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Between Master and Disciples

Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is the Real Solution, Part 16 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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We’re already eating ourselves poor - planetary poor. And planetarily disastrous. (Yes, Master.) And if we continue this way, because we can afford it, meaning money-wise, then we are wrong. We are wrong. So, if something happened to humankind, it’s our own doing. (Yes.) We had it coming. (Yes, Master.) We have it coming. And we know it.

(What was the moral of that story, Master?) What’s the moral? (Yes.) I don’t know. What do you think? (Maybe if you practice spiritually, you have protection from Heaven?) Yeah. Bravo. Why didn’t I think about that?

They are worthy, and they are truly saintly. Because it’s not like for a lustful relationship that they are together. (Yes.) And even if it was, afterward they learned spiritual practice. They were just together as friends. (Yes.) They even became rich and prosperous, but they did not care. They left it all, just to wander around, trying to find a quieter place, and tranquil place to practice spiritually. (Yes, Master.) So, of course, their Master knew that and gave them some protections for emergency use.

And the husband, you saw that also, having an exceptional worldly beauty – the most beautiful girl in the world, that’s how they described her. And still, when he saw the spiritual Master and knew the spiritual practice, he forsook it all. He forgot his wife and prosperity and business and home, anything, not even wanting to go to the sea to collect some precious stones or something, in order to be richer. Disobeyed his wife even. Imagine that? (How dare he?) How dare? How dare he?

He forgot that at home was prosperous and luxury, and comfort. And he even forgot his wife’s order! My God. Then imagine he must have had his spiritual inclination already, (Yes, Master.) before he met his Master. And he even stayed there for one year and didn’t want to go anywhere and then the Master had to shoo him out, knowing that it’s time. He had to go because maybe his wife was praying at home and tugging at the Master.

It happens to me all the time. People want to come and want to stay, with their family calling inside, and then they left for some reason, or no reason, or any reason. Maybe it’s not all their intention, it’s just they are feeling pulled, pulling away and they probably didn’t know why. There’re some excuses, or whatever. It’s not the real reason. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

So, you see, the wife, after her husband came back and taught her the initiation, probably the (inner Heavenly) Light and (inner Heavenly) Sound. Then she also left everything to go with him, just to find some quiet place to practice together. (Yes, Master.)

Many of your brothers and sisters, after initiation they just didn’t want to do anything with the world anymore, except I keep reminding them that their destiny, their obligation, their duty, they have to continue. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, I also think what the heck, if they don’t do anything anymore and they have enough little money to survive, then that’s OK. And if they don’t have, and if they go beg for food – why not? If that’s their choice I don’t say anything. If they wanted to, why not? What else can you really do for this world anyway, except your own spiritual practice that borrows the blessing from God? (Yes, Master.)

Look at how much money every government in the world or most of the governments in the world wasted! Trillions on war! (Yes.) For example. Or mistakes. (Yes, Master.) Or not leading people into a virtuous life, that people die in millions of billions (Yes, Master.) in the world. Or killing babies, or unborn babies. (Yes, Master.) And not leading people into a virtuous life. They are allowing drugs, and drinks, and gambling, and prostitution, and all that, which is all unhealthy and an unvirtuous way of life. And then people got sick, or quarrelling or killing each other, murdering each other, or war broke out, or a pandemic broke out. How much money, how much hard-earned tax money in every country is wasted on all kinds of horrible reasons.

And killing animal-people to eat like that, murdering animal-people and then get sick by that. Not get healthy even. Luckily, they all eat also vegetables. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, after a while eating meat, they would die young already. If only eating meat alone. (Yes, Master.) Luckily nowadays we have plenty of vegetables, plenty of fruit to balance out a little bit, so delay their sickness, and delay their death. Otherwise, nobody survives eating meat. (Yes, Master.) You see all the animal-people eating meat, they live not long. (Yes.) They have strength, but short lives. (Yes. It’s true.)

So, even if somebody decided that he doesn’t want to work, he just wants to go out and beg for whatever’s leftover, whatever food, like homeless people, I could not criticize them. (Yes, Master.)

For me, if all the people become monks and nuns and just do nothing, just reciting God’s name and relying on donations for food, I also say it’s a good idea, even if they’re not enlightened. At least they don’t do any evil. (Yes. Yes, Master.) (Yes, exactly.) And they don’t waste the money on war or harming others or killing animal-people. (Yes, Master.) Because otherwise, the governments and the powerful people, they waste so much money, that if they didn’t waste all that, the whole world could be a paradise. Nobody has to ever die of hunger or lack of medicine. (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t blame anybody, the way they choose to live their life. Be homeless even. Who cares? The food is wasted everywhere also anyway, so if you just take some of the discarded food to eat or ask for it, they’re not doing anything wrong. At least they’re not doing any evil, (Yes. Right, Master. True.) like the pedo-priests of the Catholic system. (Yes, Master.)

