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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Arts in Spiritual Realms, Oct. 8, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese (中文)
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(Master, I want to share an experience and seek for Your advice. Master spoke about the Dragon Flower Assembly in 1989 in a lecture in Hong Kong. In 2015 I had a personal experience, which was so real, just like now I'm talking to Master. Master’s body was radiant with a brilliant red glow. Master was wearing a beautiful golden robe and chanting the Heart Sutra while holding the prayer beads in hand. As Master was chanting the Heart Sutra, a door opened and Maitreya Buddha appeared. In this Dragon Flower Assembly I saw a row of 12 Longevity Lamps – ‟God's Hand.” They were so beautiful. And the heavenly water was flowing down from above. At the zenith high above the assembly was a Longevity Lamp that Master designed. But it was different from the Longevity Lamps now on display here. It was also a dragon turtle. But it was three-dimensional, tall and gigantic. I cannot describe it.) Of course, of course. If I could create this design, it wouldn't fit into your house. I have to make it smaller. (In the Dragon Flower Assembly, I saw the source, the origin of Master's designs. When the Dragon Flower Assembly was opened, it remained opened for a hundred days. After it ended, I found that this Dragon Flower Assembly has entered a universe. This is a majestic occasion for the universe. When the Dragon Flower Assembly opened it reminded me that in 2018 the assembly will reach a majestic state. As Master said, all (bad) things will be destroyed and spring will come. It will be the time of eternal spring.) (Hallo Master! I have an experience I want to share with Master. It's about the Celestial Jewelry. With each Celestial Jewelry my experience is …) Different? (Each is a different gate to Heaven. It is a key. Through every piece of Celestial Jewelry, you can enter a different Heaven.) A Realm? OK, that is right. It is more than a show of beauty. It protects you. It helps you in different ways. Some people practice well, and some are not so well. And the jewelry helps a little.
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