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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 120 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

Language:Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia),Javanese (ꦧꦱꦗꦮ)
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“The Son of Betara Indra (the Savior) will lead the fight holding the Trident Vedha. Those in Her care become warriors, fighting without troops, very powerful without any weapons.

As we continue exploring the prophecies of the pious Javanese King Prabu Jayabaya, we turn to some astonishing verses that appear to be about this very moment in our world’s history. Let’s look at the following stanza from “Serat Jangka Jayabaya” (“Book of King Jayabaya’s Prophecies”), by the famous Javanese royal poet Pangeran Wijil I.

“Many people, bitten by mosquitoes, die. Many people, bitten by ants, die.

The prophecy says that many people will die from being bitten by mosquitos and ants. Especially during this modern time of climate change, globalization and urbanization, diseases carried by mosquitoes and other small insects have been increasing, such as dengue fever, malaria, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. Many people have sadly lost their lives. “We have news tonight about the explosion of the West Nile virus.” “There is a growing outbreak of a mosquito-borne virus that is linked to birth defects.” “Ten days ago, residents of West Canton, California began flooding local hospitals, showing what appeared to be flu-like symptoms. They were later diagnosed with malaria, a potentially deadly mosquito-borne illness.” Moreover, we also wonder whether the “mosquitoes” and “ants” could be referring to even tinier deadly agents such as viruses that have wiped out large parts of the human population in this past century. These include the Spanish flu, Asian flu, Hong Kong flu, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, SARS, avian flu, swine flu, MERS, and of course, the current COVID-19 virus.

Recently, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed a frightening truth about the COVID-19 virus in particular: that they bear the souls of murdered animals. Could it be more than a coincidence that the prophecy speaks of “ants” and “mosquitoes”? “The COVID-19 virus, they have souls in them. That’s why they’re so smart, so versatile and so difficult to catch and to cure. These are the souls of the massacred and abused and tortured animals that the humans have been consuming.“Other diseases are not like this. The heavy karma of our world has made the disease become more life threatening. These viruses have souls. They belong to the animals that were brutally slaughtered before. So, they are allowed to return to settle the karmic retribution. Understand? (Understand.) So, this is a very serious situation, which is very difficult to contain.”

With unabated concern and compassion, Supreme Master Ching Hai has arranged millions of US dollars in loving donations to help the most vulnerable victims of the COVID-19 pandemic in countries worldwide. Etc… Supreme Master Ching Hai is “deeply grateful to the beloved GOD for all the financial help, comfort and support to the afflicted and needy and/or any good cause over the years, as a humble vessel for Hiers (neutral term for His/Hers) compassion and love toward Hiers precious children.”

In addition, Supreme Master Ching Hai requested related programs to be aired on Supreme Master Television to inform the public about the link between such diseases and meat-eating. And through frequent conferences, She has also been addressing our fears and unknowns, providing spiritual insights as well as practical precautions and solutions to help us overcome the devastating new pandemic. “The truth is COVID-19 stemmed from the animals, wild animals, from that wet market. And exactly from Wuhan. I checked inside with Heaven and with the Gods of Epidemic. World Vegan will breed lasting World Peace, will breed benevolent energy for all beings, including humans, and then they won’t get such sickness again. Even if they have to go through this sickness now, if they turn vegan, in the future we don’t have pandemics or epidemics anymore.” “We are the ones who eat terrible things, many terrible things. Not just domestic animals, farm animals, but even eat the wild lives, and get sick because of that. AIDS, you know AIDS, spreading all over the world; it began from eating some monkeys of the jungles. And now we have another. One incurable sickness, one strange sickness after another. We cannot run away from our karma, meaning the consequence of our action.” “I like it like in Ethiopia: If you don’t wear a mask in the public, you will be jailed for two years and maybe fined also. We need such a strong leader like that, for anything that is good for humanity. The governments have to order people or the companies or the manufacturers to make new kinds of clothes. Something so that people can go out, live their lives.” “And They (Godses) said, ‘Driven for vaccine, kills more than help, till …’ I said, ‘How many infected and die till then? Must find better way.’ So, this is the God of Victims, in the Shadow World. He told me. ‘Infected around billions, around 3 billion plus. And die will be millions, (Wow.) 4.2 plus.’ ‘Not just COVID-19, other catastrophes will ravage Earth and people. Punishment will be more severe.’” “(Master, could You tell us how Master’s meditation has helped the COVID-19 problem?) Otherwise, if I don’t meditate, it would be worse. (Yes, Master.) (Understand.) That the whole world would die. (Oh my gosh.) Since you ask, I tell you. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) It [Master’s meditation] helps also so our planet will not be destroyed or flung into the black hole. (Oh! Wow.) A black hole is hell. (Oh.) It’s a physical, visible hell. (Ooh.) (Yes, Master.) And if our planet is not careful enough, and doesn’t have enough blessing and protection, it’s going to fly or get sucked into the black hole. (Oh.) (Wow.) One of the black holes that’s nearby us. I don’t know how long. It depends. The way we are warring with each other and killing billions, trillions of animals every year like this, it doesn’t take long to have the same fate. I don’t know how else to warn humans. I can only meditate and pray. I hope one day we will return to our own benevolent nature inherent within all humans and all beings so that we don’t ever know the word suffering, let alone suffer ourselves. May God bless us all. Amen.

