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Between Master and Disciples

Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is The Real Solution, Part 3 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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Jesus, the Lord, died to redeem the sins of His disciples, (Yes.) and those people at that time. (Yes.) And even nowadays, many people still believe that Jesus redeems them if they believe in Him. (Yes, exactly. Yes.) So he tramples upon all this reverence and faith from millions of people. (Yes, Master.) Such arrogance!

He (Francis) cannot open his mouth to accuse or to judge those who are raping children, molesting babies and all that. Babies of three or four years old, even. (Yes, Master.) Any normal person would know it is the greatest evil possible. (Yes, Master.) But he accuses anybody else except that. He just protect all of these. (Yes.)

I told you the story about the sugar lumps who came to god and asked him to protect the sugar, and god said, “Stay away from me.” (Yes. Even tempted.) See what I’m saying? (Yes.) Because he could not accuse anybody else who eats the sugar yet, because he wanted to. He still eats sugar. (Yes.)

It’s just a story. I mean, probably it’s a small god. (Yes, Master.) Not Almighty God, of course. They call everybody god, that kind of deity stuff. (Yes.) Because he was still eating sugar, so he could not accuse others. Yes. (Yes.)

This guy, he’s hiding a lot of things. He’s not all that good and honey, the way it looks. Anyway, the humans who don’t have eyes to see, will see him as a human. He is not a human. I told you already. (Yes, Master.) I looked one time, he’s like a devil. (Wow.) And in some photos it can show also. But they hide it too well.

They camouflage very well. These are bigger devils than just normal demons. (Wow.) So they have very good makeup; you won’t see it well. (Wow.) You don’t see it very well. You don’t see well. Only some people can see like Biden or this Francis, so-called “pap.” Only if you have this clairvoyant eye. Or if Heaven permits you to see. Otherwise, they’re hidden very well. Not everyone can detect. But you can see the way they do things (Yes.) or say things, then you know they are devils. (Right, Master.) He even admitted it, even though as a joke. (Yes, exactly.) But he really meant it, because he knows. He knows himself. Just like when Jesus said, “I am the Son of God,” nobody believed Him. (Yes, Master.) Because He looks like a human, but He knows Himself that he’s the Son of God. (Yes, Master.)

And this guy Francis, under the name of Jesus he has become the top, otherwise, who is he? (Yes.) If there was no Jesus, then there’s no Roman Catholic Church, no Vatican. (True, Master, yes.) Borrowing this glory, he became the top of the Catholic system. (Yes.) And yet he turns around, daring to compare Jesus with this child pedo-priest. (Yes.) And then, even suppose that priest was wrongly accused, he cannot compare Jesus with anyone in this kind of category. (Right, Master.)    

“Jesus” is a sacred name. “Jesus Christ” is a sacred name. He’s a revered, venerated, enlightened Master. (Yes.) Not to be compared to any of these dirty, filthy priests. (Exactly. Correct, Master.) Even any good priest, it’s a different category. (Yes, Master.) (Understand, Master.)

And then even to say Jesus was a failure. How dare he? (Yes. Exactly.) Even if he’s not the devil, humans, they’re so ungrateful. (Yes, Master.) Jesus, the Lord, died to redeem the sins of His disciples, (Yes.) and those people at that time. (Yes.) And even nowadays, many people still believe that Jesus redeems them if they believe in Him. (Yes, exactly. Yes.) So he tramples upon all this reverence and faith from millions of people. (Yes, Master.) Such arrogance! Such a devilish kind of talk! (Yes.)

So, I don’t know why all the good priests and all the faithful still let him stay in the Vatican. (Yes, true.) He’s not for Christ! (No.) He’s the opposite! (Right, Master.) Not to talk about anybody seeing him as the devil or not, the way he acts, the way he talks like that, he doesn’t belong there. (That’s right, Master.) He doesn’t belong anywhere in Christendom. (Yes, Master.)

My God, how much more of a devil, how much more evil can he be until people see it? I don’t have to prove that he’s a devil. (Yes, Master.) He proved it himself. So don’t believe anything he says anymore. This is just another cover-up, another side-track, distraction, so people forget about him, and his, pedo-priests who are harming children and still do.

As I’m talking to you now, they’re still doing it, (Oh, gosh.) under the cover of darkness. And in the name of the Holy Church, of God even. So, these, they are Satanists, because Satanists are against God. (Yes, Master.) Cannot be any Christian priest or even normal faithful. Not even the atheists say such things about Jesus. (Yes, Master.) So, he’s here, he’s attacking Jesus left and right with his speech, with his actions, with his condoning the pedo-priests’ evil deeds. (Yes, Master.) So there’s no need for me to prove anything to you, or anyone. He’s truly the devil incarnate. He’s evil. (Yes.) He’s uglier than hell. Not just outside, but inside. (Yes, Master.)

