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Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is The Real Solution, Part 2 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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If humans have lost this love within themselves, they lose everything already. They have no more humane quality. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) Not worthy to be humans anymore. And that’s why Heavens want to destroy them, because they’re not up to the standard even to be a human.

If you tell people to “Come in, swim back to shore, otherwise, you will drown. After a while, you’ll get exhausted,” and if they don’t listen, what would you do? See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) If they continue to keep swimming into deep water and turbulent sea waves, then they will be doomed. (Yes, Master.)

It’s just like I remember the story of Noah’s son. (Yes, Master.) It was a deluge. And He had a boat. He made a boat already. His son didn’t want to come with Him. And Noah, He kept begging, “Please come. Otherwise, you will drown. You will die.” (Yes.) And then the son kept saying, “Oh, since when did I ever listen to you?” (Oh. Whoa.) And then he just died, of course. (Yes.) And Noah cannot do anything. (Heartbreaking.) He made such a big boat, and He saved so many animal-people, and others’ families. But this son, he has always been a big headache.

But even then, God told Noah, “Don’t worry about him. Don’t bother about him. He’s not like you. He’s not from you. He’s different. You can look at him. He’s different.” Maybe he’s not really Noah’s son. (Yes, Master.) Maybe the extramarital son or something. That’s why God said it like that. God said to Noah, “Look at him. He’s not like you. He doesn’t look like you. He’s not one of you. Just let him die. Let him be.” But of course, Noah had such a great love. (Yes, Master.) One of the great persons, enlightened persons and virtuous persons. That’s why God wanted to save Him, and His loved ones. And then even told Him to save some animal-people for further survival later on and seeds and plants and all that. (Yes, Master.) So when the deluge, the flood subsides, He can continue to survive. Start again. (Yes, Master.)

That’s what a virtuous person appears like in front of God’s eyes. In God’s eyes, this is a virtuous, worthy person. So, God went into detail to tell Him all that. (Yes, Master.) Noah was very heartbroken because of His son. He always thought of His son, and he would grow up under His care. Of course, He would love him, even if God told Him that he’s not from Him. Just like some people, they adopt other people’s children, but they love them just like their own, (Yes. Yes, Master.) and go through great lengths to bring them up, (Yes.) to take good care of them. Until they’re well and grown up and have their own independent lives. (Yes, exactly.) Be on their own, and have an independent life.

Oh, man. Oh, God. It’s terrible to teach humans on this planet. I didn’t realize that until quite recently. Talk about being naïve. I still could not believe what I see, what I hear, what I know. Even if Heavens told me and warned me many things, many times, I still could not believe it. (Yes, Master.) Because I look around, they look like me. (Yes.) Outwardly, they behave like me. They eat, they take showers, they sleep, they even meditate. They even do charity. (Yes, Master.) They even seem to listen. So, it’s difficult for me to differentiate. Nevertheless, I don’t want to differentiate either. I want to keep my naivety, so that I can continue to love humanity and other beings.

I do love animal-people so much. (Oh yes, Master.) It’s easier to love them. (Yes.) Even now my dog-person, Good Love, he passed away and he went to New Land, new spiritual realm. I still miss him so much. Because it’s not the same. When he’s nearby next to me, (Yes, Master.) then I can always come and hug him, and then he comes and sissy sassies around. (Yes.) I just remember, today, for example, I don’t know what made me remember. Because whenever the girls, the assistants, the dog-people caretakers who helped me to take care, (Yes.) whenever they brought him to my house, he’s outside the gate, he already began to tell me that “I’m home. I’m home.”

He always had the same voice, same tone. Yeah, always said, “Ow, ow, ow.” Because I told him, “Whenever you come home, you let me know. So that I’m ready, and open the door for you and hug you. Welcome.” So, whenever he was near the gate, when they were cleaning him (Yes.) at the gate or at the door, before they let him in, even, they clean at the gate, small gate in the corridor. (Yes.) And he always said, “Ow, ow, ow.” Already let me know. So inside I also answered him. I said, “I heard you. Ow, ow, ow.”

That’s how we communicated. He was always so ready to come home, no matter how he loved to be outside, he was so ready to come home, all the time. (Yes. Yes, Master.) (Wow.) Such a small thing makes you miss him so much.

Like the other dog-people, all of them have their tics, (Yes.) to make me remember. Like one, whenever she sees me, it’s as if she hasn’t seen me for a hundred years, and she worries so much about me. She keeps saying she worries so much about me. I said, “I’m OK, I’m a big girl.” But she took it as her job to guard me. She always asked me, “Can we stay to protect you?” She always asked me. And if she doesn’t see me, she sometimes goes crazy; she bites things, she bites stuff. She tears the curtain and stuff like that. She worries something’s wrong with me. Not all dog-people are like that. Some have anxiety, (Oh, yes.) separation anxiety, and some don’t. Others, they miss me also, but they’re calm. They don’t have such anxiety. (Right.) Even if I keep telling her inside, “I’ll be OK. Don’t worry. I’ll be OK. I’ll see you whenever I can. Soon, soon. I must work. I’m busy. I have to concentrate.” But she still cannot, not all the time. (Yes Master.) Sometimes she can, sometimes not. And others, they have their tics; they have their trademark, their personality, and their way of expressing their affection and love. So, they just make you love them to bits. Because they just imprint that on you, to let you know how much they love you. In their ways, different ways.

