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Between Master and Disciples

Recognizing Your Greatness (Part 1 of 2) Dec. 31, 1999

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“Sometimes, you have no Light because you have too much expectation. Also, when we meditate, Remember that our body must be relaxed and warm enough, not too warm or too cold. Otherwise, it may distract our mind. If you cannot concentrate well, then before the meditation, you may play some of my music, if you have any, or sing or hum a few tunes or a few songs like this. If you don’t have the audiotape, then play some music or my lecture softly, then you can concentrate better, OK? There are many other causes. You have to be more careful with the food you eat. When you go out in contact with people, sometimes, certain magnetic fields may not be good for us. But this world is like this. You run into karma everywhere you go. Otherwise, we can just die after initiation so as to keep the blessing power. For instance, that sister had very great Light at the initiation. Overjoyed, she told others about it afterwards. Then she has no more Light. Sometimes it’s because we have physical contact with people outside. Many situations can take away some of our spiritual power. However, it still remains in this world, so never mind. We lose it, but others get it. Just like when you lost a ring, someone else got it. Let it be, and never mind. Spiritual practice is slow in this world, but it is the best. It is slow because we have to share the world’s bad karma. It is the best because there are a lot of difficulties in this world that make us want to practice spiritually. It is not easy to practice in Heaven. You may see many fellow initiates whose conditions are too good, free and easy, but they don’t have very good experiences. On the other hand, some people have difficulties and shortage in everything, but their spiritual practice is very good. It is like this in most cases, but there are special cases.” “The Light is sometimes very subtle; if you are not attentive, it will pass by. Sometimes, it just flashes in a split second, and it is gone. But in the eternity of time, this split second is eternity. Because in the realm of eternity, there is no concept of time like ours. There is no morning, afternoon or noon; there is no one hour, two hours, one instant, two instants, no, no! It is forever fused together. Most people have to work a lot during the day, and their body is tired. When they meditate, the first thing they do is doze off; and then it is their complex mind, thinking about all kinds of things, about their work, about the troubles in the family, especially not being able to forget what happened just before meditation. Therefore, some people find it hard to obtain tranquility in meditation. But when you sleep, Master will take you away. That’s why your life is becoming more and more comfortable, and your love is developing more and more. Your love, patience and wisdom are all developing, that indicates you have the Light. Don’t worry! You are all safe after you are initiated. I guarantee. OK?”
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