’ there will be a God manifesting in the form of a human body; shining like Batara Krishna; having a character like Balarama; armed with a trident vedha; the signs of a coming change of times.

Some of King Jayabaya’s prophecies, like this one, revealed the year that the prophecy would occur. As it was customary in Java’s ancient history, a sentence (chronogram) would be used as a code for a certain year. Called “chandrasengkala,” the chronogram consists of words, each assigned to a specific number, which are put together to form a poetic phrase describing a particular event. Here, the chronogram “Sinungkalan Dewa Wolu, Ngasta Manggalaning Ratu,” literally means “The Queen comes to the world with the power of Gods in the eight (all) directions.” And analysts say it refers to the Saka calendar year 1928, which translates to the year 2006 AD, approximately. Thus, around 2006 is when a God would manifest in the form of a human, shining like Lord Krishna (an enlightened Master and manifestation of God) and bearing the noble character of Lord Balarama (another Saint and avatar of God). She would stand radiant and firm, “armed with a trident vedha,” which is a Hindu spiritual weapon symbolizing the Truth.

2006 was the landmark year that Supreme Master Television first started, reaching hundreds of millions of households around the globe. Thus, through the television screen “God manifested in human form” to all the world simultaneously, and the broadcast of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s teachings has since transformed countless lives – truly signaling “a coming change of times.”

Also, around the year 2006, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed that Her Soul had ascended to the Ninth Level, and that Her main Mission in this world was not that of a Fifth Level Master liberating souls, but a higher Mission to elevate our world as never before. “Everything’s changed – the world’s changed, I’ve changed, you’ve changed. Everybody must change. We catch up, OK? Catch up. I look the same, but I am not the same anymore. Everything has changed, the inner concept has changed, and my way has changed. My way has changed, you must change. Change the way you think, change the way you treat life, change the way you treat yourself, change the way you treat the meditation. You must make it the most important thing in your life! Even though I told you before, this time it’s not the same. I really mean business. Especially in this time, the transitional period, where the planet Earth joins all the more developed galaxies. So everything is blessed and open for the faithful ones.”

Since then, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s spiritual Level has risen to indescribable new heights, far above our universe. We were honored to learn that Her true Name in these High Heavens is “Tim Qo Tu,” meaning the Loved Lord of all Worlds. Master explained that She regained such a Power – unprecedented on Earth – because it is necessary for our imperiled planet right now. Indeed, we are currently in the Final Judgment time.

“Those who borrow, return it. Those in debt, pay it. Owing lives, they pay with their lives. In debt for shaming others, they pay for that shame.

This verse indicates that at the time of changing ages, when the Just Queen appears on Earth, karmic debts must be repaid. Those who owe lives must pay with their lives. Those who brought shame upon others, must pay for what they did. People will reap the retributions of their karma, good or bad. “It is the law of karma, or cause and retribution, that is at work right now. The best way and the easiest way to free ourselves from this bad retribution is to reverse our action. Instead of killing animals, we live and let live. Instead of the meat diet, we turn to be vegan, because if we take a life, we owe a life. We owe a blood debt if we kill a life; it is a very precise universal law. “It has been hundreds, millions of years already. People must change to a benevolent way of life. Then they can expect benevolence in return. Otherwise, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap.’ That never fails.” “Everything, every debt has to be paid. I myself can only help out, by donating my spiritual merit points to different occasions, different groups of people, to smooth things out a little bit, to smooth it out a little bit. But just the fairness has to be upheld.” “Justice has to be done. (Yes, Master.) Even in this world, if somebody kills somebody, then you have to do prison time. (Yes.) Or even be executed, depends on the country. So how would we go on killing all these innocents en masse like this and then get away with murder? No! Not possible. (Yes, Master.) It would have been possible if they stopped it long ago, some years ago, then it’s easier for me to help. Right now, I can only help their souls. It’s easier to talk to their souls than when they are alive with the soul in their body. (Yes, Master.) But even then, they need to have some excuse, some merit for me to do it, because they didn’t do it early enough. I just can help those who are, like, having some little excuse somewhere, (Yes.) or believing in me somehow or having some respect for me somehow.”

The verse “In debt for shaming others, they pay for that shame” also serves as a warning about slandering others, especially saintly beings, which is one of the most grievous wrongs. “Slandering any Buddha you will go to the so-called nonstop hell, means you’ll never get out. You can never get out of that, and you could never be pardoned, no matter how many Masters come and go. Everyone, even disciples or non-disciples, who slander the Buddha will all really go to hell. Whether or not the Master wants it. So do not think that if you are initiated by any Master, you can commit anything you want, you can say anything you want, or even go against the Master and the Master still will save you. Maybe, but that's very risky. In this world of illusion, you must adhere to the rules and regulations in this world.”

“Her words are verily the truth. The words become proven. Those who argue will die.

This verse highlights the fact that the Savior will speak the truth; Her words will be proven true. Those who argue against the Savior’s Divine words, will face “death.” An enlightened Master is a Higher Being who always speaks the truth, with never a motive or reason to do otherwise. Everything She says or does is only for helping the world. Through Her exceptional wisdom and foresight, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been cautioning humankind about serious dangers they face, usually before much of the world is even aware of the issue. Proof may emerge sooner or later, but Master’s words are always right.

“Everything concerned with the meat diet has reportedly wasted a lot of human substance and that is the cause of starvation of many countries. “The UN says we need to reduce our meat consumption to fight climate change and improve food security” “Each year, many forests are destroyed just for raising livestock. “Beef: The Prime Cause of Deforestation in the Amazon”

“I’m telling you a secret because, the way it is going, if they don’t fix it, four or five years time, finito. No more. Do you understand me? It’s really that urgent. Nobody told you that. I’m telling you! “Arctic ice ‘could be gone in five years’” “Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’”

“Because if the ice all melts, if all the poles all melt out, and then if the sea is warm, then the gas will be released from the ocean, and we’ll all be poisoned by the gas, from the ocean. And it’s a lot of gas! Enough to kill everyone. If it were up to me, I’d forbid everybody to eat meat. I’m just telling you so that you meditate more. In case it happens. But if you meditate more, maybe things change, and it might not happen. “Arctic methane deposits 'starting to release', scientists say” “Methane Leak in Antarctic Sea Floor Prompts Fears of Climate Tipping Points” “How Eating Less Meat Could Help Protect the Planet from Climate Change”

(Was Venus ever like Earth, sustaining life?) Yes, yes, it was. It was once a beautiful planet, and now it’s no more. It’s a pity. (The beings that were there before, did they look like us?) Yes, they did look like us. (And what kind of disaster occurred on Venus?) Explosive and poisonous gases from livestock, as well, and that in turn triggered other gases from all sides. …” “NASA climate modeling suggests Venus may have been habitable” “A runaway greenhouse effect turned Venus into ‘hell.’ Could the same thing happen here?”

“And the swine flu (2009) is nothing yet, baby. We will experience worse than that if we don’t change our way of life. “Fauci: COVID-19 Worst Pandemic in 100 Years” “So, to stop future pandemics, we should ask ourselves, is our appetite for meat worth the price of a pandemic? The answer is all too clear, right? All too clear: No! No! No! No!“‘Cut back on meat to avoid another pandemic,’ urge experts” “Scientists propose tax on meat and livestock to help avert future pandemics” Etc…

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