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Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is The Real Solution, Part 6 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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But I was telling you already, the Omicron could make that happen. (Wow.) Looks like Heavens want to destroy all humanity, eventually. Gradually and eventually. So, even when you have gold, but at that time as such predicted in here, it’s useless for you. So, if people don’t turn around, be charitable, be compassionate, be benevolent, then nothing is useful to them.

“‘And one man will be seen followed by 40 women.’” It’s just a symbolic number. It could be 30-something, it could be 50-something. (Yes.)

“‘And one man will be seen followed by 40 women to be their guardian,’” meaning as a husband or protector, “‘because of scarcity of men and great number of women.’” You see that? (Yes, Master.) I don’t know why men are all gone, only women left. I mean, only a few men left and a lot of women left. And where did all the men go? The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, just predicted that. (Yes, Master.) I hope, I pray this is not about our time.

But I was telling you already, the Omicron could make that happen. (Wow.) Looks like Heavens want to destroy all humanity, eventually. Gradually and eventually. So, even when you have gold, but at that time as such predicted in here, it’s useless for you. So, if people don’t turn around, be charitable, be compassionate, be benevolent, then nothing is useful to them. And even at that time when you have even 40 women that readily offer themselves to you, what’s the use of that? Will you have enough gusto, to even enjoy it? Or even a good mood to enjoy all that? (Oh right, Yes, Master.) Enjoy all this gold and all these women. Because at that time, there’s not enough competition of men.

So, you can have even 40, 50 women to yourself as wives, or whatever. And I don’t know any man that would enjoy that. But maybe still, many people don’t care if the world goes under. So maybe they just take care of their own selfish interests and situation. (Yes, Master.) It’s possible, but I don’t think so. At that time, if the world went so deserted like that, I don’t think any man would enjoy anything, or even women. (Yes.) They just have to stick together. Because women don’t have anyone to rely on. (Yes.) Not enough men for them. Not enough men so that one woman has one man. Or even two, three women to one man. (Yes, Master.) Even 40 women together with one man, because of the scarcity of men at that time. My God.

But during the Prophet Muhammad’s time, Peace Be Upon Him, because of the persecution from the powers that be, or some established religion at that time, many of His men had been killed also. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then so He had to tell His men followers, whoever was still alive, to take in other family members, other families, other women and children and all that, and take care of them as if they are their wives. (Yes, Master.) Equally, equally taking care and equally sharing his wealth or whatever he has, if he can afford it. (Yes, Master.) Of course, He said whoever can afford it, not the poor person who cannot even take care of himself. How can he take care of more women? (Yes, it’s true.) So that’s what is that.

If people continue to have war, then many men will die also. (Yes. Right, Master. Sure.) Not just to wait for the end of the world or anything yet. Because men are going out in battle, mostly. (Yes.) And if they all die, then we’ll be short of men also. (Yes, Master. True.) So, one man has to take care of 40 women. Can you? (No.) You’ll be happy? (No, Master.) No? (No!) I thought men like many women. (Whoa, that’s a lot! But that’s too much!)

If you had one woman already, I don’t know if you can deal with it, (That’s true.) not to talk about so many. (Yes!) Poor men. Sometimes men, they imagine the more women, the better. They fancy this and that. But they don’t know. They don’t know the more women, the more they are in trouble. (Yes.) In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say, if you have one woman, then you will lay on a bed with silk. If you have two women, you will sleep with the hog-, swine-people. Outside in the hog-people’s stall. (Yes. Yes.) And if you have three wives, then you sleep all alone. So, you choose.

You have only one woman here, and you have a lot of trouble with me, don’t you? (Yes.) I expect a lot from you. You’re doing a good job, anyway. I just correct sometimes, but you are doing good. (Thank You, Master.) Blessed by God that Hes gives you so much talent and ability. We thank God for that. (Thanks, God. Thank God.)

Those paragraphs are done. I read you another one. We still have time? (Yes, Master.) Volume 2 Book 24 Number 499. Narrated by Aisha. “A lady along with her two daughters came to me asking (for some alms), but she found nothing with me except one date which I gave to her and she divided between her two daughters. But the mother did not eat anything herself. And then she got up and went away. Then the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, came in and I informed Him about this story. He said; ‘Whoever is put to trial by these daughters and he or she treats them generously (with benevolence) then these daughters will act as a shield for him from hell-fire.’”

