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Buddhist Stories: “The Starving Tigress” (Part 1 of 3) Aug. 23, 2015

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The thing is, it’s just like when we’re dying. When you meditate, it means you’re dying, and means you are dead. So all the things are coming back. So that when you go, either you remember it all, so that you’re reborn again, or because you remember, but you’re connected with the Master power, so Master cleans it all. Cleans it. So that when you go, you don’t have trouble, no obstruction. But in the case of other people when they die, they remember all this. And when they die, they have to be reborn, to get whatever, whether good or bad, from their memory. From the subconscious. “And I accompanied him. I walked behind the Buddha. When we arrived in the city, we saw an old woman and two sons. These two sons of hers were very gangster-like, always went stealing and robbing people, and had no morals, no dignity. That day, at that moment, the government caught both of them. And then they were going to be chopped, chopped. At that terrifying moment, I and the Buddha had just arrived. I, Ananda. At that time, the three of them, means the mother and the two sons, prostrated in front of the Buddha begging Buddha to save their lives. And then Buddha dispatched me, ordered me to go to the king to ask for their lives to be saved. After I told the king what the Buddha had requested, because of the Buddha’s personal interference, the king obeyed the Buddha’s request and set them free. All right, because of this great favor, great grace from the Buddha, the three of them went in front of the Buddha, prostrated to him to thank him. So the Buddha said, ‘So good, excellent, excellent. Sin or merit, this is all our own doing. And then accordingly, we reap bad karma or good reward. So from today, from now, you should cultivate virtues, virtuous conduct, so in the future, your life will be better. And then you will have more merit, and life will be much, much more pleasant and happy, etc.’ And the three of them said, ‘Yes, obeisance to the World Honored One. We will obey your teaching, your advice. Please accept us to be your disciples,’ meaning to become monks. So the Buddha said, ‘Yeah, very good, very good. Yes. If you want to cut off all the bad binding from the world, and to find liberation, I will also accept that.’ And their faith in the Buddha was unwavering, never, never changed. It was very solid.”
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