That’s why before, I accepted so many monks and nuns. Many people. Young children. I know they’re at a little bit irresponsible age or rebellious, but I accepted them all. I never discriminated. I never questioned their purity or mentality or their idealism or anything, because I know they’re doing no harm, even if they’re not doing anything good. (Yes, Master.) And even thieves and robbers and all that, it’s not good, but they don’t do big harm like the bad governments. (Yes, Master.)

They’re wasting money on weapons to threaten neighbors and to harm their own citizens. Breeding this kind of energy, attracting bad vibes to their country, warlike vibes. If they could see the energy, they wouldn’t dare, because your thoughts and your actions or your speech will attract the energy, bad or good, to you. And if it’s on a large scale, then it will attract to the whole country, envelop the whole country, make it all dark, and stop the blessing from Heaven, (Yes, Master.) or minimize it at least. And the country will have disasters or pandemics, epidemics, or whatever.

My God. I don’t see many worthy leaders at all. They’re all just doing all wrong. Harming their own citizens and threatening the neighbors as well, and shamelessly. What for should you feel proud about having killer equipment? What’s to be proud about killing equipment that you amass, or you build, or you order to make? (Yes, Master.) It costs millions, billions, and trillions of dollars, (Yes, it’s true.) to equip your country with all those murderous weapons. (Yes, Master.) And it needs maintenance, and one day it might explode accidentally, or even if not, then it will become rotten and waste a lot of the country’s, or the world’s, resources. (Yes, Master.)

Sometimes they bring food and all that to me. I don’t mean just now but any time. (Yes.) Oh, I feel so bad, so sorrowful. I wonder, I’m using this and how much aluminum is left in the world for other, better purposes. And when will we run out of it? (Yes, Master.) The way we produce and use the resources of the world, they won’t last forever. (That’s right.) And I just feel so bad.

I even told some of the helpers, I said, “If you buy things for the dog-people, buy whatever minimum wrapping possible. Sometimes the seaweed, they wrap in aluminum, to keep it fresh and luxury style. I said, “Buy the one without.” The least, the better for the environment, also. (Yes.)

Because we discard garbage at such a rate that is impossible to sustain. (Yes, Master.) Everything is wrapped in aluminum or some precious stuff. How long can it last like that? Even chip bags. (Yes, Master.) Potato chips. (Yes, Master.) They layer it inside with aluminum, (Yes.) outside with plastic, and all kinds of other related things in order to produce it.

So, whenever I use it, I always feel very guilty. I always pray that, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I wanted to live a simpler life, just I’m so bound.” Sometimes I use those things with the package like that for medicinal purpose. It already came like that, but I feel so bad. I don’t feel comfortable with that. (Yes, Master.) I wish they could have used something else, something more like recyclable. (Yes.) I mean not so precious, like metal stuff. Because we don’t have those mines forever. (No.) They keep discovering them but it cannot be forever.

Because the world is not limitless. (Yes, Master.) The whole planet is only that much. (That’s right.) That big only. How much longer can we find things before it’s all exhausted. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

We’re already eating ourselves poor - planetary poor. And planetarily disastrous. (Yes, Master.) And if we continue this way, because we can afford it, meaning money-wise, then we are wrong. We are wrong. So, if something happened to humankind, it’s our own doing. (Yes.) We had it coming. (Yes, Master.) We have it coming. And we know it. But we can’t stop because it’s too convenient, too comfortable to live with, and we don’t care about what happens next.

A lot of people know meat is harmful even, for themselves, but they just don’t stop. Just for the taste. Even if it doesn’t taste good, the vegan food, for the sake of the planet, for the sake of others, for the sake of the next generations, your own children, for yourself even, you should stop eating poison, (Yes, Master.) which is meat.

And not to talk about that meat alone is poison, they give poison to the meat as well! (Yes.) To keep the animal-people sick-free. (Yes.) All these antibiotics. How much can your body continue taking in? And they also give (Hormones.) different chemicals or something to keep the meat looking fresh and lustrous. (Yes, Master.) Because if it doesn’t look good, people don’t buy it. Also to preserve it. All these kinds of preservatives, (Yes. Yes, Master.) or whatever.

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