It’s another kind of charitable story. (Oh, yes, Master.) And the moral we can learn from it. (Yes.) Meaning, if you selflessly serve others, you will be shielded from hellfire. (Yes.) Because those persons who you are benevolent to, they will shield you. They will pray for you, for example. They will think good of you and do all things to make you comfortable in this life, by prayers, and also in Heaven, so that you don’t have to go to hell. It’s just another lesson of selflessness, (Yes.) of charitableness, of benevolence. (Yes, Master.) That you always need to consider others before yourself. (Yes.) If you have no other choice. Like this woman, she begs for alms but she has only one date, and even then, she didn’t eat. She gave it to her two daughters instead. (Yes.) So, this is a kind of selfless sacrifice. (Yes, Master.)

As I told you many times also before, whenever I tried to do something good for others, I benefited! Without knowing. Without expecting it in advance, or without knowing that it would come out also good for me. And sometimes just good for me, and those others didn’t need. (Yes, Master.) Even though in the beginning, I thought they would need it, that’s why I do this, do that. For example, even for my dog-people. (Yes.) Later, it turned out they didn’t need, but it was just exactly good for me. Without me even planning it. I did not plan that before I did this and that just for the dog-people’s comfort. And then it turned out that it was good for me, beneficial to me. (Yes, Master.) Either security-wise or comfort-wise or any other thing. Or even spiritually. Many times before, I went out to pick the dog-people’s poo, (Yes, Master.) and then my spiritual level went up. (Whoa.) A long, long time ago. Many decades ago.

And also sometimes I just went and cleaned people’s… the people who live in the ashram? (Yes, Master.) At the time I had quite a few residents. And they did not clean their bathroom and toilet. I went quietly and cleaned all of them, (Yes.) and my spiritual level just went up too. (Yes. Wow.) And it’s very obvious to me. (Wow.) Not that I knew about it, not that I thought about it, or planned for that. (Yes.) You can feel the spiritual level has gone up, just gone up, very obvious, very clear. (Wow.) Many times. This is just an example. (Yes, Master.) Just an example. I did not want to scold them or anything, I just went and cleaned it for them because it’s so bad, so filthy. The bathroom and all that. They did not clean well. The men. You are men, you know what men are, I hope you clean yours. OK? (Yes, yes, we do.) That was a long, long, time ago.

And also, like one time, I went on a hunger retreat just to pray for people who are in a hungry situation. And then my spiritual level also went up. I could feel it. At that time, I was not as high level. But I could feel it go all the way up my spine. Go up. I felt very clearly different chakras opened... pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom. (Wow.) Went from one chakra to another so quickly. If not, I probably wouldn’t have enough power now to go to, I mean if it didn’t all open, and easily, I wouldn’t have been able to jump to the next level, or go to visit another more spiritually valuable outlet. (Yes, understand, Master.) Nowadays, it’s still like that. Different spiritual levels, or outlets. (Yes.) You cannot just jump from one to High Heaven. You have to go step by step also.

And even if you know one spiritual outlet, you have to go there first. Even though it’s lower. Because if you don’t go there, you cannot go to a higher one later. Just like the steps. You know the ladder? (Yes. Yes, Master.) Even though the lowest ladder steps, you have to step on it. (Yes, Master.) And then you go up. Spiritually, it’s similar, but you have to wait until you’re ready for the next one. (Right.) Otherwise, number one: Heaven won’t tell you. Number two: if you go there, you won’t benefit. Or you even harm yourself if the power is too strong. (Wow.) And you’re not yet ready or not yet protected. Because you have a physical body also, you have to train it. (Yes.) Just like if you want to climb mountains, go mountain climbing, you have to train even. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) I didn’t know that.

But the people who climb mountains, the special ones, I mean the professional ones, they climb a lot. (Yes.) They go often. They have to do training first. Because you have to carry things, maybe you have to have stamina. (Yes. Yes, Master.) You have to get physically ready. You have to train to get used to also physical labor, because you’re walking, you don’t drive a car up there. You walk like steep mountains, steep hills and all that, and you have to carry your own supplies. (Yes. Right.) And you have to get used to protecting yourself when you sweat profusely. You could get sick. (Yes, Master. Oh, yes.) Get a cold, or things like that. And if you’re not trained, you are not used to the high altitude, then maybe the oxygen is too little for you. (Yes.) And you can swoon, or you can get sick, or you can die even. (Yes.)

Even people who climb the Himalayas, if they climb Mount Everest, they have to train themselves very hard before that. (Yes.) Otherwise, you’re not used to so much snow and very thin oxygen up there. (Yes.) And the cold and the wind and climbing a steep mountain. It’s not easy. (Yes. Yes, Master.) You have to train first in a more favorable, comfortable environment before you go into this extreme. Otherwise, many people die up there too, with the extreme weather.

And also unpredictable situations as well. (Yes.) And physical demands. (Yes.) Even then, they have like laborers to help them carry things, it’s still not all the help that you need. You yourself must be fit and knowledgeable and used to the harsh environment first, and the difficult climb. (Yes, Master.)

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