All the dog-people have different personalities, different ways to express their concern, their love, their loyalty. (Yes, Master.) So, you cannot just forget a dog-person. No. You can never forget a dog-person. Once you accept a dog-person, and they accept you, you won’t forget him. Even if he lives many universes away, you won’t forget him. (Oh.)

What am I saying? Why do I say such things now? Why do I come to the dog-people? We’ve gone to the dog-people now, why? (Because You love animal-people.)

I love animal-people, because every time we have to edit things or see things, on our Supreme Master TV only even, my heart just sinks. I always cry, I always pray because my heart just cannot bear it. (Yes, Master.) It’s terrible. I wonder who can even bear that and continue to eat animal-people, if they know all that, they see all that in the films, (Right. Yes.) or on TV, or by those films people made. (Yes, the documentaries.) Documentaries, secret documentaries and all that. (Yes.) How can they still continue eating meat? That, I don’t understand. (Yes. Right, Master.) This is so, so terrible. So subhuman, so inhumane, so gruesome, so devil-like. (Yes, Master, it is.)

If humans have lost this love within themselves, they lose everything already. They have no more humane quality. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) Not worthy to be humans anymore. And that’s why Heavens want to destroy them, because they’re not up to the standard even to be a human.

Even if you want to be a human again and not go to hell, or not go into a different other species like animal-people or lower animal-people, or vicious animal-people, something like that, then you have to adhere to the principles, the Five Precepts or the Ten Commandments. (Yes, Master.) Then you can be reborn as humans again. Maybe you could even have a quick visit or rest in Heavens and then come back, be human again. (Yes, Master.) But if you don’t, then you’re finished. You can be in hell or become animal-people, suffering.

Not all animal-people are from karmic retribution. (Yes, Master.) Just like not all humans are born by karma or are bad. (Yes.) Many are in the form of karma, but they are saints and sages, like Buddhas. (Right, Master.) Like the Buddha, like Jesus, (Yes.) like all the Masters. (Yes, Master.) They came from a Higher Level. Maybe they seem ignorant in the beginning, or in youth and all that, but they’re not. They are still saints and sages. They came for the purpose of helping humans.

Just like dog- or cat- or animal-people, they came to help humans also, (Understand.) on purpose. And many humans also came down on purpose, to help humans, help other humans. Maybe somebody they know, some friends or relatives, (Yes, Master.) or somebody who has helped them before, who has been kind to them. So, they came back down to repay their kindness, to lead them to a better way of life. So that they can be redeemed from their past karma. So that they don’t go in the wrong direction and become a resident punished in hell. (Oh, yes, Master.) So, not all humans are born by karma, not all the animal-people are born by karma. (Yes.) Some come down to teach humans love and other wisdom, or to help to save their lives. Many things they do. They are angels in disguise.

Why do I talk so long? What else then? Did I answer your question? (Yes, definitely, Master. Thank You.)

It’s very scary this Omicron. Oh, my God. It’s a big destroyer. But nobody can see it. I don’t think scientists can find out what’s the thing, because Heaven told me it’s kind of secret stuff. (Wow.) I’m not even allowed to tell. I tell just roughly like that. I ask them if I can tell roughly. Otherwise, they told me I’m not allowed to say anything. (Oh, wow.) I talk too much already.

Any other questions, my dear? (Yes, Master, there actually is. It’s about the pope.) Again? (Again, sorry to bring it up but…) Oh man, this guy really makes noise. (But this is interesting because…) I told him to shut up. (But this is an interesting one.) Yes.

(The pope says now domestic violence is almost satanic. So, is that a good sign that he’s maybe turning around? Or why is he saying this?)

It’s another cover-up story. He walks around, around. First, he scolds the women nuns, (Yes.) and now he talks about the domestic violence. (Yes, against women.) He just walks around, scratching outside the sock. He definitely has something to hide. (Oh.) Heaven told me things about him, but I don’t want to dig it out. I don’t want to tell you. It’s too ugly, filthy. (Right, Master.) (Yes, understand.)

Oh, my God, nobody suspects anyway. I don’t have proof. I only say things when there’s already some proof. (Yes, Master.) It’s better. (OK, Master.) Besides that, does anybody even listen to me? (We hope they do.) Anyway, he’s hiding something, (Understand, Master.) personal. That’s why he tries many things just to distract people’s attention. (Ah, right. Right.)

And he cannot open his mouth to accuse or to judge those who are raping children, molesting babies and all that. Babies of three or four years old, even. (Yes, Master.) Any normal person would know it is the greatest evil possible. (Yes, Master.) But he accuses anybody else except that. He just protects all of these.

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