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Save Our Planet from the Karma of Killing - Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures and Discussions, Part 1 of 3

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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“It is true exactly as you have said that we are facing a very serious situation. However, we hope it does not have to come to the point of more conflict. We already have plenty. However, the most effective effort that can be made by any country to avoid further catastrophe, whether natural or manmade, is to promote a compassionate, noble lifestyle. Not only does this benefit the planet in its reduction of greenhouse gases, but being veg opens up land and delivers crops to humans that were previously being grown for animal feed. Moreover, a plant-based diet saves immensely on water; meat production uses water in excessive amounts that we cannot imagine. You see, all this is important because if humans are in shortage of food or of water, then conflicts, of course, will break out. That is what the United Kingdom means by ‘climate change is affecting national security’ – not just for the United Kingdom but everywhere in the world. Scientists have documented that one serving of beef takes more than 1,000 gallons of water to produce. By contrast, sir, the vegan diet uses about one-tenth of that amount. So the water problem would also be completely solved if everyone is vegan. And as the killing karma (retribution) is reduced with people becoming vegan, all disasters will diminish, a more loving atmosphere will envelop our Earth, and we would not even have to worry about war between countries, because the vegetarian diet will make people feel peaceful, more clear-headed. So, consequently, each nation would naturally have sufficient resources and wholeheartedly exchange help with each other. So the best way to prepare for conflict is to take complete prevention. The vegan diet will help us to achieve that goal, and almost immediately.” 
“It is the law of karma, or cause and retribution, that is at work right now, and humans need a change of heart because a change of humans’ heart will determine whether we can save the planet or not. The best way and the easiest way to free ourselves from this bad retribution is to reverse our action. Instead of killing animals, we live and let live. Instead of the meat diet, we turn to be vegan, because if we take a life, we owe a life. We owe a blood debt, as one scripture says, we owe a blood debt if we kill a life; it is a very precise universal law. We should thus do our best to live in love and kindness in order to beget such mercy and compassion from Heaven.” 
“It’s not just to put down that piece of meat but also the concept of being compassionate and loving and living in peace with all beings has to be propagated by the government, by the media, by religious bodies of the world. I do hope everyone works for that goal, works together.”
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