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Between Master and Disciples

Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is the Real Solution, Part 22 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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So, the COVID, even though their energy is from hatred, they’re born from hatred and agonizing vengeance, but they do recognize who is who. So, make sure, the people out there, the disciples, make sure you are always pure in thought, speech, and action. Try your best. Pray every day. Be humble and grateful for what you have. And always pray for protection.

You see, just like the books that we read from this extraordinary person, (Chico) Xavier. He wrote the book about the Astral City. (Yes, Master.) And the film that we watched, Astral City, that’s also created in the Astral buffer zone for the good people, (Yes, Master.) that weren’t enlightened completely, or not enlightened at all, but maybe good and virtuous and morally correct, like the doctor in that film. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Like that.

The Master who created that realm, doesn’t have to live there. Maybe he can visit and teach sometimes, but he created that for the people who are in the lower mind, in a lower enlightenment, but still good enough to be rescued, to be liberated (Yes, Master.) from all the shadow worlds.

All right, now you’re clear, yeah? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

Any other questions? (Yes, Master. For the New Land, the new spiritual realm again,) Yes. (You mentioned that we have to have a longing for God to be able to go Home. But if, let’s say, our meditation isn’t that good, we can’t experience God very strongly, how do we have a longing for God that deeply?)

You don’t have a longing for God deeply? You feel like you don’t have? (Yes.) OK. So? (So how do we get that deep longing if we can’t experience it? You mentioned before, if we don’t know the simple life, we don’t have a longing for it. So, if our meditation is not so good and we can’t experience well, how do we get the longing for that?)

OK. The longing is not always the mind. It’s the soul, which you don’t know, because the mind cannot understand the soul. So, it is your soul that longs. So don’t worry. If you stay there already, that means you want to help the world, that means you are somewhat in the category of good, virtuous people. (Yes.) A virtuous soul. And the Master will help you, whether or not you know your longing or not. (Yes, Master.) If you’re not longing to go Home, I don’t know what the heck you’re doing in my Supreme Master TV work. (Yes.) Huh? You could have stayed somewhere. Have a normal life. You’re old enough. You have your saved retirement money, or you just go ask for benefit, security benefit, or just do any odd job anytime you want. Just enough for one person to survive. (Yes.) You didn’t have to come and work so much. We work a lot here in the Supreme Master TV team. (Yes.) You work enough, wherever you are. That’s what I mean.

The mind sometimes doesn’t understand what the soul wants? Don’t worry about it. You’re in the right place, and you’re good. (Yes, Master.) Because you work too hard also. When you meditate, I think you snore. (Yes.) I’m not sure, but maybe your brothers can certify it, (Yes.) your colleagues. (It’s true. That’s true.)

Don’t worry. We have to sacrifice. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, if you quit, you go to the Himalayas, like the way I wanted, it’s also not much either. (Yes, Master.) We can want many things, but we have to do what’s good for others. (Yes.) Got that? (Yes.)

There’s nothing more I want than to be free from the Supreme Master Television work, and just go to the Himalayas, or any “laya,” alone and cooking my stuff with fire. (Yes, Master.) It’s just a simple wish, but I like it that way. Because I was happy with that, and the memory keeps coming back, and my mind wants it. Just like you eat something good, you keep wanting it again and again, (Yes.) even though you don’t have it, or it’s not necessary because you have many other foods, but that’s your favorite food. (Yes.) So, you keep missing it sometimes. But we know what’s the right thing to do, so we have to. We have to sacrifice everything possible for others, (Yes, Master.) because we are selfless.

It comes with a cost, of course. Like, I want to have that life and I don’t have, and that doesn’t make me very happy, of course. (Yes.) But I have other happiness, like, I could help others. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then imagine if they’re helped, then I should be happy, even though I don’t know about it, but I imagine it would help someone, the way I’m doing things. (Yes, Master.) I imagine that also.

And even if nobody was helped by our work, at least our intention is purely for that. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) We live by that principle, by this selfless dedication for the good of others. (Yes, Master.) And for that noble purpose, we sacrifice other things that we want to do, or want to have. (Yes, Master.) And that’s noble enough. So, if God doesn’t let you go to Tim Qo Tu New Land, then you can forget that God. (Yes, understand.)

Don’t worry about where you’re going. Who cares? You’re helping others to go. As I told you already, I was willing to go to hell if that helps the whole humankind to be free. (Yes, Master.) Not that I love hell, knowing what I know about hell. Just to think that we would like to do anything, think what we would like to do for others. It’s not easy.

That’s why there are not so many of you. Sometimes you complain that we don’t have enough manpower, and if you keep listening to all my stories and keep asking more questions, then we have less manpower, more work. But you want it. I didn’t nail you on your chair. I didn’t bind you there, no? (No, Master.) You want to.

So don’t worry too much about where you will go or whatever. You’re doing the right thing and the right outcome will come. (Yes, Master.) In German, they say, “Ende gut, alles gut.” It means, whatever is good, it will end good. (Ah, yes.) (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) The thing is, it doesn’t matter how many people praise you or Heaven promises anything to you, if you don’t know you are good then you’re not good. Got that? (Yes, Master.) The important thing is you yourself know that you are doing good things. And you know this is the way that you should be. It’s a noble thing that you want to accomplish, and that’s enough.

And you practice meditation even. Even if you are sleeping, God knows that you do your best. (Yes, Master.) The Master knows. She won’t leave you behind. Don’t worry. (Yes, Master.) You try your best, and God takes care of the rest. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) God helps those who help themselves. You are helping yourself physically and spiritually. All that. Then you know that you will not have anything bad come to you. You will have only good at the end. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

I know what you worry about. Now and then it crossed my mind also. Whether or not I could take all of you, I mean all of the disciples, the way they meditate. They hear the sound. Not the inside (Heavenly) Sound, but the outside! (Yes.)

