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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 117 - King Jayabaya's Vision of the Queen of Peace and Justice

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“In the chandrasengkala year that ‘A Priest Is Seen Entering the World,’ the receptive Javanese people are seeking and following the RELIGION OF LOVE and Knowledge, gifted by the blessing-giving God incarnate, the Savior, the Queen of Justice.

The long-awaited Savior in King Jayabaya’s prophecies is known as Ratu Adil, meaning “the Queen of Peace and Justice.” Across the literature containing King Jayabaya’s prophecies, it is often said that Ratu Adil would appear 500 years after the fall of the Java-based Majapahit Kingdom, which historians say occurred between 1478 and the early 16th century. This means that Ratu Adil would appear in the period several decades after 1978. Indeed, this is around the time that our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai became a fully Enlightened Master in India and Her worldwide spiritual Mission was established.

“In the chandrasengkala year that ‘A Priest Is Seen Entering the World,’ the receptive Javanese people are seeking and following the RELIGION OF LOVE and Knowledge, gifted by the blessing-giving God incarnate, the Savior, the Queen of Justice.

Here, the “chandrasengkala year” refers to a Javanese chronogram, a kind of code where each word in a poetic phrase is assigned to a number to form a date associated with the described event. In this case, the special event is “A Priest Is Seen Entering the World.” And the year this would occur, according to scholars’ analysis, is (approximately) 1978.

The prophecy also says that the Savior would bring a “Religion of Love.” Supreme Master Ching Hai’s teachings truly can be described as the Religion of Love, because compassion is one of Her foremost tenets! “(Master, I love You!) You love me. Oh! Thank you. Say it again. I like to hear it. (Master, I love You.) I love you, too. Thank you. You’re so beautiful. (Master, I love You.) Who’s it? Thank you. I love you too. What’s your name? (What’s your name? Lee…) What’s your name? You could only say ‘I love you’? You’re brave!” “We have only one religion, that is the religion of Love.“Love is not a word on our lips, love must be our feeling inside, and action translated outside. Love the animals – we’ll be veg. Love the Earth – we’ll go green. Love the world – save the planet.Etc…

Please be ‘the hero of our time,’ rescue all these innocent beings, our fellow co-inhabitants called animals, who have never done any harm. Who are a blessing to our world. Who are wonderful, loving and kind to humans as well as to their own co-inhabitant animals. Their cries have shaken all Heavens and the hearts of many beings. Please speak for them, please help them, as this also helps our world to heal in the wake of climate acceleration.” “If we love our planet, if we love ourselves and our children, any sacrifice we would do. Why cannot just forsake a piece of meat just to keep the home for them? The planet is our home. It’s just sometimes the suffering is so intense and so prolonged that we don’t wish that on our harmless, helpless little children for the future. All evidence points out that meat is the number one cause of our planetary problem.The world food shortage continues to worsen, more people are going hungry every day, so if we just stop the animal raising practices and turn instead to growing organic vegan food for humans, everyone in the world will benefit, and we can save our planet. (Can we do it?) (Yes!) Yes, we can! (Yes!) (We try.) Thank you. Thank you, thank you the audience, thank you! That’s very good! That’s love in action!” “There are many more ways we can protect the world and ourselves. Think and be inventive in your daily activities, use, and try to minimize, or replace, or cut out completely what we can to have a more simple, healthy, and gentle way of living for yourself as well as for the world. I use anything sparingly, always with gratitude and with remorse. Even electricity, water, car fuel, etc. By the way, I have electric cars. I collect rainwater in tanks. I do the same as I told you. Walking the talk.” “Save my planet. (Okay, thank You.) (High Master. We’re here to support your work. Yes, thank You. Thank You very much. We need Your support.)”

It was also foretold that the Savior would rise to become the “greatest leader of Java” that the world would ever know. The word “Java” also means “spirit” or “soul,” thus, “the greatest leader of Java” could also mean “the greatest spiritual leader.”

“LEADING THE LAND OF JAVA, entitled as a Saintly Ruler, also the Queen of Justice, Her Name is well known, renowned all over the world.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has a deep affinity with Indonesia, evident in the many Indonesian disciples She has, including on Java island. In fact, Master’s very first public lecture in Indonesia was in Surabaya, the capital of the East Java province, in March 1992. Also, Surabaya was the first stop in Her 1993 World Lecture Tour. Master thereby fulfilled the prophecy that Ratu Adil would come to Java. At that time of Her visit, political circumstances and bureaucratic obstacles impeded Master from speaking to give a lecture. Nevertheless, more than 4,000 people eagerly gathered to be in Her presence. Master conveyed a “speechless Dharma” through Her loving glances and smiles, along with the blessed treats She gave out to the elated crowd. The media printed long articles about Master’s visit and presented Her teachings. Thus, even without speaking a word, and despite the challenges, Master successfully demonstrated being “the greatest leader of Java/spirituality”!

“On the Friday news, it said that ‘A Saint from the Himalayas is coming.’ It was reported that She’s vegan. Wow… My husband who had been vegetarian for one year, was always searching for an enlightened Master. I told him a Master was coming to Pasar Atum auditorium Surabaya. He was so excited. The inside of the conference hall was crowded, and outside the building there were many people queueing to get inside, including my husband and me.” “When I arrived at the conference hall, I didn’t expect it to be so full of guests. Master went up on the stage wearing very beautiful clothes. Master had a petite stature, but Master’s gaze was full of love, blessing all the guests.” “The attendees inside the building were radiating happiness, without pulling their gaze away from Her. Master was returning their greetings with happiness also. It’s as if there’s a longtime affinity with the Javanese people. Without further thinking, we wanted initiation from Her.” “At that time, I was one of the people who picked Master up from the airport. I was helping to push the luggage, and something fell off. Then somebody said, ‘Be careful,’and I saw that Master was next to me. At that time, I had eye contact with Her and I felt an immense energy from Her. The strong energy pierced through my heart, tears were pouring out from my eyes nonstop, it just flowed.” “It was kind of tense, but still people came and wanted to know Master. Also at that time, we didn’t distribute too much the Master’s teaching because we didn’t have too much translation in English, only in Chinese. And at that time, Chinese was not allowed to spread out. But still we felt very happy because the journalists helped us to write everything about Master and tell the truth about Master. Even Master’s lecture in the UN, they wrote down too, in the headlines, in the major newspapers. So I feel it was very successful. And after that, from that day, many people came. They wanted to know Master and our center.” “Get to Know Master Ching Hai, Incarnation of Quan Yin [Bodhisattva] and Meishin [a folk tale heroine known for her nobility, compassion and beauty]” “To explain in more detail about Master Ching Hai’s teachings. This beautiful and gentle-faced Saint from the Himalayas gave the opportunity of a special interview…” “Supreme Master Ching Hai's disciples do not come from any particular religion. This is because the teaching of Supreme Master Ching Hai is not a religious teaching, but meditation.” “‘Quan Yin’ Method…stories about Ching Hai as the Supreme Master who possesses the true method of liberation were spreading everywhere, so that the number of Her followers increased. Her followers spread all over the world. Etc…

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