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Between Master and Disciples

Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is the Real Solution, Part 7 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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So, it’s not like I’m born and then I’m up, up to the top. (Yes.) After you’re born, you forget many things about your spiritual ability, your spiritual level, and your power, spiritual power. You have to reclaim it again. In this physical environment, it’s not Heaven. It’s not the same.

Why do I talk about that? What was it before? (Master was talking about fasting to help up Her spiritual level, the preparation.) That’s right.

So, it’s not like I’m born and then I’m up, up to the top. (Yes.) After you’re born, you forget many things about your spiritual ability, your spiritual level, and your power, spiritual power. You have to reclaim it again. In this physical environment, it’s not Heaven. It’s not the same. (Yes.)

Just like people who dive into the sea even, deep sea, they need equipment, they need extra oxygen. They need to be trained first. (Yes, Master. It’s true.) To get used to the depths of the sea with the pressure of the water around them; it’s a huge, enormous amount of pressure. It’s very heavy. (Yes, Master.) All the pressure around you, you have to be used to it. You have to train. Otherwise, you’ll be compressed. (Yes.) Crushed by such a volume. And you have to have also adequate equipment. (Yes.) It’s not that easy. Nothing is easy in this physical world. But there is some way you can learn, you can cope. (Yes.)

All right then. Anymore? What’s this? I check if I have marked any others for you. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome, welcome, welcome. You like? (Yes, Master.) It is good. Some people helped to select some, but I didn’t like what they have selected. I have to do it myself. Some we could use, but some… I don’t know, it’s nothing good.

What is this here? OK. Oh, there is something here maybe. It’s printed, so if I’m not careful, things fall out of my hand and I will not be able to find it. (Oh no. Oh.) Oh, so scary. One moment. Where is it then? OK, here it is. Volume 2, Book 24, Number 504. I selected it also. Oh, this one somebody has helped to select it, but never mind. I had to read it first. (Yes, Master.) Because sometimes the thing they select is… I don’t feel like it’s a good thing. There’s not too much that we can learn. Maybe, maybe.

Volume 2, Book 24, Number 504. Narrated by Abu Huraira. This is pretty Muslim stuff, like their rituals, their prayers, way of life.

So, “The Prophet, Peace be upon Him, said, ‘Seven types of people will be shaded by Allah under His shade,’” meaning under His protection, (Yes. Yes, Master.) “‘on the day when there will be no shade, except His.’” Wow. Probably a day of the final judgment. (Yes, Master.) Or the end of the world, doomsday. (Yes.) Those days, there is no other exception, no more protection except God’s protection. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

You can see it nowadays. (Yes. Yes, Master.) There’s no medical protection, there’s no insurance protection, nothing works. (Yes.) It seems like that. (Yes.) This virus, it’s spreading all over the world now. All over, and so fast, faster than Delta. Though it might look harmless or it looks like just another Delta, but it’s not like that. (Yes.) So, we don’t have any protection right now. Because according to the expert that I saw on the news, it even evades the vaccine. (Yes.) Yes. And even evades the protection of reinfection.

"Media Report from CBS News – Dec. 22, 2021 Reporter (f): As the Omicron variant rapidly spreads across the globe, researchers in the US suggest the strain is more contagious than Delta."

"Media Report from WKYC Channel 3 – Dec. 22, 2021 Dr. Hoyen (f): It is the second most contagious virus on the planet currently."

"Media Report from Reuters – Feb. 2, 2022 Reporter (f): The World Health Organization on Tuesday cautions, saying, 'Omicron hasn’t yet peaked in many countries.'

Dr. Ghebreyesus (m): This virus is dangerous, and it continues to evolve before our very eyes. WHO is currently tracking four sub-lineages of the Omicron variant of concern, including BA.2.

Reporter (f): The emerging BA.2 form of the Omicron coronavirus variant begins to replace the more common original BA.1 version in countries such as Denmark. BA.2 is more transmissible than the more common BA.1 and more able to infect vaccinated people."

"Media Report from DW News – Jan. 23, 2022 Reporter (m): It’s nicknamed, 'The Stealth Variant' because it’s more difficult to detect, and it has become an increasingly dominant source of coronavirus infections."

"Media Report from Global News – Jan. 29, 2022 Dr. Bach (m): As long as the virus continues to multiply, new mutations will be pop [up]. Guaranteed. That is the lifestyle of the virus."