The following stanzas reiterate Master’s message that the world is undergoing a “big cleaning time,” as mandated by Heaven. However, in general, those who are aware, repentant, and vegan are “qualified– as the prophecy says – to be protected.

“The human population is gone, half in number, while those who can still live, who are truly qualified, are safe from danger, purified from danger, those who read all signs of the times. It has been said by Jayabaya that human life is like a blade of grass in the forest, or as in a field. Indeed, many will die, but if one asks for guidance, one is spared from the field rake, then he is safe.

“If they can U-turn, of course they will have somehow more protection. But it also depends on how much merit they have as well. (Yes, Master.) So, combine that with their previous life merit and their sincerity, and their humble prayers and repentance, that would help somehow. (Yes, Master.) At least if they caught the pandemic, it will be milder, it will be lessened. And if they die, I could find an excuse to help their souls to go up to Heaven.” “The people who get COVID-19, if they have to go, they go. And I help their souls, whatever souls I can help. If they’re repentant. If they’re praying in their heart. I’m sure at this time of the world’s trouble and at their time of death, they would be praying and repenting. And this is also good. So it’s easier for me to help them. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Yes, to help their souls. It’s more important. We die sooner or later, but if your soul is liberated, that is the best thing.”

“Many strange sounds without faces. Troops of spirits are lining up, scrambling to enter their ranks, invisible, formless.

This next verse seems to refer to the previously mentioned invisible zealous demons who have been exacerbating the troubled state of our world for such a long time. “This world is full of demons, ghosts, and bad spirits. It’s just you don’t see it. So they go around tempting people, seducing people to do bad things, so that they can profit. So that they can control this world. They don’t want to let go. They don’t want to let the souls free. They want the souls to continue the cycle forever, so that they always have people to control. Possessive. (Yes, Master.) Territorial.”

The stanza then concludes as follows:

“The Son of Betara Indra (the Savior) will lead the fight holding the Trident Vedha. Those in Her care become warriors, fighting without troops, very powerful without any weapons.

Upholding the power of the “Trident Vedha,” meaning the Truth and the Light, the Savior will lead the fight against all of maya’s forces left on Earth. “I ordered 2,000 plus strong to drag them all out. Because if less, then not enough. ‘Drag them, these bad invisible beings to hell as well. All the dead, the bad, the ghosts even, must go. All troublemakers must go, go, go, go, go. Go where, accordingly, not here, except good angels, protectors, saints, sages and all the harmless can stay. But all the harmful beings must also leave within three days.’ I said to the Ihôs Kư. That was on May 3rd. So this is the time that Heaven wants to clean them all out. Not just me alone. Not just I alone that cleans all the bad spirits and demons out, but here Heavens are also doing that.”

The prophecy also says that those in Her care will become warriors who are powerful without any weapons. We think this refers to Supreme Master Ching Hai’s disciples, whom She teaches to be peaceful vegans, never using violence nor magical power. Armed instead with the Master Power and the virtues She instills in them, they rally around Supreme Master Ching Hai’s inspiring cause to bring justice and peace to all beings, especially by promoting vegan compassion. “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!” “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!” “Welcome to Supreme Master Television, constructive programming for a peaceful world.” Etc…

Another part of “Serat Jangka Jayabaya” tells of Ratu Adil’s ultimate triumph:

“She defeated maya and demons. Then all the demons and invisible beings lined up to be repentant and follow Her.

Wow! This prediction too definitely came to pass! In November 2019, Supreme Master Ching Hai locked up maya in hell. Just some months later, She also took care of maya’s many subordinates, the demons, in stages. She gave them all the chance to repent and follow Her, just as King Jayabaya prophesied. “By the way, you know what? Maya is gone! I like that very much. And now, the negative force is gone, the maya is gone, locked in hell forever, at least for now, long, long, long, long, long, long time. Locked. But don’t thank me. I am just the commander-in-chief. Thanks all the Godses, all the Universal Beings, who put all Their power together; otherwise, it won’t work. I repeated three times, ‘All of you, get together all the power, concentrate together and destroy the maya. And NOW!’ I summoned all the Godses from the Original Universe and Beyond and the Cosmic Beings as well. And I said, ‘Borrow some power from me if you have to. Take some from the Almighty Store even, Almighty Store of Energy. Take them! Take anything You need. Just go destroy that guy right now!’ Oh, They were fast! And then I asked Them, ‘Done?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ And They’re all jumping and the whole universe, oh, endless of beings that you cannot even see how many. You can only see some in the front, jumping and crying, ‘Maya is gone, maya is gone, maya is gone!’ And they’re just jumping and crying, happy, very much.” “The zealous ghosts came and told me, ‘Please be lenient with zealous ghosts.’ (Yes, Master.) I said, ‘OK, then one last time. One last time, any of you repent will go to the Fourth Level. Any against me, go to hell.’ (Wow.) Till now, 151,326 repented, and went to the Fourth Level. (Wow!) I didn’t check up to now again. The rest were dragged to hell with their boss, to see their boss there, the maya. The ones that are temporarily in the Fourth Level will be cleaned, cleared and then go to the New (Spiritual) Land some time, later on. (Wow! Thank You, Master.)

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