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Between Master and Disciples

Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is the Real Solution, Part 10 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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Thus, there’s no doubt that the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, would have encouraged everyone, “Don’t eat the animal-people’s flesh or meat or fish-people or...” No animal products, all completely out. Vegan is the best for all of them. If the Muslims just become vegan and truly concentrate on Allah alone, everything, everyday in their life, or whenever they can, then surely, they will go to Allah’s spiritual, splendid realm, as the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, has said it.

It’s better for all the Muslims, while worshipping wholeheartedly, one-pointedly, Allah, they should also follow the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. (Yes, Master.) So that the Prophet can help them better, and they will a hundred percent go to Allah’s land, (Right.) spiritual realm, splendorous and glorious, and blissful, and peaceful, and blessed forever. (Yes.)

Remember, there’s also one story I told you that one man came out, a follower or something, or knew about the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, came to Him and he went back and boasted that the Prophet let him kill his lamb for sacrifice.

And one of the Prophet’s, Peace Be Upon Him, high representative or high priest, has doubted that story – whether or not it’s permitted only for that person or for everyone. (Yes.)

I mean, everyone who follows the Master, the Prophet Muhammad at that time, Peace Be Upon Him. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I say to you that kind of story is not trust-worthy. (Right.) People can just interpret anything, or he’s listening with only one ear, (Yes.) and it went out the other, and interpreted or translated it the way they want it. (That’s right.)

Because if the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, has allowed this kind of killing, murdering animal-people, then everyone who follows Him would have known already. (Yes, that’s true.) (Yes, Master.) Especially those who are high priests, high representatives of the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, would have known it. So, the question would have not arisen, whether or not in his doubt, whether or not the Prophet allowed this man alone to kill the lamb or it’s for everyone. (Yes, Master.)

How can the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, who is so beloved and respected at that time, wouldn’t have told everyone else? (Yes, Master.) Because the teaching was already wide-spread. That’s why He was pursued and persecuted, by the government or the powers that be, or other religious establishments at that time. (Yes.) People know all over the land, and in the next country even, about Him. (Yes, that’s right.)

And He was always near to His disciples. (Yes.) Teaching them every little thing of everyday; everyday behavior or even how to dress and how to worship Allah and how to even rinse their mouth. (Right.) With those mouth liquids, before going to the mosque or before going to prayers together with others. (Yes, Master.)

Just like during initiation, I told you guys, before you go to meditation… Like, in the morning, you wake up, do your ablution, (Yes.) wash your mouth or brush your teeth and all that, before going to meditation. (Yes, Master.) Even that, the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, taught them. (Right.) He even said that, “If I’m not afraid that it’s too difficult for people, I would have asked everyone, the followers and the Muslims, to rinse their mouth for every prayer.” (Yes.) Just to make sure that you are pure enough, at least physically, to worship Allah. (Yes, Master.) And to worship God, that’s what He meant.

But Allah particularly is the One that endowed the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, with all this power to rescue His disciples and the followers. (Yes, Master.) That’s why the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, advocated, “You have to worship Allah…” the Muslim at that time and the followers, “have to worship Allah with all your heart. And not include any other names or worshipping together with Allah.” (Right, Master.)

Because that will dilute the attention and the power. (Yes, true.) Like a leaking pipe. Even from a little hole that leaks, a little hole from the water pipe, will leak some water out. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s not full strength.

People in this world, including His disciples at that time, were already too busy with every other things. (Yes.) And if their attention cannot be one-pointed to worship Allah alone, then it’s almost like they don’t have any concentration on God. (Yes, Master, true.) Yeah, yeah, yeah. How long it takes for you guys even to sit down, before you calm your mind and concentrate on meditation? (Yes, exactly.) The way I taught you. (Yes.)

So, that’s why the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, was not like dictating anybody what to do. He just told them the Way. He was so merciful. And He was so understanding of people’s psychology and physical makeup, that they can’t concentrate well on too many things, and still retain the absolute power of single-mindedness. (Yes.) So, He kept telling them again and again that they have to concentrate only on the Name of Allah.

The people, the Muslim people, if they truly understood this and they concentrated only on the Name of Allah, and be vegan as well, they surely will go to Allah’s spiritual realm. That I can promise. (Ah.) But you have to be single-minded, only on Allah. And no doubting or no including any other names of other gods or Masters’ names. (Yes, Master.)

