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Between Master and Disciples

Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is The Real Solution, Part 5 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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Just like Jesus went and saved the lamb-person and told people not to kill, not to make offerings, God even said that, but the so-called Roman Catholic priests, they eat big meat and drink a lot of alcohol. You saw that yourself. (Yes, Master.) Only nowadays, we have videos, we have photos, otherwise, we’d never know what they’re eating and drinking. (Yes, Master. True.) With their filthy mouths, and they come out and slander Jesus. My God! And they still let him (Francis) stay there!

The Hadith is comprised of many just short-short parables or stories about the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. Or some sentences or some parables that the Prophet has uttered during His lifetime. (Yes, Master.) Some are directly written. Some are just hearsay from other people. (Yes, Master.)

And the sayings from other people may be doubted, maybe suspicious. Because also there’s one story in here that somebody… not this one but somewhere else, like somebody asked Allah if he can make a sacrifice by killing a lamb-person, a sheep-person. Then he told other people that the Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him, allowed it. So the other higher disciple said, we don’t know for sure whether or not the Prophet permitted only this man, or it’s for everybody. (Yes, Master.)

They doubted because the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, even took care of the camel-person in the desert. (Yes.) Somebody neglected the camel-person in the desert so the Prophet brought water to him and scolded that person for going to eat and leaving the camel-person alone without water, without shade, without any protection or without care. (Right. Right, Master.)

And the Prophet even told His cousin not to eat meat. (Yes.) And even said you must have mercy to all other beings otherwise Allah will not have mercy on you. A person who utters such things could not allow somebody to kill the lamb-person. (Yes. Right, for sure.) For sacrifice. (Yes, Master.)

Either that person told a lie just to justify his action… (Yes.) Because maybe he just followed the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, but he did not truly follow His teaching. (Wow. Yes.) Just like some of my so-called disciples as well. (Understand, Master.) They turned their back on me and then went and ate meat and all that. (Oh.)

Many returned now. Many repented and understood now and came back. (Yes.) But before that, they did betray my teaching. (Right, Master.) Even harmed me in some ways as well. (Yes.) Due to their low level and their habit or mundane desires. (Yes, Master.)

Just like Buddha’s cousin. (Yes.) He always envied Him and he even did the opposite of the Buddha’s teaching and he tried to harm the Buddha in many ways, even the Buddha is already a Buddha. (Yes, yes.) But his jealousy, his envy, and his worldly kind of mentality, pushed him into doing harm to the Buddha and slandering Him in many ways. (Yes, Master.) Even His own relative, cousin. (Yes.) Or maybe Judah to Jesus Christ. (Yes, Master.) And many other Masters also have been betrayed by Their own disciples. Either deliberately or maybe accidentally. Nevertheless, they harmed the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. Many Masters, many Prophets. (Yes, Master.)

So this…I read that story, I said it’s not possible that the Prophet did that. Allowed somebody to kill a lamb-person without intervening or anything like that. (Yes, Master. For sure.)

In the course of talking I might forget how to express quickly because I have to say it fast, otherwise, number one: we don’t have a lot of time, number two: I might forget the inspiration. Because we talk about many things. I don’t talk fast enough from the inspiration I receive. (Oh, yes, Master. Understand.) Unless I’m very tired, otherwise you hear me, I talk very fast. (Yes, Master.) And sometimes with passion. (Yes, Master.) It’s not all me. Blame it on the Big Guy. And that’s why sometimes I told you, “What did I say? I forgot already.” (Right, Master.) Because the inspiration comes and then it cuts off for some other inspiration. (Right.) So, it’s not all me. Thank God for that. It’s only from the higher Heavens.

So, many things, just like they accredit to the Prophet saying that you should go out and strike the enemies neck and all that. I told you that was from someone else. (Yes, Master.) Some government planted a spy to say like that, so that they can have an excuse to persecute many Muslims if they know about them. (Right.) They would say, “Oh he’s an infidel, he betrays the Muslim, he’s that, he’s this…” So the governments can just strike him down, because the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, said that. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

It’s just like the Bible, the Roman government at that time cut many of the parts about reincarnation and non-animal-people diet, just to suit themselves and make Christianity into another kind of mundane religion. So they can eat meat, they can drink wine, they can even fool around like that. (Yes, Master.)

And now it’s gone to the worst, that they molest children. At random, anytime. Anytime or any child that falls into their hands. That is vulnerable in their environment. (Yes, Master.) So these are not priests, they are not monks, they are just evil outright, it’s very simple. (Yes, Master.)

So, it’s not like everything that is written in the book, you should believe. Any book, any Holy book, you must discriminate. (Yes, Master.) You must reason. So, the Buddha also said even if you listen to the Buddha, you have to use logic and reason. You can’t just blindly believe. (Yes, Master.)

Just like Jesus went and saved the lamb-person and told people not to kill, not to make offerings, God even said that, but the so-called Roman Catholic priests, they eat big meat and drink a lot of alcohol. You saw that yourself. (Yes, Master.) Only nowadays, we have videos, we have photos, otherwise, we’d never know what they’re eating and drinking. (Yes, Master. True.) With their filthy mouths, and they come out and slander Jesus. My God! And they still let him (Francis) stay there! Then people will think, “What kind of Christianity is this, it must be a devil’s religion?” (Yes, true, Master. It’s true.) Yeah, it’s like a satanic religion because they use baby sacrifice as their ritual.

