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Between Master and Disciples

Let Our Children Grow in a Healthy Environment (Part 1 of 6) July 18-19, 2013

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese (中文),English,Vietnamese (Tiếng Âu Lạc [Tiếng Việt])
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Sufism is a branch of Islam, after. But they are more into meditation, more into vegetarian than Islam, I think. But Islam originally - Islam, Muslim, same - was originally vegetarian. Because the Prophet had stated that, oh, don’t eat meat. Don’t eat that animal because if you eat it then that quality, the animal will come into you. The Prophet doesn’t want (people) to eat animals at all. And he even said that Allah said that “Allah will have no mercy to anyone who has no mercy to other beings.” Allah didn't say only to humans - all the beings. “Beings” means anyone, any moving, breathing, crawling around on the planet. It’s very clear, just that people don’t think about it. And everybody, just habit, and then encourages each other to continue to eat meat. You know what I mean? It’s a very sad thing. If the Prophet was still alive, he would be very sad. A little different from what the Prophet had wanted to teach. I do know many tribes, they don’t eat animals at all. They plant like yuccas or yams to eat, and vegetables. (Yes, because respect to nature.) They respect nature. Original. These are the original, aboriginal Indonesians. Before many of you came and took their land. The original people of mostly each continent or each country, mostly they’re very in harmony with nature. And even if they have to eat animals for any reason, they pray first, and they ask them for permission, and they thank them. Not like us, the “civilized” people, just chop and then eat. Don’t feel anything. And treat the animals in such a cruel way. Whether to eat or not, treat them in a very cruel way, very inhumane. We call ourselves “humans,” we should be more humane. So actually, our world has like 80 some percent peace already, compared to before. Compared to before, no? (Yes, yes.) Even the war now, the war, even if we still have some war nowadays. And yeah, hopefully someday, all peace, for the animals as well. (In China, especially in the recent years, there is a term that has become very popular, which is “positive energy.” I know You are the one who spoke about it first. From TV, to newspapers, even cell phone text messages, jokes and chats among friends, almost everywhere we can hear the term “positive energy.” The term “positive energy” is gaining more and more energy.) Oh. It’s wonderful! It’s wonderful! If we talk positively, then positive energy will come. The more people practice spiritually, the more people become vegan, the more prosperous the country will be. (Yes.) And the more peaceful. (People are influenced through many different channels.) Yeah, yeah. That’s why even though many countries have economic recession, China is stable. Both China and Formosa (Taiwan) are stable. It’s because they have a lot of spiritual practitioners and their governments are wise too. Very good. Okay.
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