But also, should be vegan. (Yes.) Because of all the reasons I have explained to you, that definitely the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him forever, would have never allowed or encouraged anyone to kill any animal-people. (Yes, true.) And many other teachings in the Hadith or Qur’an also forbid eating animal-people, because of the suffering thereof, because of the collective karma therefrom, because of the unmerciful act or cooperating with the cruel, wicked, inhumane and not God-like quality of killing and eating the animal-people. (Yes, Master.)

Thus, there’s no doubt that the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, would have encouraged everyone, “Don’t eat the animal-people’s flesh or meat or fish-people or...” No animal products, all completely out. Vegan is the best for all of them. If the Muslims just become vegan and truly concentrate on Allah alone, everything, everyday in their life, or whenever they can, then surely, they will go to Allah’s spiritual, splendid realm, as the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, has said it. (Yes, Master.) But must be vegan, must be absolutely single-minded. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

So, it’s all clear. (Yes, Master. Clear, very clear. Thank You for explaining that, Master.) I hope you understood. Really? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, I think you guys do. (Yes. One-pointedness is key. It’s the most important part) Yes, yes. (of the concentration. Whole-hearted concentration.) Otherwise, you’ll be tainted also with other people’s karma or lower realm gods and deities and stuff. (Yes, Master.) Alright. Good, like that.

I’ll read you a story, a true story from Âu Lạc’s (Vietnam’s) folklore. (Oh. Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) And this one is from Lữ Huy Nguyên and Đặng Văn Lung. They compiled and selected. We have asked somebody to contact them and asked for permission. And they contacted one, they said, “OK.” The other one, maybe also, “OK.” We didn’t hear from. I didn’t hear from them.

I asked here if the authors give us permission to read this story. I’m sure they would like to. Because one of the compilers is not anymore with us in the world, God bless his soul. May he be liberated. And his son said his father wouldn’t have asked for anything, wouldn’t have wanted to accept any compensation. So, we took that as a permission. I asked my disciple to bring some gifts or something as a gratitude, and to light some incense and candles in front of the father’s photograph, in the altar of the father.

I’m sure he’d be happy, that we read it. (Yes, Master.) Because it will benefit others, (Yes.) Always, if I read a story; some stories always benefit someone. (Yes.) So, they can learn something, to be a good person. If they cannot go to Heaven, at least be a good person on Earth. (Yes, Master.)

Many of the folklores of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) are true stories, or at least big part of them is a true story. I mean true personages, true historical beings in those old times. (Yes, Master.)

We have a lot of folklore stories, but some are not very suitable. Because it’s a normal story about people who probably go hunting and stuff like that. So, it’s not all suitable to read to you. (Ah, right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) It’s about normal people outside there, not normal, but they’re just habitual like every other human, (Yes.) thus incurring a lot of karma.

I read some stories that I hope to help people to change their karma. Maybe not this one, but many other ones that I read to you. (Yes, Master.) This one is about a person named Chử Đồng Tử.

A person who was Aulacese (Vietnamese) a long, long, long, long time ago, in the ancient times, when the Âu Lạc (Vietnam) country was not as big as it is right now. The Aulacese (Vietnamese) country continues to be built up since ancient times, and from a small, little country, it becomes bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger. Through many events or many exchanges for land or through alliance with other countries, or through negotiation. A lot of things happened in the Aulacese (Vietnamese) history. We don’t have a lot of time to tell you here.

I read you this story about Chử Đồng Tử. It’s like a fairytale, because he is a very poor person. He lives with his father. Both are very poor, and they have only one piece of cloth which they take turns to wrap around if they have to see people or go out buying things (Wow.) or exchanging things. But then he will be married to a princess. (Oh.) Interesting or not? (Yes. Very interesting.)

You wish you are. No, you don’t have to. You are princes. You’re more than princes. Special, from Heaven. And will go to Heaven. Not every prince on this Earth will go to Heaven, so you are better. (All right. Thank You, Master.) Nice, huh? Nice. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

If you continue working for the world unconditionally, of course you are better than any prince, because you have love. Any prince who has no love, just takes care of his own position and political needs, and he is not worthy. (Yes.) Prince or prime minister, or minister, or president, the same. They’re not worthy if they don’t have love, compassion and selfless service to humankind. (Yes, true.) So therefore, I say you’re better than any prince. Any prince, that type of prince.

Chử Đồng Tử is his name. Now, begins the story. Long, long, long time ago, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), in a village named Chử Xá. Chử Xá nowadays is a district, Văn Giang. Before that, it belonged to Bắc Ninh. But nowadays it belongs to Hưng Yên. This is some location in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), in the south. In the north, sorry. One moment. It’s cold. I’ll get something. I’ll call you back. (Yes, Master.)

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