Did I answer your question? (Yes, Master.) All right. Good. (You did, Thank You.) Any more questions? (No, Master. That’s all we have for now.) So don’t worry. This guy, one day they will find out. One day they will decide to kick him out of there. (Let’s hope so soon.)

Because he doesn’t belong there. (No, he doesn’t.) (Right, Master. For sure.) Suppose they are not teaching anything about Jesus. They even slander Jesus outright like that. And they still let him! So, whoever follows him or still believes in him, they’re all the same group. (Yes, Master.) The satan supporters, secretly or openly. (Yes, Master.) Because a normal Christian would not tolerate that. (Yes. That’s right, Master.)

I don’t know if there are any true Christians left anymore. Maybe very little. That’s why they don’t do much. Or it’s all devils. (Yes, Master.) It is infiltrated by devils, controlled by devils, from the top down already. (Yes, Master.) Even the president of the United States, the pope in the Vatican. How much higher of a position can they claim? (Yes, Master.) That’s the top already. And rotten to the core like that. And evil in speech and action. (Yes, Master.) My God. OK.

Oh, what did he say? Domestic violence…? (It’s almost satanic.) Almost satanic. (Yes.) That’s not satanic compared to what he and his henchmen did or do. (Yes, exactly.) And supporting these fetus and unborn baby killers. (Yes, exactly, Master.) Nothing more satanic than that. (Right, Master.) (True, Master, yes.) Nothing is more satanic than the torturing, raping of innocent babies and children or even adults by the so-called holy priests. They’re pedo-priests. Even if he said that domestic violence is almost satanic.

Any violence is no good, of course, but at least these people in the family, they live together, they might get on each other’s nerves, they might have bad karma with each other, they might have a dispute or family problems or financial problems, and they’re stressed out because of work from outside and come back with another stressing situation at home, children sick or wife not well, etc., financially short, so they might snap. They also maybe have a drinking problem or drugs. All that on top of it. And they live with each other, so they get on each other’s nerves.

But these children that the priests rape or torture or even murder mercilessly, they have nothing to do with the priests, they don’t live with them, they don’t bother them in any way, they just come and rape them, just because they have power. Children are vulnerable, so there is nothing to compare to that, so the pope should not try to run around in circles blaming everybody instead of his own and his pedo-priests. This evil gang should be gone, back to hell, locked forever again. Hell is where they belong, not on this planet.

So, no matter what he said, it’s all fake. It’s just theatre, just for show. Just distracting people’s judgment and attention. (Yes, Master.) Because why doesn’t he address these core things? It’s the principle first at hand. Already happened. (Yes.) Already happened and still happening. And he does nothing. So, what does he know about domestic violence, anyway? (Right, Master.)

It’s right in front of his nose. His own people are doing more violence to children than anybody can imagine, (Yes.) than all the criminals that are in court or in jail right now. (Yes, Master.) So, anything, it’s just talk, it’s just this filthy mouth. He has nothing better to do, or just show, just theatre. (Yes, Master.) It’s all theatre, all fake. So ugly, yuck! I just want to vomit thinking about this. Yuck.

Anything else? (No, Master.) You know, my God, such a system, such a violent, satanic system. And he dares open his mouth and criticize others! (Yes.) Domestic violence, satanic! He’s the one who is satanic. He and his pedo-priests, they are satanic. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.)

Even doing things in the Vatican, in his private Vatican residence. (Yes.) With all the priests, with all the parties, with all the gay escorts, and all that. (Yes, Master.) They cannot bring in the girl prostitute escort because that would be too obvious, so they bring in the boys. (Yes, Master.) So that they can say that they don’t have sex with women.

I don’t know if they know that Heaven exists. Because if they knew, they would fear Heaven, fear hell, fear God’s eyes. (Yes, Master.) They’re doing things that are absolutely evil, devilish, because they fear nothing. They don’t believe in God, even telling people they don’t have to believe in God to go to Heaven. Such garbage and they voted for him to be in the Vatican. Truly, all these evil people voted for him. Maybe they didn’t know he’s like that also. (Yes, Master.) They didn’t know that he would go against Jesus. They didn’t know.

But it’s still not too late. If an apple is rotten, you throw it out. No? (Oh yes, Master. Yes sure.) You don’t put it in your mouth, continue eating. (No, Master.) No, of course not. (You get rid of it.) Get rid of it. (Throw it away.) And even if cancer’s bothering you, just go operate on it. Throw it out. (Yes. Yes, Master.) No matter where the cancer is. (Yes.) If the cancer is in the best part of the body, it is still cancer. Must get rid of it, even more so (Yes, Master.) to protect that body.

In order to protect Christianity and the Church’s reputation, they should get rid of this kind of evil. (Yes, Master.) All of them – from the pope down to all of these pedo-priests. Whomever they find out, get rid of them immediately.

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