So, in the Catholic Church, it’s the same. (Terrible!) With all this happening, it’s the same. Nothing different. It’s just they don’t make it into a ritual only. (Yes, Master.) It’s not a requirement like in the satanic cult. They just do it for their own satisfaction. For their own lusty desire. They’re worse than any normal criminal outside, I’m telling you.

I am not twisting my tongue to say that. I don’t have to think twice. It is the truth like that and I don’t mince my words anymore, (Yes, Master.) for whatever they say, for all I care.

They are truly worse than criminals, worse than devils. Because the devils, they only punish the bad people. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So, this is worse than devils. They should be kicked out or should be charged, should be tried like all the criminals in the world. Or they’re not even worthy to stay in prison, and further infecting people inside, further infecting the inmates, the lesser inmates. (Yes, Master.)

Many inmates, they made a mistake, or maybe the situation pushed them into crime. But they’re not as wicked, filthy, ugly like these pedo-priests and the chief of the Vatican who supports it, (Yes, Master. Correct.) or condones it or keeps silent about it. (Yes, Master.)

Because he, himself, I don’t have proof but must have done the same thing or is doing it. That’s why he doesn’t dare say anything.

“Interview by Sarah Westall Published Feb. 23, 2019 Kevin (m): His own history in Argentina, where in three years he went from becoming a priest to the head of the Jesuits in Argentina, the superior general, conveniently, a year before the military coup happened, and he then became an adviser to the military junta. They murdered 30,000 Argentine people and he helped traffic the children of their political prisoners. He was in like a dirty sock there helping the junta. So, he's got all that dirty laundry background. He's faced lawsuits from his priests in Argentina who accused him of colluding with the military.”

“Media Report from Feb. 27, 2017 Reporter (f): In 2009, 67 disabled people reported sexual abuse by a group of priests. They were children, students of the Provolo Institute of Verona, a religious institute for deaf-mute people.

(In Italian) Abusevictim1 (m): When I entered the Provolo, I was 3 and a half years old. I saw everything, a terrible torture.

Abusevictim2 (m): The first time I experienced sexual abuse I was 6-7 years old.

Reporter (m): Among the priests who are still alive, who abused you?

Abusevictim3 (m): Don Piccoli. That priest, Don Piccoli, is terrible.

Reporter (f): Don Piccoli lives as a guest in a Vatican accommodation in Negrar, near Verona.

Reporter (m): Anyway, was what happened in that room sinful?

Interviewee (m): No, it depends… Because males with males was a joke, those are jokes.

Reporter (m): So, was it done by almost all priests?

Interviewee (m): Most of them, yeah, yeah.

Reporter (m): Even sex?

Interviewee (m): Yes, yes.

Reporter (m): Sex?

Interviewee (m): Yes, yes.

Reporter (m): And what about the priests, when it came up? Were they removed?

Interviewee (m): Yes, removed.

Reporter (m): When the abuses were discovered?

Interviewee (m): There was Don Turati, for example, he also did those things, and then off to America.

Reporter (m): Were they sent away when it was discovered that they had abused children?

Interviewee (m): Yes, to Argentina, to Argentina.

Reporter (f):The victims asked for a meeting with Jose Bergoglio (Francis), the Bishop of Buenos Aires at the time.

Julieta Anazco: We in Argentina, we have tried to reach Pope Francis. All the victims. And (he) never received us. Not even when he was a cardinal. I’m sure he knows.

Reporter (m): Had the Vatican been informed of these pedophile priests?

Abusevictim3 (f): Yes, it had been informed because the victims had written several letters to the Vatican in 2013 and 2014. We decided to go to Rome and personally deliver a letter to the pope. Because we hadn’t received any reply in all those years. He asked us to forgive him for what happened and told us to pray for him… Nothing else.

Reporter (f):Giuseppe Consiglio also attended the meeting with the pope.

Abusevictim4 (m): He blushed, and said, ‘Forgive me’ and made a prayer. But I don’t need prayers. Because now my life is destroyed.

Reporter (f):The Vatican commission, in 2010, didn’t excommunicate any of the involved priests. All evidence has been sealed by the Vatican. Today, none of the victims have been indemnified for the abuses.”

Because they know each other. (Yes, Master.) If the two thieves are working together all the time, how would one go out and say, “Oh, you are bad. You are bad.” (Yes, Master.) Because they know each other too well. (Yes. Yes, that’s right.)

That’s what I can say. Of course, I don’t have proof. Don’t ask me for any proof. I don’t care about proof either. I just say what Heaven told me. (Yes, Master.)

So now, the Prophet said even something very scary. I told you already. Now, I read it to you.

“Thy Prophet…” Oh, this is Volume 2, Book 24, Number 495. I picked it myself. I just pick, I read and I think what is maybe useful to you, so I read it. (OK. Thank You, Master.) I selected it myself, this one. (OK, Master.)

Narrated by Abu Musa. “Thy Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said, ‘A time will come upon the people when a person will wander about with gold as Zakat…’” I don’t know what “Zakat” means, if any of you know? Z-A-K-A-T. Probably, as offering. Yeah, as offering. You know, like charity? (Oh, yes, Master.) “A time will come upon the people when a person will wander about with gold as Zakat and will not find anybody to accept it.”

Means they’re all gone, I guess. Humanity, no more. (Wow.) What else then? (Yes, Master.) Who would not accept gold as a charity offered? (Wow.) Nowadays, they even kill each other for gold (Oh, yes. Yes.) or money or any property. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So, it must have been a time that humanity was depleted, that even a person wandering around, you know those rich people (Yes.) with gold to offer, will not find anybody to accept it.

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