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Between Master and Disciples

Count Our Blessings and Be Positive (Part 1 of 6) March 28, 2012

Lecture Language:English,Spanish(Español)
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“And today, I have some new stuff And today, I have some new stuff for the Aulacese (Vietnamese), good news. You can eat rice paddy herb, okay? Chrysanthemum greens, okay, Aulacese coriander - leaves only, don’t cut the stem, okay? perilla, also leaves only, thorny coriander - leaves only, fish mint - leaves only, basil, mint - leaves. Okay?” “Please look into a dictionary and print it out. And for those who cannot meditate very well, because you came home tired from work, and not just tired, but you brought work home, you know? Disturbance from work, and not cooperation at work, complaining at work, you brought it home sometimes. Not in paper like I did, but in your head. You cannot forget right away. So maybe you can drink some calming tea or something? Don’t drink too much, you’ll sleep over next morning.” “The first batches are the best. More eager, more sincere. “Whatever, I try to…” your best to come! But the last one… You know, like in Formosa (Taiwan), it’s easier than here even. Because here, you have to travel to come. So the ones who come from far away try to put down everything to come. I know it’s not easy. I appreciate that very much. Yeah? I appreciate your sincerity and love. And it’s good for you. Good blessing to you. Even if we have blessings from Master or not, sometimes we have to be able to assimilate. Like we have to be worthy. Not because worthy, but if we’re not clean enough, we can’t digest it. And it’s wasted, you know? So whether we sit very near or we come the last day, it makes no difference. Okay?” “Do not calculate too much in love. Okay? Love between Master and disciple, love between man and woman, do not calculate so much; just jump into it. Okay? Express all! You know? Have it all. Hang it all out. Be… be natural, you know? Be sincere, be honest. That’s the way we should love. We love too little and we express even less. And then we complain that our marriage is in trouble, our partners are cold, our relationship has gone wrong. You understand? It has to be give and take, both expressing love, then love grows all the time. And the family’s happy. Also love between each other, between your brothers and sisters.”
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