"Media Report from WION – Jan. 23, 2022 Reporter (m): According to scientists at Imperial College in London, Omicron was considered to have a four to six-fold higher risk of reinfection as compared to Delta. In the UK, reports of COVID reinfection are growing. People are testing positive just weeks apart in December and January, or having had the virus three or even four times."

So even if you have been infected by Omicron before and then you have recovered, you can be reinfected again. (Wow.) I mean you might be recovered again but how many times can your body recover. (Right, Master. Yes.) If you are not protected at all like that. You see? (Yes, Master.) Some people are infected before with the other variant, they can be protected by that because the body produced immunity. (Yes. Yes, exactly.) So, they say that you can be protected for six months at least after you are infected and recovered.

Not with this one. Before Omicron came, if you were infected and recovered, then you were protected 85% for example. But with Omicron you are maybe protected to 19% only. (Wow.) One-nine. That’s almost like nothing. (Yes.)

And sperm count or motility may be low for months after COVID-19, not months, not months according to what I know. (Yes.) Anyway. Never mind. The sperm count they say will be low, but motility is also low. What does that mean “motility”? Also, concerned with the sperm of men? (Yes.) Oh, wow. But why? (The capability of movement of sperm.) Oh, God. Slower. (Yes.) Oh, wow, wow, wow, wow. I knew all that before. But other things, scientists have not found out yet.

I can only tell whatever I’ve found out. And I told you roughly those things before already. (Yes. Yes, Master.) I told you it’s not just mild. But never mind. We can continue reading stories. At least if you die, you die smiling, knowing that your Ma, or your mother, your Master read bedtime stories for you. (Yes.) At least you feel loved. (Oh! Thank You, Master.)

Just like my dog-people, they don’t care if I have a small room, big room, as long as I’m there, like a bodyguard, they’re happy. (Yes.) They don’t care about a bigger room or more comfortable, whatever. They don’t care, they can stay on the floor, or whatever. If my house is small and doesn’t have comfort, they don’t care. As long as I’m there. That’s what they told me. (Yes.) I hope they told me the truth. Well, the way they behave, it should be the truth. OK. (Yes. I’m sure they did.) Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s all they wanted. Me. Personal, very personal.

“The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said, ‘Seven people will be shaded,’” means protected, “by Allah,” means by God, “‘under His shade on the day when there will be no shade except His.’”

Excuse me. I’ll just have a quick sip of water. (Yes, Master.) I’ll come back soon. Stay there. (All right. OK, Master.)

Oh, I’m still here, still here. Are you there? (Yes, we are, Master.)

Why does the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, say shade instead of protection? But we know it is protection. Any guess? Shade, why will they be shaded by Allah under His shade? Why does He say shade? Any idea? I just thought about it now, so I ask you if you know.

(Maybe during that terrible period, the sun is very, very extreme also? Maybe like climate change.) At that time? (In the doomsday time.) Ah. Oh, yes. (Yes.) But why didn’t he say protection?

Because in the Arab world, it’s very hot, so shade is all they love. (That’s true. Valuable.) Tree shade is very rare there, except the palm trees and the date trees. (Yes.) Dates. And the house is all made very thick and the windows are very small to avoid the sun, avoid the heat. And also, in summer they only do activities in the evening. So, shade is something precious. (Right. Yes. Oh.)

So, the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, He used these common words, so people understand easier. (Yes, right. Yes.) It strikes a common interest and commonsense into their hearts. (Yes, Master.) The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, also did not have a big education. Remember, He said He could not read. (Yes, Master.) So, after the angels forced Him to go and read, then He went and studied with the other mullah. Then He can see the Qur’an, He can read the Qur’an, or at least He can ask somebody to read it to Him so that He can have a point of reference. I told you before. (Yes, Master.)

Because the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, did not read. Thus, even though He had learnt with some Master, perhaps this Quan Yin method, the (inner Heavenly) Light and (Inner Heavenly) Sound. That’s why He experienced the (inner Heavenly) Light and He saw the angels. And He experienced the (inner) Heavenly Sound. The Word. (Yes, Master.) The Word of God. In the Bible it says the Word. The (inner Heavenly) Sound. (Yes.)

Even then, He could not understand. In those times you just can’t stay with a Master all the time and ask him every little thing. (It’s true.) And He did not have enough time to study or ask more questions. (Yes.) So, just like many disciples, your brothers and sisters, they came, got initiation and then they had to go home. (Yes.) Nowadays it’s easier to email and WhatsApp. In the Prophet’s time Peace Be Upon Him, not many people can study the Qur’an or anything because these are precious and rare. You didn’t have a lot of printing, like nowadays you can buy or go online to look. (Right.)

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