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Between Master and Disciples

Try to Remember God All the Time (Part 1 of 6) Mar. 31, 2012

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“What can I do with you? Every time come. See many dozen times, hundred times already, still like brand new. Still like honeymoon or something. Smiling from ear to ear like that. Just to look at me get older and older every day. What is the thing new about me, and like to come see me so much? At home you also can see me. You know that, right? I mean, at least some of you. (Every time, when I come, I have some blessings in this place. I understand so many things about practice. Sometimes when I must be quiet, but sometimes talking with other people, I understand what I must take about knowledge, about wisdom.) Okay. But at home, no? I mean, in your Center, no? (It’s a special atmosphere.) Different, huh? (Its energy is special and… why I come here…) That’s why when we are here, we should not bring mundane stuff here and just concentrate more on spiritual practice, on spiritual questions even. Or sharing spiritual knowledge or experiences. To keep the atmosphere always pure and uplifting. So sometimes some people ask nonsense, I am really annoyed a little bit. Just share some good news and happy stuff and positive things to keep this Center always uplifting. Please, when you come here, just occupy yourself with meditation. I mean, we all have problems and I know that. Just forget it for a few days. You can always go to Hsihu if you want. It’s another home. It’s your another home. You have many homes around the world. You’re welcome to visit them all. Hsihu has a lot of big retreats. And people go there every day, every week, in thousands. Ten thousand, sometimes. So the atmosphere is very strong. And now we have Heaven gates and all that as well over there, so it’s pretty cool.” “And by the way, if you move, don’t move to the bigger house. The bigger, the more lonely you feel. I don’t like big houses myself. Things are spreading all over. I like my place small, so I can find everything quick. Because I need to work, I need to go, and I can’t just hang around, walking from one room to another. And a small room, you meditate better. More concentration. That’s why I think many Masters or yogis in the past and present, they meditate in caves and all that. Not because they can’t have a home or they don’t have a temple. But, you feel more concentrated, less distraction, and all your things are at your fingertips.”
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