Don’t worry. We do our best. In the physical world, it’s very difficult already. So, even the COVID chief told me; I asked him, “Suppose I go out and eat something wrong, without knowing it, would you also give me the infection? Because of eating meat?” He said, “No, no, no. You don’t do it on purpose. And You are benevolent.” Remember? (Yes, Master.) They know everything. They can see through you. (Yes.)

So even in their anger and their anguish, they recognize who are friends and who are enemies. (Right.) Their enemies. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Just like the… coming back to the Astral City film which is made from a true story. (Yes.) Even those ghosts who live there, who are vicious with each other, beating each other up and all that, they did not do anything to the Saints who came from the Astral City to rescue the doctor. Remember? (Yes.) Even though they refused their help, but they did not do anything bad to them. They recognized. (Yes.) They recognized that they are good people. They are not for them to mess up or to harm. (Yes. Master.)

So, the COVID, even though their energy is from hatred, they’re born from hatred and agonizing vengeance, but they do recognize who is who. So, make sure, the people out there, the disciples, make sure you are always pure in thought, speech, and action. Try your best. Pray every day. Be humble and grateful for what you have. And always pray for protection. Then they’ll be OK. They’ll be OK.

And even if they die, they have a place to go. (Yes, Master.) The Master will take them. If they have tried their best, in their physical ability. And if they die for any reason, the Master is always there for them. It’s different for people who have nowhere to turn to, no refuge. Clear? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

Any more questions? I’m glad you tell me all this, your worry and your concern. But don’t worry. I promise. Everything will be fine for your soul. You will go to New Land, sooner or later. (Yes, the later is what I’m worried about.) No, why? You don’t have to go to New Land immediately if you are not up to it. (Yes.) But you are liberated, and you will go there. (Yes, Master.) Maybe you will go sooner. You want sooner? (Yes, Master.) Like tomorrow? (Yes, sure. Yes.) Are you joking? You mean after you die, or you mean sooner like you die soon? (Well, I meant I was worried about the eons of waiting in some place.) No, no. I don’t think you will do that. Because you are a good boy. (Yes, Master.) And you are doing your best to help humankind. You’re selflessly doing it. And you listen to the Master, and you obey what She wishes, what She demands. For the work, of course. (Yes.) Not like I ask for breakfast in bed or anything.

My dog-people demanded it before, when they were not well, they wanted breakfast in bed. Yeah, I brought it to them, or I told the assistant to do it. Sometimes we nursed them – when they first came, for example, they were not well – we bring breakfast in bed every day. Not just breakfast, but lunch and dinner, and in between. Until they got well.

The adopted dogs. When they first came, they were not well. They were undernourished, only skin and bones. I could even carry them on my shoulders. Nowadays I cannot. They got fat. Heavy. Even the smallest ones, I couldn’t carry them, when they were with me before. I couldn’t carry. Too heavy. I could carry the smallest one, but just for a short distance. Maybe a few meters. Any longer, I could not. So heavy.

Loves to eat, that small one, loves to eat the most. She’s so sweet, so sweet. She’s not picky even; eats anything. Because when she was outside, she had to eat all the garbage, anything to survive. (Wow.) So, she’s not picky at all. She’s so sweet, so humble, so loving. Always kisses my toes, whenever she sees me. If she cannot, then she kisses my hands, with all respect and love. Others just lick all over my face. She always kisses the lowest part, the toes. And if the hands are nearby, then she kisses the hand. Near the knee area, because I put the hands there. She kisses there, but she doesn’t dare kiss my face.

What else, my love? Anybody else? At least when you ask questions, it’s very clear. You are not shy. Your voice is clear and strong, easy.

(We’ve passed the record, Master.) You did? (We’re at almost four hours… I mean five hours.) Oh, yeah? (Yes.) How can that be? You just said three hours before. I didn’t read any more stories. How can it be two hours, or almost? (Since the call-back, it’s two hours and fifty already. And then we had two hours before.) (Yes. So, it’s four fifty.) You mean, including the break? (No, not including the break.) Not even. (No.) Oh, man. But it’s still early. No? And the night is long. The night is still young, they say.

It’s the first time we had it so early. I mean, I wish I could have them early all the time. It’s just, today was possible because I didn’t have any shows waiting for me. I finished them all already early in the morning. Early morning. All the way up to 9 o’clock in the morning. I finished all the shows. (Yes. Yes, Master.) I paid all the debts I owed last night, yesterday, and today. But maybe if I open the computer right now, there’ll be some new show coming because one of your brothers stayed on duty. (Yes, Master.) Never mind. I told you the night is still young. I can work. Normally, it’s still early.

So, any more questions or not? (I think that’s all, Master.) Not. OK. No question is a good question. All right. Then, I wish you well. (Thank You, Master. We wish You well.) And we’ll talk again. (We wish Master well too. Good health.)

I’m proud of us today. We made it to five hours. (We made the record. Yay.) I think it’s the tea talking. Recently, I’m always tired. So, today I drank a lot of tea to make sure. Because I talked a lot and talked fast. It must be the tea talking.

OK, my love, all the best. And God bless. Talk to you next time. (God look after Master. God protect Master.) Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you. (God bless, Master.) I need. I need blessings all the time, so that I can share, and I can continue my work. Same to you. (Thank You, Master.)

Go back to work. (Yes, Master.) Don’t complain. You work for yourselves. You know that, right? (Yes, Master.) And for your many generations. (Yes, Master.) OK. Love love. Ciao ciao. (Love You, Master. Thank You, Master. Goodbye!)

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